Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi reaching Kulu. Dadaji says it is better to keep business and relations apart. Adi says we will keep it seperate but our relationship will not effected because of the problems in business. He says if we had trust on each other than can overcome any problems. Pankhudi’s family looks at him. Adi says do you trust me. Dadaji says he trusts him. Adi says ok, deal is final but there is a small problem. He tells Dadaji to clear the misunderstandings between kailash chacha and Mamaji. Pankhudi’s mother says her brother didn’t want to enter this home. Adi says he will go to his house and bring Mama here.

Nanu does the Havan with his family happily. Adi comes to Mamaji’s house and greets him. Mamaji gets surprised to see him there. Adi says he was surprised

when he didn’t attend Maasi’s marriage. He calls for mami and gives sweets to her. Adi says as they didn’t come for the marriage, so he thought to come himself. Mamaji says he has some differences with Kailash. Adi says but it will not effect on our relationship. Mamaji praises Adi. Mami asks him to have food atleast and informs Gupta family. Adi says he needs to catch the flight so he have to leave urgently. Mamaji says atleast drink tea. Adi starts coughing much to the surprise of Mamaji and his wife. Mamaji asks him to take some medicine. Adi says he got alergy attack and his medicine is in his bag, in Gupta house. Actually Adi is pretending so that Mama takes him to Gupta house.

Preeti and Sameer comes to Deewan’s house for the pagphera rasam. kaira teases them and asks about their married life. Sameer says it’s good. Anuj pulls Sameer’s leg. Preeti feels shy. Harish too teases them. Kaira asks them how their love story started and when? Sameer blushes and says he didn’t remember their first meeting. Sheela says no one will tease Sameer now. They asks him to eat. Harish talks with Avantika about Pankhudi.

Mamaji takes him to the Gupta house and says he will get his medicine. Mamaji opens the door and everyone are shocked. Adi comes inside now and asks them to take care of Mamaji. Mamaji looks at Adi and says you didn’t do right. Adi says he knows he was wrong but he dont have any option left other than this. He asks him to answer for his question. He asks do you love Pankhudi? Mamaji says yes. Adi says will you feel good if she is upset. Adi requests him to solve the misunderstanding. Pankhudi’s mother and dadaji asks him to let go of his anger. Mamaji breaks the ice and hugs him forgetting all the differences. Dadaji and Maa smiles.

Mamaji asks his sister to prepare something to eat. Dadaji praises Adi’s efforts. Latika tells rubel that she is tired of the marriage then havan. Rubel asks her to stop her nonsense and he did all the work. Latika says she came in Dadaji’s good book. Rubel says maa was overacting and shedding lots of tears as if her daughter is getting married.

Adi informs Pankhudi, who thanks him. Adi says I will be thankful to you for sorting my life. Pankhudi gives call to maasi and Adi gets happy to talk to her. Adi asks her to be happy always. Preeti blushes. Adi handsover the call to kailash chacha. After a lot of hesitation, Kailash speak up and congrats her. Sameer listens and leaves. Kailash wishes her best of luck and gives the call back to Adi. Adi tells her that he will be coming tomorrow.

Sadanand tells his wife Nirmala that his son will go away from them. Pankhudi comes to Nanu and asks about the gramaphone. Nanu tells her that he used to wake up Nani in the morning using this gramaphone. He asks her to take this to her room. Nanu says it was in the store room and he asked Shanky to get it here. He thinks to listens to music on the gramaphone. He asks Pankhudi about Adi’s return. She tells him that Adi will come before 3 pm. Harish jokes with Sameer that both the sisters talks so much. Adi comes back and meets maasi. He hugs Pankhudi infront of the family members and tells her that he did solve everything. Everyone smiles.

Nanu asks Adi to make Pankhudi and his family happy and tells him to rest as next morning they have so much work to do. Adi looks surprised.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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