Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi telling everyone that alcohol was consuming illegally where Payal went for party. Everyone are shocked. Adi says I lied to you on phone. He tells Payal that it is because of you, problems are increasing. Adi tells Pankhudi, I won’t cover up for you. Rubel is going towards Payal. Pankhudi tells Rubel that Payal was not aware that someone mixed something in her drink. She says Payal is not at any fault. Rubel tells Payal that Pankhudi is protecting you like always. She is covering your mistakes and says you need to answer me why you lied to me. Payal looks down and cries. Rubel asks, why you lied saying it is girls party. Rubel asks her to speak up. You should have told me not to come with you. He says we all trust you. He asks her to look at his

eyes. Rubel says, you are very honest naa, pls speak up. Sheela asks, why you went alone. Rubel says, I will talk to my wife. Rubel tells Payal that Pankhudi might have spend her night in police custody if she was not proven true. He says, you lied to everyone and went to the stupid party. Adi asks him to calm down. Rubel says you and Pankhudi have to face trouble because of us. I don’t want to hurt you. He says after I come back, I hurt you always intentionally or unintentionally. Rubel says, I don’t have any patients to tolerate someone who hurts me.

Anuj says, I understand you are hurt and request not to raise the issue. Pankhudi says Payal is not at fault. Rubel says, Payal is at fault but what if anything happens to her because of the drink. Sheela blames herself for marrying Rubel with Payal. Avantika asks her not to overreact. Sheela compares Pankhudi with Payal. Avantika says, every person is different and says Payal will be demoralised with comparison. Avantika asks Kaira to take Sheela to her room. Sheela asks Payal about her friend’s name. Anuj asks, what you will know after knowing her friend’s name. She asks Anuj and Avantika to go inside. Pankhudi asks Sheela not to blame Payal. Sheela asks Pankhudi not to interfere between them. She says you have spoiled Rubel’s life after getting him married to Payal. Avantika and Anuj supports Pankhudi. Sheela says, she must have lied to us many more things. She says Pankhudi must have known everything about her. She says, Avantika called D.I.G and didn’t inform us. Avantika says, just because I don’t want to give tension to you. She asks, why she is digging reasons. Sheela says, Adi told us else we would not have known anything. She blames herself for saying yes to marriage. She suspects Pankhudi and Govardhan mama’s hand in fixing the marriage. Adi says, why you are blaming Pankhudi. Rubel says, I fell in love with Payal that’s why we got married. But I have realised that I did a big mistake of my life.

Preeti tells Nirmala, are you upset with me? Nirmala says I am upset with destiny. You and Sameer’s life would have been beautiful if you don’t have any problems. Pankhudi asks Sheela to give sometime to Payal for adjusting. Adi asks, what is wrong with you. Pankhudi says, we shall give her one chance. Adi says, again chance. Adi asks, why you are protecting her when she is wrong. Pankhudi says, if Payal want to rectify her mistakes then I am with her. Adi says, it is your point of view. Pankhudi says, you are over reacting. Adi says, I won’t live here anymore and I am going to live with Dad. Sheela says, both of the son got upset because of Payal.

Preeti tells Sameer that I will shift to hospital until my problems are solved. Sameer asks, what is it? Preeti says everyone is having problems with me. I will talk in the hospital tomorrow. Sameer asks her not to think like that and says you are not liability for us and stop thinking that. He asks her to sleep.

Sheela comes near Payal and says I did a mistake to marry you with Rubel. She says Payal 2 was better than you. Anuj asks her to stop and asks Payal to check on Rubel. Pankhudi asks Sheela to give chance to Payal. Sheela blames Pankhudi. Anuj asks her to stop it. Payal cries. Avantika asks her to go to the room.

Kaira asks Pankhudi, why you took Payal’s side. Pankhudi says he will be okay soon. Rubel asks payal to change and goes to sleep in another room. Payal recalls Rubel’s words and feels bad. She looks in the mirror and says I just wanted my happiness and others too. I didn’t know when I became selfish and bad. Today, Adi and Pankhudi are facing so much because of me. I couldn’t understand them. Adi and Pankhudi didn’t tell anyone about my past Rohit. She says, how dare you and cries.

Harish serves dinner to Adi but Adi is in no need to eat anything. Harish tries to cheer him and says you are silent since half an hour. Adi says I don’t want to eat. Pankhudi is seen sitting with Avantika..

In the night, Rohit tells Payal I mixed something in your drink. Payal is shocked and couldn’t believe. Pankhudi is shown going towards them. Rohit says, I spike your drink, I did this to trap you but Pankhudi was caught. What is my mistake in this? Payal is disgusted and slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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