Pyaar Ke Papad 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar’s plan fails

Pyaar Ke Papad 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar telling GST that he isn’t going to office today, he wants to bring the family together. He apologizes on Mangal’s behalf. He says I will prepare Litti choka today, its everyone’s weakness. GST asks him to call Shivika as well, matter will end. Jaya asks Jagat what if Shivika makes Omkar away from us. Omkar agrees to call Shivika. Alankar lies to the family. He asks the man to fix the wires.

Alankar drinks some water. He acts ill in front of Shivika. She says you should have asked for water, why did you drink my leftover water, do you have fever. Alankar says I m fine. Omkar calls Shivika and asks her to come home soon. She agrees to unite the family. She says I also want to do something, you make Litti, I will make Choka, we will always be together. Alankar thinks to cure Omkar his way. He asks her about any clinic. She guides him and goes. He says I won’t let you do anything, I have come here for you. Omkar and GST prepare the food. Triloki says you have to eat the food alone, all your brothers and Bhabhis are eating separately. Omkar says this is our weakness, it will bring them together. Triloki says I will not let you all unite. Shivika goes on her scooty. She gets a call and is shocked. Nandu joins Omkar and GST for making the food. Jagat and Mangal look on. Omkar reminds them the last time when Jagat and Mangal prepared the Choka on Maya’s birthday. Omkar’s hand burns. Jagat and Mangal worry for him and run to care for him. Jazba….plays… Omkar and GST smile.

GST says I hope your hearts got together as well, come we will cook together. Maya and Jaya also ask them to prepare it right and get involved in it. GST asks Jagat to show his art today and make the Choka. Mangal says I will make it. Jagat says I have made it right. Omkar says Shivika is bringing the Choka, don’t worry.

Alankar talks of love. Shivika comes there and asks him what happened. He says I fainted after you left from home. Shivika asks doctor what happened to him. Doctor says reports are normal. Omkar says Shivika said we will sit and apologize to you all for our mistakes. Triloki asks why will Shivika apologize, why. Jaya says Shivika is also wrong. He says even Shivika worked hard and prepared Choka, she will be reaching now. Doctor says Alankar would have fainted due to dehydration, you can take him home. Omkar calls Shivika. She says I m at hospital with Alankar, I will come soon. He says I know you have to take care of family. GST says leave it, we will prepare Choka. Jagat says its fine, no one is there at the shop. Omkar says I will make Choka. Mangal says I will go to shop. Jaya asks why will Shivika come here. Triloki says I m hearing a lot from you about Shivika. Omkar calms Jaya. Jaya throws the water on coal and says Shivika won’t win our hearts. Omkar gets sad.

Alankar acts and calls Shivika to him. Omkar sees them. Jaya says its not easy to make Omkar against Shivika. Omkar comes and sees Jaya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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