Qayamat Ki Raat 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalasur is back

Qayamat Ki Raat 15th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raj says to Uma that you cant touch Guari till I am here, kill me. Uma is about to attack him but he stops her. Avni attacks him but Guari comes infront him and gets attacked. Uma and Avni leaves. Raj says Guari dont leave me, I cant live without you. Gauri says I am happy that you are with me, hug me Raj. Raj hugs her tightly and cries, they recall their moments together.
Uma says to Avni that Raj is in my control, I have that stone, Avni says Karan broke it? Uma says but I have its parts, whats the use of it as stone is broken, she goes to check on brother.

Raj brings Guari’s body in house. All family members are shocked. All ask what happened to Gauri? Raj makes her lie on couch. Raj looks at mandir and goes to pray. He cant step inside and gets pushed away.

Raj says if there is no Gauri then no Raj. Uma comes there. She hears Suryavanshi saying that this all happened because of Uma, she killed my daughter in law but Suryavanshi promise to take revenge from Uma. He asks Raj to stop it, we cant lose you. Uma runs away from there. Raj doesnt listen to anyone and tries to go in mandir again, he is get electrocuted and holds pillar.
Uma says to Avni that Gauri exposed me before leaving, they will regret messing with me, Raj will kill them all and then we will finish him, I will control him, she asks her to bring stones from her room, Avni leaves. Uma says all Thakurs will die from Raj’s hands. Raj says to God that people say that you bless lovers, Gauri gave up her life for me, I am not moving from here till you dont bring her back.

Avni finds safe in Uma’s room and finds stone in box.
Raj asks God to some miracle and bring Gauri back. Maa asks him to move back. Raj says this God kept you away from me for 30 years and kept in hands of evil, Gauri always believed in him, God show some miracle. He is getting current and is thrown near Gauri with stone. Family says this is magical stone which Gauri was searching for. Raj says it means Gauri hid this and the broken stone is fake. Avni sees it and says Gauri fooled us. Raj tries to use magic stone but cant wake her up. Uma says this wont work like that. Suryavanshi says you wont get magic stone. Uma says to Raj that if you give me magic stone then I will bring Gauri back. Raj says I accept but how will you bring her back? Uma says okay, I will bring her back but if you cheat me then I will burn your whole family. She asks him to rub stone on Gauri while she chants mantras.. Raj does it and Gauri wakes up. Raj cries and says thank God you are fine, he hugs her. Gauri looks at Uma and says this woman.. Uma says you died, I brought you back using this stone. Raj says I had to do it for you. Gauri says dont give it to her. Uma says I cant kill whole family. Raj says I got you so I dont need this stone, he gives magic stone to Uma, Uma laughs. Raj asks her to leave. Uma says you are hero and anti-hero, I can control you using this stone. Gauri tries to take stone from her, she takes fake stone and throws in mandir. Suddenly Raj faints and his evil image says that I am coming and dark night is coming. Uma and Avni leaves from there with other stone pieces.

Scene 2
Uma and Avni comes to their den and sees body of brother, she says its time to bring you back brother, I will fulfill my promise now.

Raj asks Gauri if she is fine now? she nods. Gauri says Kalasur has animosity with us so we should leave till we find solution to kill him. All family members agree.

Uma does mantras with magic and wakes Kalasur. Kalasur says there is no God, only I am God and takes magic stone.

Suryavanshi says to Savitra that this was evil house. Gauri says to Raj that we have to fight till all evil are dead. Dharam says I will stay here, I have no reason to live. Raj slaps him and says only I am hero, you are my brother, I cant leave you otherwise I will stay too. Dharam says okay I am coming, they all leave. Kalasur comes there and says they cant run away from me, all roads are scared of me, they can run but I will give them death, they will regret messing with me, I am back.

All family members are in bus. Gauri hugs Raj. Suddenly car stops, driver goes to check the issue and tell Dharam that engine has some problem. Suddenly bus starts moving back. Raj tries to stop it. Menakshi prays for everyone. Kalasur enters bus and laughs evilly, he says you people cant leave without my permission. He says to Gauri that you brought magic stone to me, you all will die now, I am your death, run as far as you cant. Raj asks Dharam to try to break windows. Menakshi says there is no way to stop it. They sees cliff coming near and bus about to fall down. Raj breaks window, he takes chain and anchor, he throws anchor on tree but it breaks. Raj throws it again. Gauri ties chunri from mandir on chain, Raj throws anchor and all look on.

PRECAP- Kalasur says to Uma that you did everything for me, you sacrificed for me, this stone will give me so much power that all will be scared of me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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