Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Payal 1 talking to Rohit and says she will come to meet him with Phuphaji. She promises him that she will definitely come. Pankhudi comes and asks, where you are going? Payal 1 makes an excuse and says she was talking to kamini. She says she was thinking to take her to see Mumbai. Pankhudi says she will ask Rubel to make the arrangement. She says Rubel will take you for site seeing. Pankhudi says she knows everything. Payal 1 says Govardhan phuphaji said you everything. Pankhudi signs yes. Payal asks, what is the problem in loving someone. Pankhudi says no problem. Pankhudi asks, are you ready for marriage. Payal says yes. She thanks Pankhudi for understanding and supporting her. Rohit’s call comes and Payal 1 picks the call. Pankhudi thinks Payal likes Rubel and it is confirmed.

Adi asks Payal 2, if she likes Rubel. She hesitantly says yes. Avantika, Harish and her mom smiles. Harish thinks to asks to Sheela and Anuj. Avantika says we will talk to Sheela and Anuj. Adi says he will talk to them and they will take decisions pertaining to Rubel’s marriage. Harish says it is a matter of marriage. Adi says they are matured enough. Harish agrees and asks him to talk to Sheela and Anuj.

Adi asks Pankhudi, where she is going in the morning. Pankhudi says she is going to meet Govardhan mama as she wants to Rubel and Payal marriage to be solemnised soon. Adi says but we have to talk to Anuj mama and Sheela mami and then we will go to Govardhan mama and mami to take gifts. Pankhudi says but they will gives gifts after the marriage. Pankhudi leaves to meet Govardhan mama. Adi feels it is strange.

Nirmala brings Preeti home from the hospital and tells Sadanand that Doctor discharged Preeti but said dialysis process have to start soon. Nirmala says she is tensed. Sameer asks her not to worry else Preeti will be more worried. Preeti says she will be fine. Avantika calls her and says there is a good news. Avantika tells her that Harish’s niece Payal likes Rubel and if everything is fine then they shall marry them soon. Preeti gets happy. Avantika says she hopes that Adi and Pankhudi convinces Sheela bhabhi. She asks her to take care of her health. Preeti tells Sameer about Rubel and Payal’s alliance. Sameer says you should tell them. Preeti says not now.

Sheela cries, Adi asks why you are crying as it is a happy thing. Anuj says you were worried about his wedding. Sheela says Rubel didn’t tell her that he is in love and everyone else knows about it. Anuj wonders how it happened. Adi says it happened during their marriage. Adi says Rubel said he love Payal. Anuj asks about Payal decision. Adi says nobody can say no to Chunna munna aka Rubel. Sheela says he is one in billion. Sheela agrees to the marriage. Sheela says we will go to Harish’s home and talk about the alliance. Adi says they will talk to Rubel. Sheela says she will talk to him.

Latika tells her mom that Rubel likes Payal 1 and Payal 2 loves Rubel. She says there is some confusion and she thinks she can get the information from someone by manipulating her. Rubel comes to Payal 1 and asks about her. She says she is fine. Rubel says he took off from office as Pankhudi asks her to take you for site seeing. Payal 1 says she says sorry and says needs to go as she has to meet Govardhan phuphaji. Rubel thinks to go to office. Payal thanks her. Sheela comes and asks her, why he is here? She says I am angry with you? You started loving Payal and didn’t tell me. Rubel says you need a chance to start the melodrama. Sheela gets happy. Sheela says we shall start the marriage arrangement. Rubel says don’t you think we are rushing? Sheela says what if her marriage is fix with someone else. She tells him to concentrate on love and she will take care of the rest. Rubel says I love you to sheela. Rubel wonders how to talk to Payal1.

Pankhudi tells Govardhan mama and mami that Rubel likes Payal 1. Adi calls her and says Sheela agrees for marriage. Pankhudi says she will tell Govardhan mama and mami. Adi disconnects the call. Pankhudi gives the news. kamina thinks to call Sheela but Govardhan says let them start the process. Pankhudi says she will leave now. Payal 1 comes and Pankhudi says everything will be fine. Govardhan mama asks about Rohit. Payal says he isn’t coming and says they will go and meet him. Mama agrees. Kamini says, why you want to meet Rohit. Govardhan says Payal’s happiness is important to them and he will meet Rohit.

Sheela tells Anuj that they shall meet her samdham. Kaira says she will also come. Anuj says we will wait for Pankhudi. Adi says he will call Pankhudi and asks her to come there. She thinks to take sweets with her. She goes to mall to get the sweet. Latika comes in her way and tries to manipulate her. She says she is happy for Rubel. Sheela asks her to be away from Rubel. She says she knows about his to be engagement to Payal sharma. Sheela tells her about Payal’s info. Rubel looks at Payal’s photo and smiles. he leaves for meeting. Adi asks Pankhudi to reach soon at his father’s place. Latika comes to the cabin and thinks to do something to create the confusion. She gets happy as she sees Rubel’s phone. She thinks she can create more confusion as there is two Payal.
Rubel is coming to take his mobile.

Latika says it will be fun. Rubel opens the door of his cabin and looks on.

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