Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rubel saying I don’t have the guts to face Adi. I want to go away. Pankhudi says I know whatever happened was wrong but the good thing is Adi got his brother back. He would be happy. Harish tells Rubel that your bhabhi asks you something? Rubel says I promise that I won’t let you down. Avantika says chachaji should feel that you are on his side. Pankhudi says but you will give us information about them. Avantika says she has decided on the plan and for that she asks Pankhudi to be in Mumbai. Rubel asks, what Pankhudi have to do?

Sheela says they are facing bad time. Anuj says who might be doing this? As they don’t have any enemies? Sheela says may be Avantika is right about chachaji. Anuj doesn’t believe and asks if Avantika is right,

then what would Chachaji get. Pankhudi looks sad as Avantika and Harish is leaving for Delhi to be with Adi. Avantika says you don’t cry and be strong. You have to do this for Adi. Pankhudi says how she will manage alone? Avantika shouts and says you have to do this, you aren’t a kid. Harish asks her not to shout at her. Harish says we will take care of your Adi.

Latika asks Rubel about his sadness. She says your name will be the company’s name. She plans to sidelined Chachaji’s family once Rubel gets the property. She says we will the owner of the empire. Rubel says you said wrong, and says with every passing day he is falling in love with her even more. He says tomorrow will be a new day. Latika says yes, everything will change.

Preeti cries and thinks about Adi. Sameer consoles her. Adi wakes up in the lockup. He was asked to get ready as the senior official is coming. Harish tells Pankhudi that they will call her after reaching Delhi. Avantika says Pankhudi to remember everything whatever she has said. Pankhudi says how Adi might be managing there. Harish says he will get everything right and asks her to be courageous.

Sheela says why the servants are busy since morning. Latika says she was also seeing that they are busy. They asks the servant about why they are changing the covers and all. Servants says Malkin asked them to do. Sheela thinks Chachiji asked the servants to do the work. Anuj asks whether today is some festival as the cleaning is being done. Sheela says no. Anuj asks is anything coming today? Pankhudi is seen getting out of the car( Her face is not shown). Servant says we have to move the sofa. Sheela asks Chachiji that whether you don’t know how to behave with others. She says she is sitting on sofa. Chachiji sees the servants cleaning home, She asks Sheela whether she asked the servants to do the work. Sheela says she didn’t asks them. They asks the servants, who asked them to clean the house. Servants says that the owner asked them. Chachiji and Sheela are shocked and asked who is that malkin, owner. Pankhudi comes and says she asked them to do. Sheela sees her and is about to fall. Everyone looks shocked to see Pankhudi’s new avatar in a saree. She says she is also the malkin of this house. She says her husband didn’t commit any crime, he has been framed. She says whoever is responsible will not be able to hide anymore. Chachaji and his family looks tensed.

Rubel asks why you came here? Pankhudi says this house is mine too. She came just like that. She says I hope you don’t have any problem. She says she will stay at Adi’s room and you don’t need to do anything. Sheela says you came here after whatever had happened. Pankhudi says legally she has right on the house and the property. She has 50 percent property on her name. She is the bahu of the house like her. Sheela says you should be with your husband at this moment and you are here. Rubel claps and says you showed your true colours. He tells Anuj to see Pankhudi’s interests in property. Rubel looks at Pankhudi. The episode ends on Pankhudi determined and confident face.

Rubel comes to Pankhudi’s room, Pankhudi and Kaira looks at him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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