Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st July 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Dadaji telling Pankhudi that he will not take Adi’s financial help and asks her to take care of the family. He gives her blessings and asks her to talk to Adi. Manik chacha tells Dadaji to come to the house again. Dadaji says he felt relieved seeing the family united and asks Manik to go after fulfulling all the responsibilities. Manik says this time he won’t run away from his responsibilities. He praises Pankhudi. Sheela gets irked at Pankhudi’s luck. Dadaji takes farewell from everyone,remembers Nanu’s words and says I will come again.

Adi and Pankhudi meets all the family members and they leave. Manik chacha praises Pankhudi again, much to the amusement of Sheela. Sheela praises her Bahu and says her bahu is the world’s best. Manik says he didn’t get a chance to talk with Latika. Latika takes his blessings. Manik Chacha tells Anuj that his brother should have seen his great grand children. Anuj says atleast you are with us. Avantika asks about Chachiji. Manik says if she would not have been there, we brothers have been together. I dont want to talk about her and get sad. Just then lawyer comes with the will papers of Nanu. Lawyer says he sympathies with them and asks for their permission to open the will. Anuj says he destroyed Dad’s two wills. Lawyer says your father called me one day before his death and says he wanted to change his will. Avantika says it is strange that Dad didn’t told them anything. Anuj says right now, no one is interested to know about Dad’s will, may be some other time.

Rubel says he called the lawyer and wants to know about the will. He tries to convince Adi and Anuj that life have to go on and he is also very sad about dadaji’s demise. Harish tells Lawyer that they are not interested in reading the will together. Rubel says he wants will to be open today. I insists it to open today. Anuj interferes and talk about family importance. He says I was wrong that you realised the family values. Rubel argues and Avantika agrees to him saying if it is going to make you happy then go for it. She says Dad always wanted us to think about each other’s happiness. Sheela tells the lawyer to read out the will and they will come to know about their shares. Adi says he is not interested in this will.

Manik chacha asks them to stop and says Bhai saheb might be sad seeing your people fighting. Avantika asks the lawyer to start reading the will. Rubel tells Manik chacha to stay out of it and do not interfere. Pankhudi says Manik chacha is eldest of all. Anuj says he is my chacha. Adi says he is Nanu’s younger brother. Rubel says so what? Manik chacha says dont break his brother’s dream because of him and he will not speak anything or interfere. He decides to leave but Anuj stops him and says Dad’s “will” will be open infront of you as you are part of this family. He asks the lawyer Mr. Bhatia to do the honours.

The lawyer starts reading the mill that ” I Puroshottam Deewan, in my full senses is giving my half property to Pankhudi Deewan”. Everyone is shocked. “And the remaining half of the property to be given to my younger brother Manik brother”. He reads the remaining will which reads that my family members will be board of members of the company. He says Harish will take the decision about the company or the house. Everyone is shocked. Harish says how can papa do that, Anuj is the rightful owner of this house. I don’t know anything about the business. Rubel shouts that don’t do acting now. Anuj stops him. Rubel says Anuj that you didn’t get a single penny. Sheela says Dad did wrong with us. Adi says Nanu must have taken this decision after a lot of thinking. Rubel says you have influenced him. Adi says he and Pankhudi don’t want any share in the property. Rubel says Dadaji proved that I dont have any value in this family. I tried to change a lot but Dadaji proved that he differentiated us from you. He loses his cool and says I will challenge this will and go to court.

Manik tells Rubel to calm down. Rubel says who are you to make me understand what is right or wrong. He says I understood that Adi is Dadaji’s favorite that’s why he give his half property to Pankhudi, but what about this old man. I will challenge this will in court. Manik says he took a decision that whatever he got from his brother, he will give it to Rubel. Anuj says he wants everyone to respect his will and says nothing will change. He requests his chacha to not say no. Anuj says this will is dad last wishes and he don’t want anyone to disrespect his will. He says we will follow this will word to word. The episode ends on Pankhudi’s surprised face.

Manik Chacha tells Adi that we have to remember the dead person with happiness on the 12th day of his dead. Shanky tells Avantika that someone came. May be Manik Chacha family comes there.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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