Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikram answering the guests and supporting Kaira. He asks Kaira and Varun to go inside. Pankhudi makes Sheela’s have food. Avantika also comes and asks Sheela to have food. Sheela is crying thinking about Kaira. Avantika scolds Sheela and makes her eat. Sheela holds her hand and thanks her. Avantika says have it please and leaaves. Pankhudi sees Adi upset and asks him to go and sleep. Adi says why does Rubel react like this with Nani, we have to be patient. Pankhudi says Rubel gets angry fast, they both are right. Adi says I don’t want to lose old relations for a new one. JHe asks did you call Kaira. She says no, we can’t call, its her first night. Adi realizes.

Kaira waits for Varun are in their bedroom. Amrita comes to her and asks what happened.

Kaira says I was feeling very nervous. Amrita says don’t worry, even I was nervous. Kaira says I don’t know I will keep up my responsibilities or not. Amrita hugs her and says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She says I will send Varun and leaves. Varun comes to Kaira knocking the door. She brings a glass of milk and says Bhabhi gave this. She takes it and keeps it aside. She asks him to sit. She says the room is very nice, I like it. She talks to him and smiles.

Varun is nervous too. She says we are nervous but I know you are shy, I know we are not comfortable with each other, so I guess we should leave everything on time. Varun says yes definitely. Adi gets Vikram’s call at night and talks to him. He says I m coming Vikram. Adi sees Pankhudi sleeping and leaves. Harish and Avantika have a talk. He says Anuj was very tensed and you might be tensed about Vikram. Avantika says no, I hope he turns out to be a good man, I don’t know, I m getting an uneasy feeling. Harish says you might be feeling sleepy as you are tired. He says can I dominate you, no, then how can Vikram be a bad man.

Adi comes to Vikram’s house and meets him. Vikram is drinking wine. Vikram says Aditya Diwaan is here, good to see you and I m really sorry for all the trouble. Adi says its fine, is Kaira fine. Vikram says they are sleeping. Vikram is drunk and asks Adi to have a drink. Adi says I don’t drink. Vikram laughs and says Diwaans are incredible. He says I m sorry for this, I was stressed. Adi says I can’t judge you. Vikram says really? Thanks a lot.

Adi asks what is the matter for which you called me here. Vikram acts arrogant. Pankhudi wakes up and sees Adi not in the room. She says where did he go and calls out his name. She says I will check in hall and goes out. Vikram says could you fix me a drink. Adi makes a drink for him. Vikram says Kaira is very lucky as you all love her a lot. Adi gives him the drink. Vikram says this is for you. Adi says I told you I don’t drink. Vikram says you have to drink it and orders him. Adi is shocked. Pankhudi checks Adi’s phone and sees Vikram’s number. She thinks did Adi go to meet Vikram. She thinks what to do and calls Amrita.

Adi keeps the glass and says lets meet in the morning. Vikram stops him and says I was just joking. Pankhudi talks to Amrita and says sorry for calling at this time, is Adi there. Amrita says why will he come here. Pankhudi says Adi got last call from him. Amrita says I will check in hall and call you. Adi says lets do the work first. Amrita asks Adi you here, is everything alright. Vikram scolds Amrita and asks her to get out. Adi says i don’t think you should talk to her like this. Vikram says I m tired, I will do the balance in two days. Adi says fine, good night. Adi leaves. Vikram smiles. Amrita calls Pankhudi and says Adi cams here, don’t know why he came, I did not ask. She says Adi left now and will reach home soon. Pankhudi says thanks and sorry for disturbing. Vikram comes to Amrita and scolds her. Amrita looks at him. He tells her his plan.

Kaira asks Vikram was are the curtains not changed till now. Vikram says nothing will change without my wish in this house. Kaira is stunned by his rude reply.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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