Pyar ki kasauti- ragsan- shot 2

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Hi frnds. Yes its on true story. I changed characters name and places.

Lets start

@xyz college
In staff room sanskar was searching something.
San: where is my assignment? All others r here only. Where is mine. I saw that its already checked. But where is that.
San: sir.
Proffesor luks at him.
Pro: yes sanskar tell
San: my assignment is not there.
Pro: it must be there only. Search properly.
San: no sir. I’ve checked properly. Its not there.
That time ragini comes there.
Rag: may I come in sir?
Pro: come ragini.
Rag: sir this assignment came with my assignment when u were giving in class.
Professor takes it. Its sanskars .
Pro: I think it came in ur divisions assignments. Take this sanskar.

Sanskar takes it. Both ragsan comes out of staff room.
San: thanku…?
Rag: ragini.
San: thanku ragini.
Rag: its ok.

One semester completes. They just do hi bye when they see eachother.
First class of next semester.
Ragini sees sanskar in her class. He also sees her. She just went and sit in her place. After the class.
Rag: sanskar how u came in this class? Ur division is that class.
San: ya I know. Bt they made some changes this semester due to which my number comes in this class.
Rag: oh. Then its gud.
San: and one more thing.
Rag: wat?
San: for practicals my name is in ur batch only.
Rag: wow that’s great. We will do it together.
San: yes.

Ragsan started to spend time together in studies , like theory, practicals and in other activities also. Along with swalak. They both were their best frnds.
As days were passing they were falling for eachother slowly. Sometimes in studies or in any matter they do argue. Then some time not. But it doesn’t effect to their love. Swalak were smiling coz of their this habit.

One day in library swarag were sitting.
Swa: ragini. U and sanskar sometimes fights on silly matters and arguing. Then after u talk like nothing happened. He too do like that only.
Rag: yes. It happens.
Swa: do u love him?
Rag: little shocked luks at her.
Swa: ragini I also love laksh. And he loves me. I know meaning of love. I can see love in both of ur eyes for eachother. U can share with me. M ur best frnd ragu.
Rag: yes swara. I love him. Don’t know when it starts. But when he’s with me, I’ll feel safe, I feel ,happy some different feelings which cant explained.
Swa: that’s only love ragu. Go and confess him.
Rag: wat if he gets angry?
Swa: he will not. M sure. Coz he too loves u.
Rag: ok I’ll see correct time and tell.
Swa: gud girl.
Both laughs.

Same conversation happens with sanlak. Sanskar also agreed to confess his love.
Evng at garden all 4 were sitting and talking.
Swalak: we r going to bring snacks. Till then u both talk. Swara signs to ragini and laksh to sanskar.
They went.
There was silence for sometime.
San: ragini actually I want to tell u something.
Ragini getting nervous.
Rag: wat.?
San: I don’t know when and how I started to feel something different for u. I think its love. If its love then I want to tell u. I love u. do u also love me?
Ragini was very happy from inside by knowing that he too loves her.
San: ragini m not forcing u. its ur wish.
Rag: sanskar I too feel for u. I love u too.
Both ragsan smiles. Swalak came from behind smiling.
Swalak: atlast u both confessed. Come lets celebrate.
Both ragsan were happy. They r luking at each other like they r talking through eyes. That they are very happy with eachother. I wish We will be like this only.

Done with second shot. Waiting for ur views. As it’s a true story I’ve not changed anything so may b u feel boring. Just let me know ur views.

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