Pyaar Ke Papad 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Alankar plots Omkar’s death

Pyaar Ke Papad 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar trying to help Shivika. She says I will manage it on my own. Jaya recalls spoiling the clothes to trouble Shivika. Jaya and Maya go. Omkar gets the bleach powder to get the clothes rid of the unwanted colors. Shivika says you know a lot, I will do it. He helps her. They laugh and play with the foam. Alankar comes there and sees them. He thinks their love didn’t get less, I will do something that ends their love now. Omkar and Shivika play with water and have fun. Alankar fails the car brakes. Mikki sees him and calls out Omkar. She says someone is lying on the ground. Omkar asks where. She says I have seen someone there. He says but there is no one here.

Alankar greets them. He says I was passing by and came to meet you. He gives them prasad. Mikki asks why were you lying on the ground. Omkar and Shivika look on. Alankar says I had fallen there, I slipped by the water. Omkar asks do you have any work. Alankar says I just came here as I was feeling restless. Shivika recalls Shalu’s words. She says don’t worry for me, my family is there to worry for me, call before coming here next time. Omkar smiles. Jaya comes and asks Alankar to come in. She asks Shivika and Omkar to sit and talk to Alankar. Shivika says I m going to dry the clothes. Omkar says I have a meeting with my client. He helps Shivika. Jaya and Alankar have a talk indirectly. Jaya says we will lose the game. Alankar says battle doesn’t end with small failures. Omkar says I m going in the car, inform Jagat. Alankar asks him to be careful, anything can happen. Omkar doesn’t care and leaves. He meets with an accident. Alankar looks on and thinks he is gone now. He smiles. Omkar says Alankar, get off my way. Alankar’s dream ends. Shivika gives the bike keys to Omkar. He says I want car keys. She says sorry, I will get it. He says its fine, I will go on bike. He leaves. Alankar thinks my plan failed.

Triloki packs his stuff and says I will go Haridwar to immerse Devki’s ashes, you stay here and take care of children. Brij asks him not to worry. Triloki asks Alankar to come along with him. Alankar says I don’t want to miss this chance, but I have work here. Triloki says fine, stay here and do your work. Alankar lies to him. Triloki goes.

Shivika gets surprised seeing Shalu and Deenu. Shivika hugs them and asks what if dad knows about your coming here. Omkar says he won’t know, Triloki has gone out for few days, I thought to get them here. Mangal and Gupta say you did a good thing, just keep two families united like this. Omkar agrees. Jaya asks why didn’t you get Mama, Mami, Alankar and pets. She taunts them. Jagat asks her to stop it. Mangal asks Shivika to take her siblings to her room. Omkar helps Shivika. Shalu asks Mikki how is she. Nandu says Mikki isn’t happy, she wants to play cricket. Omkar says we will play with her. Mikki says I want to go out for a drive. Omkar says fine, I will take everyone. Alankar keeps an eye on them. He says Omkar is not going out in the car, how long shall I wait.

Omkar realizes the car brakes failed. Shivika calls him. A truck comes close. The man says Omkar met with an accident. Shivika gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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