Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi saying to Avantika that he brings Revathi for shopping. As Avantika and Pankhudi leaving, PKDH plays in the BG. Adi and Pankhudi looks at each other. Kapil thinks he have to know more about Kailash. Sameer comes and asks Kapil about Preeti. Kapil says Preeti went with Kailash. Sameer wonders Kailash in mumbai. Kapil thinks he hit the jackpot. Avantika tells Pankhudi that she feels good and charged up after the shopping. Avantika says she saw something in Adi’s eyes, as if he is hiding something. She says she is his mother and she will know the truth. Avantika says she will get the details from Sultanpur. Pankhudi calls Anuradha’s mobile but it is switched off. Anuradha searches for her phone in Chachiji’s house. As she is about to dial Pankhudi’s number, Chachiji comes and scolds her saying that you are thinking to cheat me. Anuradha says she is missing her mom, but Chachiji says she will send her to her mom. Anuradha asks her to have faith on her and says she wasn’t calling Pankhudi. Chachiji says she will give her another chance. Anuj tells Kapil that you might be feeling good after coming here. Kapil nods.

Anuj sees Rakhi’s on the shop and remembers his sisters. Kaira tells Adi that why he feel that Revathi is always scared. Adi says he have to talk to Revathi with love. Kaira says she was excited about the rakhi celebration but… Avantika calls Preeti and talk about something. Pankhudi comes and Avantika says she will not go to deewan mansion to tie the rakhi to Anuj bhaiyya. Pankhudi says she is not asking her to go and she will herself and could not stop herself. Sameer asks Preeti about the day at office. Preeti tells everything but doesn’t tell him about Kailash. Sameer wonders why Preeti didn’t tell him anything about Kailash coming to Mumbai.

Sheela asks Anuj to meet his sisters, but he says I will not force them. Sheela asks him to take the first step towards his sisters. Anuj leaves. Sheela prays to God that please unite brother with the sisters. Revathi ties the rakhi to Kapil and Chachiji gives him gift to be given to Revathi. Chachaji asks Kaira to tie the rakhi to her brothers. Kaira does the aarti of Rubel and Latika and ties the rakhi.

Kaira tells Rubel that I will take expensive gift from you. Rubel says I didn’t get a gift for you but I can get something for you. Kaira agrees. Adi sits for the Rakhi festival. Kaira thinks about Pankhudi. Chachiji asks her to go ahead as your bhabhi is not around. Kaira ties the rakhi. Kaira says you know what I want in gift. Adi caresses her cheeks.

Anuj leaves as his sister didn’t turn up for the function. Kaira tells Revathi to tie the rakhi to Adi. Revathi is shocked and speechless. Kaira says you will get another brother. Revathi asks do you accept Rakhi from me? Adi nods, Revathi ties him Rakhi and does the aarti. Revathi offers him sweets. Adi says he won’t have it. Kaira asks him to give gift to Revathi as she tied the Rakhi. Adi says if something is done with honestly then it is good. He tells Revathi that he promised her that he won’t force her to tell the truth. He asks her to be strong and he will be with her to protect her.
Kaira tells Adi that why you missed the chance to emotionally manipulate Revathi. Adi says he remembered Pankhudi’s sayings and Revathi will tell the truth herself. Revathi tells Anuradha that Adi didn’t force her to tell the truth. She says they are good people. Anuradha says if mom gets to know about it then…. Anuradha speaks against it. Revathi says she will tell the truth to Adi.

Adi says he learned to respect the relations from Pankhudi. Anuradha thinks she also wants the truth to come out but not at the cost of Revathi.

Revathi comes and tells Adi, she came to fulfill the relationship of a sister and says that you was right, will was tampered.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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