Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nafisa asking Ayesha to have food. Ayesha is upset and says she left Diwaan Mansion, as she knows nothing is important than Pankhudi. Nafisa says how will you explain yourself. Ayesha says Adi was never mine, why to claim him, I will be hurt. She says I m really happy seeing him happy, I love him and everything is sacrificed in love, I m also doing this. Nafisa says what now, shall we go Lucknow. Ayesha says not now, let Adi get his Pankhudi fine, then we will go. Nafisa says fine. Adi asks how can she go like this. Nani says we don’t know when she went. Adi tries calling her. The inspector comes and says I think I came on wrong time.

He says he has a request that till Pankhudi gets fine, we want her to be on police protection. Adi asks why, I did not ask anything yesterday. Avantika says I m sorry we did not tell you, someone kidnapped Pankhudi before. Adi is shocked as inspector tells him everything. Adi thinks he will always protect Pankhudi. The inspector says those people will be arrested soon. Adi says we will cooperate, thanks. Someone sees police outside the house and hides. The police leave. Nafisa asks the maid to clean kitchen well.

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Nafisa thinks to tell mum or not. She is shocked seeing Nilofer come back. Nilofer smiles and hugs her. Nafisa says she is fine. Nilofer says Avantika called me, and I came today as I could not come in function. Nilofer is shocked seeing Ayesha. Ayesha says she has to tell something. Nilofer asks what. Ayesha tells her everything. Avantika asks Adi to trust her. Shanky comes and says nurse is coming in some time. Adi says we will go to Nafisa’s home and meet Ayesha. How can she do this. Nilofer comes and says what can she do then, be here and keep crying.

She blames them. Avantika says Ayesha is like a family member, we were coming to take her. Nilofer asks what name will you give her, Adi’s mistress. Everyone is shocked. Nilofer asks for Ayesha’s rights. Nani says we understand your pain, this was unexpected. Harish says you should blame me, I brought Ayesha here and showed her dreams. He says Ayesha is like my daughter. Nilofer says you should have kept her here then. Adi talks to her and says your anger is justified, but we are with her, this is her family.

Nilofer says I can’t blame you, as you supported her always. Bau ji and Diwakar come. Nilofer says you all understand, I don’t have anything with Pankhudi, but I m a mother and I worry for Ayesha. Bau ji says he treats Ayesha and Pankhudi equally. He says we have accepted Ayesha by heart and such relations does not break. Avantika says Ayesha is our responsibility, we will fulfill her dreams and career. Nilofer gets angry as she is dealing. She says she will not take their money. Ayesha comes and stops Nilofer. Everyone look at her.

Ayesha says what are you doing, its game of fate, they are not to be blamed for this. She apologizes to everyone. Avantika asks how can she go like this. Adi says she has hurt him a lot. Ayesha says I m not annoyed, I just wanted Pankhudi not to get shock seeing me. Harish says you will always be my sunshine. Nilofer scolds them for fooling Ayesha. She says she will go to women organization and ask for justice. Sheela says second marriage is null if first wife is alive. Nilofer says I will see I get Ayesha’s rights. Ayesha says stop it Ammi. Ayesha defends Adi and his family. She says she got love from them and don’t tie my hands when its time to spread the love,

Nilofer faints. Adi holds her. Nilofer gets fine and everyone explain them that they will give equal rights to Ayesha. Nilofer thanks them and blesses Adi and Pankhudi. Ayesha says she won’t take any help from this house now. Nani scolds Ayesha and asks her not to go anywhere. Everyone smile. Adi talks to Nilofer and apologizes to her. Adi sees Ayesha upset. Pankhudi’s hand moves.

The inspector tells about people trying to harm Pankhudi. He says they can harm even Ayesha too thinking she is Pankhudi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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