Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rubel Shouting at pankudi…he orders her to get out of his house…
At the very moment, Nanaji comes and supports Pankudi…he says Pankudi will do the job as a care taker in Diwan mansion. Kaira feels uneasy and back-out when she sees Nanaji coming.
Rubel argues with Nanaji Saying that Pankudi can never be the care taker of HIS house.
Nanaji takes out that point and tells him not to forget that the mansion is still registered on his name and further tells him that he only has the right to make decisions in business and office… But not at home..
Nanaji Shows his Will to Rubel and clearly says that if anyone tries to fire Pankudi from her job..he will transfer the house to a name of a charitable institution. Everybody gets shocked.. Pankudi smiles..nanaji also orders everyone not to tell Avantika ,Harish or Adi about Pankudi’s job..
Sheela wonders why pankudi hid it from her family
Nanaji says its his final decision and it won’t be changed !
Sheela starts with her act saying that she is feeling ashamed because a daughter-in-law of the family is taking the job of a care taker
Anuj asks nanaji why he is taking a drastic decision for such a small issue
On Sheela’s order Rubel tells pankudi that she has to follow some rules if she is staying in Diwan mansion

Rubel tells Pankudi that she has to stay 24 hours in Diwan mansion if she is taking the job. Pankudi gets shocked.
Scene shifts to Harish house..
Harish and Shanky enters the house laughing and Avantika asks about it..
harish tells her that today’s shoot was the most awesome shoot ever in his life.He tells avantika that it was only beacuse of Adi. Avantika tells him that it calls for a celebration.
Harish gets worried about the next shoot. and Avantika calms him down

Diwan mansion :
Rubel asks pankudi if she is ready to stay there 24 hours.
Kaira Shouts at him saying that its not fair..And for everything his decisions won’t work and takes Pankudi’s side . She further asks what is the need of a care taker 24 hours.
Sheela starts her fake acts again and takes Kaira’s side and tells Nanaji that everything will happen in a way that Nanaji wants.
Sheela reminds pankudi to make food for them. Pankudi and Nanaji leaves the room. Latika also leaves with an upset Rubel. Sheela also leaves after shouting at Anuj.
Scene shifts..
nanaji and pankudi were talking and she asks him trust him on that. Nanaji tells her that he trusts her ..and thats the only reason he supported her today. but Nanaji thinks that whatever he did was wrong. He gets worried about Pankudi and Adi’s relation beacuse she is hiding that from him. Pankudi Guarantees that nothing of that sort will happen.
Lathika Sheela and Rubel discusses about Pankudi coming to Diwan mansion and wonders what exactly she wants . Pankudi tells Nanji that she wants Diwan mansion to get back to the way it was before.. Sheela Rubel and latika thinks about further plans

Pankudi Goes Adi’s room in Diwan mansion and thinks about Adi’s words and gets emotional looking at the pictures of both of them.
Rubel Latika and Sheela keeps planning and Rubel tells them that he will show Pankudi her place
Sheela gets worried. She thinks Pankudi came to Diwan mansion with a plan.
kaira and Pankudi talks. (Kaira is actually sweet) she tells Pankudi that recently she hasnt seen a girl like Pankudi and also tells her that she is surprised and impressed
Adi talks to an employee who was working till late and tells him that the rules of the office will surely change again and sends him home.
Sheela keeps calling pankudi and asks where she was. Pankudi tells her that she was cleaning Adi and her room.
Sheela starts her fake acts again. and tries to find out the reason why pankudi came to diwan mansion..just than Adi calls and asks her if he should come and pick her up only for today.
Episode ends on ‘a worried’ pankudi’s face

Precap : Nanaji asks for water from pankudi. Pankudi was about to get it for him when Rubel calls out her name aloud and asks her to serve his food. Pankudi was suprised and again Rubel shouts at her asking why she is staring at him


Update Credit to: Nia

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