Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 12

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Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 12
In anger Guman held both of their hands together and dragged them to the main hall.
Guman shouted:Dugba…is this the culture you gave your daughter?
All were stunned.
D:What are you trying to say Guman?

G:Your daughter Kumari is eyeing on my son.I saw both of them together.I caught them red handed.
All were shocked.
Dugba stared at Kumari.
Dug:Is it right?
Kumari couldn’t face her.

Dug:I had complete faith in you.But you broke my trust in you.
Dugba raised her hand against Kumari.Suddenly Danny shouted:No aunty…don’t slap her.
Dugba stared at Danny.
D:I love Kumari and I won’t let anyone hurt her.
All were shocked.
Guman shouted:Danny!

Laxminandan:Dugba…why are you trying to slap Kumari?Guman found Danny along with Kumari.So Danny is also wrong.Right?
Guman:Laxmi…what are you saying?
L:You accused Dugba for not giving good culture to Kumari just because you found Kumari with Danny.Then why don’t you blame yourself for not bringing up Danny properly as he was also there with Kumari?

G:Danny cannot do this unless Kumari seduces him.
Kumari was crying.
D:Enough mom.Don’t utter a word against Kumari.
D:I love Kumari.She also loves me.Is falling in love a crime?
No one had an answer.
G:Danny…you would get better girls from city.Then why did you choose Kumari?
D:Because I think Kumari is the best for me.
All including Dugba became emotional.
Laxminandan smiled.

L:Dugba….if my son loves your daughter this much why don’t you give him your daughter?Not simply…by completing all rituals after their studies.
Vidyachatur:Dugba…Nandu is right.If Danny and Kumari love each other,why don’t you give them the consent?
Dug:Danny…do you really love Kumari?
D:I swear on my parents and brothers.I really love her.
Dug:Will you look after her?I don’t want her to undergo what I underwent in my married life.
D:I promise aunty.I will never let her eyes wet.
Dugba became emotional.Slowly she smiled:Then I have no problem.

Everyone became emotional.
Kumari hugged Dugba and wept.
Guman was angry:But I need to give consent.I am his mom.
L:Guman…don’t create a scene.If you really love your son,if you really want him to be happy support his love.
G:But Laxmi…
L:Listen to what I say.
She thought:It’s better not to oppose now.The wedding will happen only after their course.There is time.In the mean time I will break their relation.
G:Ok…as you all wish.
Danny hugged Guman:Thank you mom.
Guman said cupping his face:For me your happiness is more important beta.

Kusum thought:Kumud didi,Khushi didi and Kumari got their soul mate.I found my soul mate.Still I didn’t get him.It’s only because of my ego.I don’t want to lose Kabir.
Kusum ran out.
Kusum reached a Mansion where Kabir lived.
Her eyes searched for Kabir.Finally he came.He was surprised to see Kusum.
Kab:I invited you to my house many times.At least now you came.
Kusum became emotional.
Kab:What happened Kusum?

Suddenly he saw a flower bouquet n her hands.He smiled.
Kus:Kabir..I know that I hurt you a lot.Please forgive me.
Kab:I forgot that long ago.I guess now we are friends.
Kus:Ya.But I want to take our relationship to the next level.
She extended the red rose bouquet to him.
Kus:I love you Kabir.

He turned his face off.
Kusum was broken.She kept the bouquet on the table.
She knew that Kabir was smiling.He looked at her.Seeing her painful face he felt upset.
He took the bouquet from the table.
She didn’t see it.
Kus:If you can’t accept me I am going.Sorry.
Kab:Before going look at me once.

She looked at him only to get happy to see holding the flower bouquet.
Keeping it on the table he cupped her face in his hands:Don’t you know that I can never stop loving you.How can I let you go?
She smiled emotionally.
He went inside and brought some bangles.
He showed her the bangles.

Kab:Kusum,you know that I am an orphan who is brought up by my Dadimaa.Dadimaa had handed over me the family traditional bangles to make you wear.Because she knew how much I love you.
He held her hand and made her wear the bangles.She became very emotional.
They looked at each others eyes and stood for some time.

Guman saw Kumari weeping.She went to her.
Gum:What happened Kumari?Why are you crying?
Kuma:I am sorry Guman aunty.I never did it purposefully.I don’t know how I fell for Danny.

Guman thought:Liar!I know that purposefully you trapped a rich boy like Danny.
Guman pretended to be nice caressing her head:Wipe your tears Kumari.And relax.
Kumari wiped her tears.

Gum:Don’t worry about that Kumari.I have accepted you as my daughter in law.

Kumari was surprised:Really?
Guman smiled:Yes.
Kumari was very happy:Thank you so much Guman aunty.

Panditji came.
He looked at the horoscopes and said:Kumud and Khushi’s wedding should not happen on the same day.
All were dull.
Vidyachatur:Then when can we conduct the wedding Panditji?
P:Kumud’s wedding can be on 4th and Khushi’s wedding on 5th.
All smiled.

V:Only one day difference.No problem.
Laxminandan:But we can have mehendi,sangeet and haldi on the same day.
All smiled.

Mehendi function….
Khushi and Kumud stood for mehendi.A lady came and adorned their hands with mehendi.

Kusum:Kumud didi….your palm is carrying Saras jeejaji’s name on it.
Kumud blushed.
Kuma:See…our sisters are shy Kusum.
Kusum-Kumari giggled.

Kumari:And Khushi didi…your palm is beautiful because of Arnav jeejaji’s name?
Kumud and Khushi blushed.

Khushi looked at ‘A’ being written on her palm.She saw Arnav’s face on it.Then she was surprised to see her coming and standing close to Arnav.

She smiled thinking:What am I thinking?

Kumud thought:Wish Saras was here.
Guniyal and Dugba came.
Dug:Don’t worry…Saras and Arnav will be there for the sangeet function.
Kumud-Khushi were embarrassed as they read their minds correctly.

At night…
Kumud was thinking of Saras.Suddenly she got lifted up by someone.She was shocked.Shecould’nt believe her eyes.
Kum:What are you doing?Your shirt will get spoiled because of my mehendi.
S:No problem.Tell me did you miss me?

She smiled:Yes.
S:That’s why I came here.
She smiled.
She looked at him romantically lying in his arms.He smiled.

Kuch Na kahe.. Bass Chup rahe

Khamoshiyaan hi keh jaye
Tham jaye yeh jahan aur pal bhi theher Jaye’!

Khushi washed off her mehendi at late might.She smiled seeing the mehendi design bright red.
The wind blew.Her hair was blowing.
She saw a shadow in her room.She looked at him.

Her face blossomed seeing Arnav.
She couldn’t believe her eyes:Arnav!Please go.Somebody will see you here.
Arn:I will go now.I am not able to sit there peacefully without seeing you.I just came to see you once.

She blushed.He held her hand and looked at ‘A’ being written on her palm.He caressed her.She was shy.
Slowly he moved backward.
Arn:Ok Khushi….before someone comes I am going.
Khushi felt sad when he left.

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