Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neeti sees a girl’s number on mobile and asks Kuku who is this girl. He asks how does he know. She starts tantrums and tells Trisha that Kuku got 12 misscalls from unknown girl and must be having an affair. Girl calls him just then. Neeti starts again. Kuku switches on speaker and asks who is she. She says she is from TV serial production team and inform Neeti’s schedule. Kuku says this is Neeti’s phone and not his. Neeti says she got confused as they both have same phone. Trisha laughs.

Ishan leaves home and travels in a car to meet Atif. Shergill disguised follows him with his men. Ishan gets out of car and enters a building. Shergill and his men surround building to catch Ishan and Atif red handed. Ishan silently walks out from backdoor and leaves

in his car. He reminisces how he saw Shergill’s man spying outside and following his car.

Naina packs her bags and says Preet that she broke up her engagement with Sid. She asks Preet not to tell anything to Bilal as he loves Trisha now sincerely. She says Bilal also made a mistake by being disloyal to Trisha and it is up to him now to tell truth to Trisha or not.

Shergill sees on his mobile GPS tracker sees Ishan’s car moving and asks his men if they saw Ishan walking out. They say he did not. Shergill says he escaped and starts following Ishan’s car via GPS. Ishan stops his car near Sana’s house is about to get out when Preet calls him and asks to come back home right now. He says he is busy. She says her doubt about Naina and Bilal is right, they are having an affair and Naina broke his engagement with Sid now. Ishan takes U turn and leaves. Shergill who is waiting in car to catch Ishan and Atif red handed panics that Ishan came to know their plan.

Atif waits for Ishan. Sana says she saw Ishan coming here and then going back. Atif says because of him, baba’s 26th January plan is at risk. Ishan must have got his wife’s call and must have gone back obeying her.

Ishan reaches home and sees family tensed. He asks badi maa where is Preet. Badi maa says Naina does not want to marry Sid. Preet comes and tells him that she saw Bilal and Naina hugging yesterday and confessing their. Trisha comes and asks what is Bilal telling. Preet says she should accept truth. Ishan asks what is happening. Preet tells again her doubt is right, Naina and Bilal are having an affair. Trisha says Bilal told Preet is alleging him wrongly.

Bilal comes. Trisha asks him to tell truth. Bilal says Preet did is alleging him wrongly that he is having an affair with Naina when he knows Naina only since 4 days. Preet is shocked and says he does not have to worry as Trisha will not leave him after knowing truth. Naina comes next with her bag. Ishan asks where is she going. Naina hugs him and says Preet di is jealous of her and shows him video where Preet slaps her and says she will not let her marry Sid and wants her to help her in a plan. Whole family is shocked and Preet stands dumbstruck.

Precap: Ishan asks Preet to apologize Naina. Preet says she is right and will not apologize. Ishan insists and says she has to obey her husband.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Eishhhhh frm wer to wer????
    I hate ugly naina!!!!!
    Ekta always starts ncy then starts her b**** like iknmp….stupid oooooofffffff.

  2. Stupidity started here too….Cant watch it anymore

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