Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Pankudi telling Sheila about the award function… Sheila gets excited and says she will got here since there will be so many celebrities.Sheila goes to get ready.
In the morning breakfast table Sheila tells everyone they shold go there… everyone else agrees abut rubel and Anuj doesnt…
So Pankudi makes up a plan …
Adi makes a gift for pankudi and sends it to her shooting area..
In diwan mansion.. Sheila gets a call from someone..she says she is talking behalf of the the function organizer and invites them there… She also tells that they will be getting Special arrangements and seats from front… and also says that Rubel will get to give the award to one of the celebrity. Sheila gets sooo happy and says they will surely come.
Sheila goes and tells Anuj and Rubel that…and they agree to go too…

Later pankudi gets a call from preeti an they talk about Sheila… it was preeti who called Sheila and told her to come to function..
Preeti tells Pankudi that its a good plan.
harish gets a call.. he tells avantika to answer it… from the phone call avantika gets to know that a gift for Pankudi was there in that shooting site and pankudi doesnt work there…avantika wonders what she is hiding from them and where she stays the whole day.

It was shown that people were coming to the function… Sheila and latika arrives too… Sheila was over excited and she was asking people to click her pictures.. but the photographer goes to somewhere where the whole place was crowded. latika tells Rubel that his mum is so embarrassing but Rubel doesnt care at all… Latika and Sheila goes to see what people are doing in the crowd and they see people around Harish and his family.
Rubel latika and Sheila thinks they came because they got a free entry.
Latika thinks even pankudi will be coming.. but sheila says she has so much of work at home and she wont be coming…
But there Pakdudi arrives too ( Sheila rubel n latika didnt see her)
Pankudi arrives and adi asks her about the dress he sent her.. pankudi doesnt knw anythn about it… Avantika tells maybe delivery boy dint find her.. and sent the dress to home.
Sheila latika and rubel sees pankudi and says they have to do something about Pankudi soon .

harish’s family meets preeti and they talk. Adi asks pankudi why she dint come with mum and dad. Pankudi says there was some work.. Avantika says again maybe thats why she came directly. Pankudi feels awkward.

Sheila wonders why harish was getting so much of importance but Rubel tells her not to worry and to see whats going to happen. he goes near them with latika and tells there table must be ready now. because they are from Diwan family. he also added that a comedian will not be getting a table likt their’s. Episode ends with Pankudi’s face.

Precap: In the function a song was performed. And then the scene shifted to Avantika questioning pankudi about her new job

Update Credit to: Nia

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