Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar Abhigya, Rosid, Ishreet, RanJan SS Part 2

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The couples of this SS

Ishaan Preet(Iqbal Mona)

Rishi Mouli(Shabbir Sriti Jha)

Varun Mehek( Manish Raisinghan Avika Gor)

Ranvijay Gunjan( Shivin Narang Farnaz Shetty)

Sujal Kashish(Rajeev Aamna)

Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar…A sweet wait for love Part 2

Rishi’s lips shivered:Mouli!
Mouli was shocked:Rishi!
Their hearts were beating fast.

Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna

MOULI:I did’nt know that this company was your’s.
RISHI:If you knew that you would not have come here?
Mouli did’nt say anything.
RISHI:Mouli…at the party I could’nt talk to you properly.You left the party without even biding good bye to me.

Mouli:Sorry Rishi.
Rishi:It’s ok.Ii searched for you a lot after college.I could’nt find you.

MOULI:We had shifted to Delhi.Since last week we are staying in Bombay.
RISHI said sadly:Even though you returned to Bombay you never expected to see me.Right?
Mouli said in her mind:I had longed to see you.Even in the crowd i looked at everyone’s face to see if it’s you.

Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na

RISHI:Anyways Mouli…you are appointed as my PA.
MOULI:But Rishi…a lot are waiting outside.
RISHI:I have confirmed that you will be my PA.
Mouli:But I want you to choose me on the basis of my talent,not on the basis of our friendship.
Rishi:Who knows your talent better than me?I know that there can be no one who is more hardworking than you.And a PA has to be sincere and trustworthy to.I can’t find anyone who is more trust worthy than you.
Mouli looked at Rishi emotionally.
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna– Kapoor & Sons

Ranvijay entered Preet’s room:Preet bhabhi…what is this?You did’nt tell Ishaan bhaiyya about what I told you?
P:I’m sorry Ranvi..i was about to tell him….but….
Ranvi:Please tell him soon bhabhi.

P:Ok,I will tell him today..

Vasundara was overhearing their conversation.She thought:What is the secret between Ranvi and Preet?

Kashish was surprised to see the room being decorated with red roses.

Sujal came smiling. did this?
Suj:No,my ghost did it.
Kashish giggled.
Kash:I did’nt know that you are a ghost.

S:I am not a ghost as I’m still alive.I won’t be dead when you are alive.

Sujal pulled her closer: Because we both are meant to live with each other.

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee

Sujal took a red rose and gave it to her:I love you Kashish.

Ham toh dil de hee chuke

Kashish smiled:Love you too.

Ham toh dil de hee chuke

Suj:Remember…today is our love confession anniversary.This was the date on which we confessed our love to each other years back.

Kashish was remember it still now?

bas teree han hai bakee

Suj:How can I forget anything which is related to you?

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee

Kashish embraced him cutely with a smile.

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee- Maine Dil Tujhko Diya

Ishaan and Preet went to the temple.Preet prayed.Ishaan extended his arm.Preet holds his arm and they go out.They are in the temple compound.
Ish:While you were praying I noticed your face.You were not happy.Something is disturbing you.What is that?
P:When you extended you arms to catch me I got courage…so I will tell you…

Ishaan…Ranvi is in love.
Ishaan is shocked:What?How can he?
P:Why are you getting angry?You also fell in love.Ranvi has no right to fall in love?
Ish:Who is his girlfriend?
P:She is not his girlfriend.She does’nt know that Ranvijay loves her.
Ish:Who is she?
Ish:Who is she?
P:Our Gunjan.
Ish:Our Gunjan means…our maid Gunjan?
Ish:How can he fall in love with a maid?
P:Why not?You only told me that Gunjan is a good cook…she is like your sister..
Ish:That is true.But mom will never approve this relationship.

P:She will..if you try…please Ishaan…your brother’s happiness is in your hand.
Ishaan was upset.

Varun was walking on the beach.He was surprised to see Mehek lying down.He walked towards her and lay near her like normal.

Mehek was shocked to see him near her and got up.
Varu giggled:You got shock when I lay near you all of a sudden?
Meh:It’s not funny ok? you remember how we used to take part in the racing competition?Once the race was on beach.
Mehek:Ya…those days were so sweet.
V:Shall we recreate those moments?
V:Let us both run till the tree.Will see who will win.
Meh:Good idea.
They both ran.

Shining in the shade in sun like
A pearl upon the ocean
Come on feel me
Come on heal me..

Mehek reached first.But the next moment Varun too reached there.
V:I won.
Meh:How come you are the winner?I won.
V:No..I won.
Mehek got angry:No..I won.You are lying.
Varun are lying.

They kept yelling at each other and unknowingly came closer hitting the forehead against each other.

They shared a cute eye lock unknowingly.

Hua jo tubhi mera mera
Tera jo ikraar hua
To kyun na main bhi keh doon keh doon
Hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua

They realized how close they are standing and moved away from each other.

Tera hone laga hoon, khone laga hoon
Jab se mila hoon

V:Mehek..I know that you won.But I lied to make you angry so that you will become the tigress Mehek of college days.I miss that Mehek.
Mehek and Varun looked at each other emotionally.

Tera hone laga hoon, khone laga hoon
Jab se mila hoon

Varun smiled:We will have Kulfi?
Meh:Ofcoourse.You still remember what I like.
V:I remember all your interests Mehek.
Mehek became dull.They shared an eye lock.

Waise to mann mera, pehli bhi raaton mein
Aksar hi chahat ke haan
Sapne sanjonta tha

Varun bought Kulfi and they both had it together.

Pehle bhi dhadkan ye, dhun koi gaati thi
Par ab jo hota hai woh, pehle na hota tha

Varun lifted her up in his arms.
Meh:Varun..what are you doing?Leave me down.
He laughed:No way.

Hua hai tujhe jo bhi jo bhi
Mujhe bhi is baar hua

Then they danced romantically.

To kyun na main bhi, keh doon keh doon
Hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua

Suddenly Varun realized that it was only a dream.Mehek was looking at the waves and having icecream.
V:Looking at the sea waves?
Meh:Yes.I feel peaceful while looking at the waves.
Varun thought looking at Mehek deeply :Mehek is still searching for peace.When will i be able to heal her wound?

Tera hone laga hoon, khone laga hoon
Jab se mila hoon
Tera hone laga hoon, khone laga hoon
Jab se mila hoon-Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

Vasundara went and sat near Preet.
V:Preet,what is happening in this house?
Preet is shocked.She thinks:Did she know anything about Ranvi and Gunjan?
P:What are you asking mom?
V:No need of hiding anything from me.I don’t want anyone to fool me.Tell me…
Preet was tense.

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