Pyaar Ke Papad 8th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar doubts Alankar

Pyaar Ke Papad 8th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar recalling Shivika’s words. He gets sad and says I have to hear out Shivika, I m ready to bear her anger, if she feels okay with it, I have done wrong. GST says you can’t add onion in the food, Shivika won’t put onion, then why has done this, someone is doing this to frame you, I have to find out who is it. Omkar says Alankar. He gets thinking. Its morning, Devki takes care of Triloki. He says my physical wound will heal, but what about Shivika, who has the dosh in her fate.

He gets upset with everyone and turns away. Alankar acts good to them. He asks Shalu about Shivika. Shalu says she went in the morning, she always goes to ghat when she is upset. Shiivka recalls Omkar. She sits sad. She sees a father and daughter. She cries and says I could never understand dad.

Jagat asks Omkar how can Shivika blame him for such a thing. Jaya says she can do anything, Shivika has done wrong, aren’t you guys not angry. Mangal says I will go and see them. Omkar stops them and says Triloki and Alankar are doing this, Triloki troubled us here and there Alankar is doing such drama. He thinks what to do. Shivika gets worried when some men tease her at the ghat. Alankar comes there to her rescue. He goes to beat the men. Shivika asks him to stop. The man says it will charge more if you beat me. Alankar asks him to talk later. They do a drama of fake fight. Shivika thanks Alankar. He says you are my friend, I m worried for you and Omkar. He acts sympathetic. She makes him upset.

Omkar sits sad and thinks of Shivika. He recalls her word. He sees Shivika and his pic of Shivratri. He says I don’t want us to regret later for this day. He keeps their pic. Alankar smiles seeing Shivika upset. Shivika goes to apologize to Triloki. He asks her to leave, she doesn’t want to talk to him. She says forgive me, I was wrong to go against you. Triloki angrily curses her and throws things. Devki asks him to listen to Shivika once. He says I m insulted and I will not listen to anything now. Shivika says I will always listen to you, I will marry the guy of your choice. Alankar smiles.

Omkar says I want to talk to Shivika and fix things. Triloki asks Shivika to swear that she will marry where he tells her, else she will see him dead. Shivika swears.

Update Credit to: Amena

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