Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi and Payal returning to the marriage Venue. Pankhudi asks her to stop crying as Adi and Rubel might ask questions if they see her crying. Payal asks, what we will answer. Pankhudi says she will manage. Payal asks, what if someone asks about my jewellery. Adi comes to the room and knocks the door. He waits for sometime and enters the room. He is shocked to see Payal’s jewellery on the dressing table. Kamini asks Govardhan mama to check on Payal. Govardhan mama says Pankhudi is with Payal. Kamini asks him to check once. Adi calls Pankhudi but wonders why Pankhudi is picking his call. Adi sees them coming from outside and looks suspiciously at them.

Sheela is talking with the guests. Anuj tells her that he will call Govardhan and asks him

when Rubel and Payal are coming home. Sheela asks Kaira to keep the gifts inside and brings the thali. Rubel asks Pankhudi, what they were doing inside. And asks Payal, how is she feeling now. Adi says they might have taken time for the make up touch and all. Rubel asks, where is your jewellery. Pankhudi says make up kit was somewhere else and make up an excuse. Kamini tells Payal to get ready fast for the grah pravesh as Sheela is waiting.

Sameer tells Sadanand that he will complete the formalities. Sadanand asks, did Doctor tell anything about the donor. Nirmala says Sameer is shattered. Sadanand says Sameer has to be strong. Nirmala says Sameer is in problems after marrying Preeti. She says what we will do if we don’t get a kidney donor on time. Payal enters the Deewan home after grah pravesh. Sheela welcomes her and says she will take care of her. Adi looks at Pankhudi, while Pankhudi looks at Govardhan mama. Sheela does the tilak and aarti as Payal enters home. Sheela asks Payal to pick up the thali without making any noise. Pankhudi tells Payal that relation will be good. Sheela says she has trust on her that she will fulfill all her relations with faithfulness like Pankhudi.

Pankhudi tells Govardhan mama that she wants to talk to him. Mamaji tells her that Payal got a good home because of her. Pankhudi asks, why you have done this? She asks, why you have hidden the truth and tells everything. She tells Mamaji that you have kidnapped Rohit. She says we can’t betray Rubel. She says you didn’t tell me or Adi anything. Mamaji says he did a mistake. He says you said no to us. Pankhudi says as a daughter she failed. She asks him to come inside. Pankhudi thinks to tell everything to Adi. Adi asks Pankhudi to come outside. Kaira asks Sheela to stop missing Rubel as he will like only Payal’s hand made food. Rubel says but recipe will be my mother.

Adi asks, what is the matter. Pankhudi tells that she wants to tell him about Payal and tells everything. She tells everything in flashback. Adi is shocked and asks, did Rubel knows about it. Pankhudi says she saw her eloping from the marriage hall. Adi says, my brother’s life have spoiled. Pankhudi says, Rubel bhaiyya loves her a lot. Adi says, how she will fulfill the relation of a wife. How she will love Rubel. Pankhudi says we have to give her a chance as she is repenting now. She says we have to give her time. Adi says he can’t experiment with Rubel’s life. If Rubel comes to know later than he will stop trusting them.

Anuj tells Govardhan mama that Payal will be very happy here. Adi comes to speak with Rubel. He asks Kaira about Rubel. Kaira tells him that he is in the room. She asks Adi and Pankhudi to rest. Rubel comes to his room and sees Payal taking off her jewellery. Pankhudi asks Adi to stop and says Rubel and Payal might be starting a new life now. Adi says he can’t hide this as it is a lie. Sheela comes and asks, what is the matter? Adi goes near Sheela.

Pankhudi thinks how to stop Adi to talk to Rubel. Rubel comes and asks them, what they are doing at the night.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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