Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th May 2013 Written Update

Adi gets a phone call from dadaji…dadiji believes that Pankhudi has already informed him about his birthday celebration…Adi is little shocked to hear that Pankhudi has already agreed to go for the party, but Adi agrees that he will attend the party…

Kaira room

Kaira is upset over her mother arranging a meeting with the boy’s family…Manan tries to calm her down but Kaira is over hyper….She wants drugs and Manan agrees to help her out one last time…

Mammi room

Mammi is upset with her daughter for cancelling the meeting.. Pankhudi enters and wants to tell Mammi what she saw but Mammi is distracted with Kaira behaviour…She seeks Pankhudi help as all her plans seem to work…Kaira enters and has calmed down…She tells her mother that she is ready to go shopping with her but will choose her own clothes…Her mother is happy when she agrees to see the boy… Manan enters and Mammi thanks him for convincing Kaira to go shopping and agreeing to see the boy… Manan apologises for interfering in family business but mammi dismisses it and invites him to come shopping with them… Pankhudi seems suspicious but keeps her thoughts to herself….

Adi manages to get leave from office to attend the party in Kulu

Adi/ Pankhudi house

Adi returns home but he seems still angry at Pankhudi for her betrayal…It seems the flowers have not done the trick yet… Pankhudi informs that she wont be working with the Dewans’ anymore… Pankhudi tries to tell about the party in kulu but Adi informs her that he already got the invitation and arranged a taxi for tomorrow… Pankhudi wonders how he got leave but Adi is in sarcastic mood, says that he would have found a way to go with or without permission…He further reminds Pankhudi that it was she who taught him that one should not hurt the person they love but he seems to remember the lesson, but Pankhudi has forgotten…

Later at night, Pankhudi tries to appease Adi but his mood is still foul and remains angry on Pankhudi….

In the morning, Adi is getting ready for work and tells Pankhudi to meet him at the airport… Pankhudi asks for the shortest route to the airport…Adi gets irritated and tells her to meet him at the office…

Neha meeting with Mammaji

Neha comes to meet with her mammaji and talk about their situation… Manan wants to live away from his family but Neha says that she never agreed to it…Mammaji says that they have not given such values of living apart to Neha and that it is Manan idea…He tells Neha to keep this information to herself..Neha agrees

Dewans’ Mansion

Mammiji is waiting for Kaira but she seems to have gone AWOL…She is worried that the boy’s family will arrive but no Kaira to greet them…Her DIL continues to spice the situation but Mammiji tells her if she has nothing nice to say, then keep quiet….It shuts her up….
Elsewhere, Pankhudi is looking for a rickshaw but is not able find one…She finds Kaira who seems to be in a drowsy condition…Mammiji calls Pankhudi and seeks her help to find Kaira….Mammiji apologises to Pankhudi for seeking her help especially since she has to go to Kulu but tells her that she has no one else to ask.. Pankhudi tells her that she will find Kaira…. Manan overhears the conversation and tells himself that he needs to find Kaira before Pankhudi as he does not want Pankhudi to suspect him of Kaira’s condition…

On the streets of Mumbai

Pankhudi decides to help mammiji and take Kaira home…She believes she has enough time to take Kaira home and meet Adi and go to the airport….She rushes to Kaira and tries to persuade Kaira to come with her…Adi in the meantime, is waiting for Pankhudi to come. (why she did not call Adi that she is running late, I would never know)…. Manan calls Kaira and convinces her to come home…With the help of Pankhudi, Kaira reaches home…

Dewans mansion

Mammiji is shocked with Kaira’s condition…. Pankhudi inquires about the boy’s family but mammiji tells that the boy had come and gone….She tells Pankhudi that he has convinced the boy to return tomorrow to see Kaira…Mammiji says that this boy is very good and under no circumstances she wants to lose him…. Pankhudi says that she wants to share something with Mammiji…She tells her that she will just call Adi about her whereabouts and will inform Mammiji… Pankhudi goes out to make a phone call…She is about to make a call but instead overhears Manan talking to someone over the phone how he convinced Kaira to leave the house earlier and that the boy’s family will be returning tomorrow and that he will make sure that this proposal will not go ahead… Pankhudi is shocked…

PRECAP: Pankhudi on the phone telling Adi that she is at Dewan’s place….She is about to tell him what has transpired but before she can explain Adi tells her to do what she wants but he is leaving for Kulu

Update Credit to: Sheena

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