Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nafisa complaining Rubel about Payal. Rubel gets angry but Ayesha and Adi calm him and asks him to play carom with them. Harish talks to Nani. She says don’t worry, I m coming tomorrow, I will talk to Nilofer. Payal cries and thinks of Ayesha’s words. Adi enjoys playing with Ayesha. Nafisa tries getting closer to Rubel by some excuses. He holds her hand and Payal comes. Payal gets angry seeing Rubel and Nafisa together. Ruksaar asks Adi to talk to Harish that she wants to see shooting. Adi says fine, I will tell him. Nafisa says what will I do if Ruksaar goes, I will be alone.

She says I m thinking to find a job in Mumbai. She asks Adi is there any job for her in his office. Adi says ask Rubel, he manages the office. Rubel says fine, come to office tomorrow. Nafisa thanks him. Payal comes to her room and thinks about Nafisa and Rubel. She thinks how many chances should I give to Rubel. Mama talks to Kailash and says we have to find out from Nilofer in which state did she get Ayesha.

Its morning, Payal tells Ayesha that she came in outhouse and went back. She says Rubel was having fun without her. Ayesha takes Rubel’s side. Adi and Ayesha try to convince Payal and Rubel to get together. Ayesha says she will regret if she sees Rubel with someone else. Adi says I have a right on you Rubel, do as I say. Adi says fine then file for divorce. Rubel is shocked. He says no, I can’t take this decision. Ayesha also asks Payal to take divorce. Payal says no, I need some time, not so soon.

Rubel talks to Payal and says Harish said we should consult a marriage counselor. Payal agrees. Adi and Ayesha looks on. Ayesha asks Payal to go back to Rubel’s room in evening, as she does not like to sshare her room. Adi smiles. Rubel and Payal leave. Adi thanks her and says your plan has worked. Ayesha says she hates marriages. Adi says but we got married twice and leaves smiling.

Avantika talks to Harish and asks about Ayesha. Harish says she is fine, but there is no signs. Avantika asks him to talk to any specialist. He lies to her and says the doctor said we should not disturb Ayesha now. Avantika says politics is new for me and I m so much stressed. Harish asks her to take care of herself. She ends the call. Sheela talks to Shanky and says Rubel got cheated twice, Latika and now Payal. Shanky says Payal is not bad like Latika, the situation made her like this. Sheela says I want to kick Payal out of the house. Shanky asks her to unite Payal and Rubel.

Ayesha tells Hairsh that she is going for Arif’s internship. He says the game will end in two-four days, and you won’t need to act like Pankhudi. Adi comes and hears this. He asks what are they talking. Harish lies to him. Ayesha says I know him. Harish says I m an actor, so she has seen me before. Ayesha took fools Adi. Adi says I will drop you. Ayesha says why. Adi says I m free. Harish says let her go alone. Ayesha leaves. Adi says I want my old Pankhudi and goes after her. Mama talks to Ambika and says I want to go Lucknow, so that we can get something to know about Ayesha, and maybe Pankhudi’s memory can come back. Ambika says fine, do as you feel right, talk to Bau ji first.

Ayesha comes to Arif’s house and says sorry for coming late, there was much traffic. Arif says you are so irresponsible, you always make excuses. He says you can’t do anything, only waste time. Ayesha says I know its my mistake, sorry, but you scold me to waste time. He asks her to check the costumes. ADi talks to Harish while Ayesha works with Arif. Arif asks Ayesha to do all the work and keep it ready tomorrow. She writes him sorry but he acts rude.

Adi sees Ayesha and Arif working and looks on.

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