Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-3

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Swara returns home with teary eyes. Dida asks where was you? Sumi asks why did you come late? Swara rushes in and hugs Sumi. She bursts into tears. She tells them everything. Sumi is shocked. Swara asks whether it is a sin to be fatherless girl? She says you both are enough for me. You gave me good lifestyle. I am fed up of the taunts. Dida gets angry and says how dare you slap my grand daughter. I won’t leave him. She takes out big knife from the kitchen and tries to go. Sumi says today I will go. She says today someone raised hand on my daughter and questioned on my upbringing. Dida asks her to go now itself. Sumi says it is night. I don’t want to stoop to their level. I will asks answer in the morning. In the morning, Sumi gets ready and starts walking. She comes to Shekhar’s shop and asks for him. Chotu points out at Shekhar. Sumi comes to him and says I need to talk to you. Shekhar says I don’t want to talk to you. Sumi says then I will talk infront of everyone. They go to a side. Sumi asks why did you slap my daughter. Shekhar says she pushed my mother and interfered in my daughter’s life. Sumi says it is called concern. Swara was concerned about them. You raised questions on my upbringing. She says 20 years have passed, but you remains the same. That time you insulted me infront of everyone and now you insulted my daughter infront of everyone. You called her fatherless girl. She tells that she was helpless before, but not anymore.
She tells that Swara’s father is alive and that is you Shekhar. Swara is your daughter. Shekhar gets shocked.

Swara hears from far and is shocked. She opines that Shekhar uncle is my Papa. Sumi asks him not to be scared. She says I have to tell you today so that you realized your mistake. Shekhar asks her not to lie, so that he hates her. Sumi says truth won’t change anyway. She warns him saying if my daughter get a tear in her eyes because of you, then I won’t spare you. She walks off. Shekhar recalls Sumi’s words and walks on the road shockingly. Even Swara is shocked. Sumi is seen walking after confessing the truth. He recalls Yamuna, Ragini and Swara’s childhood. Shekhar gets in bus. Swara recalls her childhood moments.Shekhar and Swara are shaken with the truth. Swara comes to a place and recalls Shekhar slapping her. She recalls Sumi’s words that Shekhar is her father. She wipes her tears and thinks to tell the truth to Ragini and Yamuna.

Swara comes home and sits outside. Shekhar comes after buying the vegetables. Some of it falls down. Swara calls him Baba and says your things…….Shekhar turns and recalls Sumi telling him that Swara is his daughter. Swara gets emotional and picks his vegetables from the ground. Shekhar calls her and asks what did you say just now. Swara says your things had fallen from the bags. Shekhar says thanks and says whatever happened was wrong. I didn’t expect this from you. Whatever I did was wrong too. He apologizes. Swara asks him not to apologize and make her embarrassed. She says you are like my father. She goes to her house. Shekhar looks on.

Sumi starts recalling her happy moments with Shekhar. Sumi and Shekhar love story is shown in a flashback. Dhundhe geet tere humdun plays while Shekhar recalls their love story. Sumi too recalls their happy moments. She recalls Shekhar calling her Mishti and promises never to leave her alone in life. He gets intimate with her. They consummate their relation. Shekhar is lost in thinking, when Ragini comes and asks what happened? He says nothing. Yamuna asks him to come and have food. He says ok. Shekhar asks Ragini to get his kurta pyjama from terrace. Ragini says ok and come to the terrace. Swara calls Ragini and jumps from the wall.

Ragini asks her to stop. She asks if anyone sees you. Swara says it doesn’t matter to me. I need to talk to you about something important urgently. Ragini asks her to try to understand. She asks her to go back. She says if Dadi maa sees you again, then she will be very angry. She says my family is hurt. I don’t want anything to repeat. We won’t be able to find out the reason for their enemity. We can’t do anything. Swara says we can do surely as I found out the reason. She says we are all sisters and Shekhar uncle is my Papa too. Ragini is shocked.

Ragini asks Swara what are you telling? Swara says I heard maa telling Shekhar uncle. They used to love each other, but something happened in their life that they have to be separated.

Then my mother got married to someone else. And your mother took my mother’s place in Shekhar uncle’s life. Ragini says my mother didn’t take anyone’s place. She made her place in this family. Swara says I didn’t mean to hurt you and let me explain for once. She says before marriage, Shekhar uncle and my mother were in love. Dadi maa calls Ragini. Ragini asks Swara to leave. Swara jumps of the terrace.

Dadi maa comes and asks why she took so much time. She eyes Swara and goes in. Ragini thinks about Swara’s words that Shekhar is her father too. Something happened 20 years ago that they had to separate. Dadimaa comes and sees Ragini lost in thinking while ironing the clothes. She asks what are you doing? She says she will do the iron. She asks her to sleep. At night Ragini confess Swara’s saying’s to Yamuna and she is too shocked by Ragini’s words.The both see their mother Jhanvi’s photo and cries.

Next morning Swara waits for her sisters too come and she see ragini and yamuna are along with dadi maa. So, she went silently too musical palace. At that time prem,lucky,sanskaar and sid were visiting the college as there brother’s would be wife’s were studying. They ask dadi maa about Ragini and Yamuna. Dadi says they were in the musical palace.The four brother were entering in the musical palace. Swara takes Ragini and Yamuna to a side and tells them that she is saying the truth.

There father was her father’s too and we all are sisters.Hearing this statement the four brother’s get shocked and ask what? The three sisters turned shockingly and ask what they were all doing here? Sid says there were want to take there bahabi and devrani for outing with their brothers but heared too shock the statement. Sanskaar asks Swara that she is sure about her saying. Swara tells them everyone that she sure. Sanskaar says we are ready to help you in joining your parents and ask his brothers they all accept his sayings. Swara says that she is happy that Ragini and Yamuna are going too be married with a goodone’s. Heraing her statement all get happy and the three sisters hug eachother.

Next day was Bengali’s new year as per Swara,sid ,lucky and sanskaar’s plan they want the both grandmaa’s to reunite. At Gadodia’s house Dadimaa taunt’s shekaar why he is soo attached to that bengalan’s grandaughter. He says to his mother and his father to stop this nonsense and says Swara is his daughter and not speak bad about her. Hearing this Dadaji takes his gun and point out too shoot shekaar but yamuna and Ragini stops Dadaji and saves their father.Shekaar gets furious and says to his both the daughters that their mother killed by their Dadimaa and not by Sharmishta. A FB is shown . Jhanvi knows about the Shekaar and Sharmishta’s relationship and says sorry to Sharmishta. Seeing both of them with shomi, Dadimaa taunts sharmishta and Janvi stops her and takes away her Mother-in-law.Dadimaa resists while Janki tries to make her understand. Janki falls down and dies. FB ends. Hearing this FB ragini,yamuna and all were shocked. Ragini says that she will not excuse her Dadimaa and says sorry to sharmishta and her father. Shekaar hugs ragini and yamuna as they were in tears. At outside as per swara,lucky,sid and sanskaars plan swara asks her dida too invite Dadimaa and Dadaji for New year ceremony, frist she hesitates then accept swara’s sayings.

Dida invites both of them and her grandaughters. At that time the truth of the two families came out and this heared by DurgaPrasad he gets angry and taunts Shekaar,Dadimaa and Dadaji for having the relationship with an Bengali family.Ragini and Yamuna gets anger on DurgaPrasad and says we all are same family and further says swara is their sister too and they announce’s that Sharmishta as their new Mother and Swara says that Shekaar will be her father.All were shocked!!…

Sid,sanskaar,swara and lucky smiles at eachother.A FB is shown. Where the Three sisters confessing their truth to Shekaar that they knows about the truth of his and sharmishta’s relationship and says that they want their parents reunite. Hearing this Shekaar and Sharmishta gets happy and says they will do as per their three daughters sayings. The FB ends..

Shekaar hugs sharmishta and his three daughters and Finally prem confess the truth too DurgaPrasad that we the brothers know the truth and they did’nt say anything because he may be stop their marriage happening between Maheshwari and Gadodia parivaar; and he further says that he cannot live without a life with Yamuna and confess his love for yamuna.The sisters gets glad.

Durgaprasad says sorry too Shekaar and tells that he finally realises his mistake that relation is not just a word but it is more than the sayings. And he tells that engagement will happen after two days.

Then they all enjoying the Benagali’s New year festival. Seeing all this Dadimaa,Dadaji and Dida gets shocked.

Shekaar asks his Mother to accept Sharmishta as their Daughter-in-law.Dadi says she wants some time too accept all these things and goes inside with Dadaji.

Here Swara thanks Sid,Sanskaar,Lucky and Prem for reuniting their parents. While Swara goes Sanskaar smiles at her, his expressions are watched by his brothers and makes fun of him. Sanskaar says that he loves Swara and wants to marry her he Seeks his Brother’s help. The three brother’s accepted and says they will help him. Suddenly DurgaPrasad comes and asks what’s going on here? Prem says that if his father and chacha does’nt mind whether sanskaar can marry swara. Hearing this DurgaPrasad says what? Futher prem says that sanskaar loves swara and he wants to marry her.
DurgaPrasad agrees and says swara is the nice girl and I am accept as her as an Daughter-in-law,he asks his wife and Brother Ram and Brother’s wife about his Deccision. They too agrees.. Hearing their speech priya gets glad and takes the mic and announce’s that swara will become their thrid Bhahu as sanskaar’s would be wife. Hearing the statement swara first gets shocked and then becomes shy. Her Mom shomi and her Dad shekaar gets glad too hear this and the Three sisters hug eachother.

As on time Dida asks Shekaar to marry Sharmishta on Durgashtami as when the Engagement takes place and says that it is good for the couples when they marry or engaged with eachother.

Shekaar accepts Dida’s sayings and Dadimaa gets shocked to hear this. But she controlled her feelings and thinks Sharmishta will married to Shekaar but she will not happy at this house.

After Few Days, Shekaar and DurgaPrasad went out for the shop to bring and select the engagement rings. At evening, Annapurna/Badimaa and sujatha helps sharmishta for making arrangements for the wedding and engagement. Someone peeps inside and watches the happenings.

Precap: Maha Sangham episode of Pyaar Ka Rishtha?
Someone shouts at Dida and calls her as shoba how could you can do this to me?? Hearing this all lookout as where the voice camefrom.

Credit to: Sriranjani

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