Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilofer scolding her daughters. Ayesha says Adi saved my life and I can’t leave him like this. Nafisa takes her side. Ayesha s surprised. Ayesha says she is going to meet Adi now. Mama asks someone to find out Nilofer and her daughters. Bau ji asks him why is he doing this, is he believing Ghalib. Mama says no, but I want to be sure. He gets a call and is shocked knowing something. Nani thanks Rustam. He says I will make Adi fine, he is my responsibility. Nani says he is interesting. Harish says he is a good man. Harish tells her that I don’t want the truth to be out. Ayesha comes to them.

Harish says you went back one hour before and came back so soon. She says I thought to come to Adi. Harish hugs her and thanks her. She says don’t thank me, I will go and meet Adi. She comes to Adi and sees he is sleeping. She says Adi and thinks why is he not replying. She checks her heart beat. He wakes up and asks what are you doing. He holds her hand and jokes. He says sit near me please. Pyaar ka dard hai……………plays………….. He holds her face and smiles. She says I have to give you fruits, will bring. Adi says she got shy. Ayesha comes out and tells Nani that Adi is troubling her.

Mama comes and asks what did Adi do. Mama tells them that this girl is not Pankhudi. Everyone is shocked. Harish asks what are you saying. Mama says I found out her truth that she is Ayesha. He says Ghalib came to meet me in Kullu and he said he is Ayesha’s husband, but I did not trust him. Nani says he is a bad guy. Ayesha says I will not leave him, he is after me since my childhood. Mama says I know this, my men has found about you and your family. Harish says you are right, she is Ayesha.

Harish tells him everything how he brought Ayesha to make Adi come out of depression. Mama cries and holds his head being shocked. Harish consoles him as Mama’;s hopes have broken. Harish apologizes to him and says he did this for Adi and Avantika. Mama says don’t say sorry, what you did was to make Adi’s life better. He says don’t worry, I will hide this truth till you want. Harish thanks him. Mama blesses Ayesha. He says what you do for this family, we can’t return this favor, be happy. He leaves.

Ayesha comes to Adi and asks him not get up. Harish and Nani stop Adi. Adi says I want to go from here. Rustam says we make the patients ill, he is a young boy and can recover soon, no need to stay here. He says you can have medical facilities set up at home. Ayesha says you should keep him here for a week. Rustam asks them to take Adi and keep someone for full time care. Adi says Ayesha is there. Rustam says I will come everyday. Adi thanks Rustam. Bau ji asks what is the matter. Mama says nothing, I m tired. Bau ji says now you are lying to me, tell me.

Mama says nothing, I think where is our Pankhudi when I see Ayesha. Bau ji says Pankhudi will remember everything soon. Mama thinks how to tell you our Pankhudi will never come back. Adi is brought home on a wheel chair. Adi says I can walk. Sheela says I will make food for you. Everyone smile. Sheela says I have to make you fit and fine before Avantika comes. Adi asks her not to get emotional, I m fine. Harish says I think we should inform Avantika now. Adi says no, she will leave the conference and come here, I don’t want her to miss the big opportunity. Harish says who will bear her anger when she comes back. Sheela says I will manage it.

Mama meets Adi and asks him to get well soon and Bau ji went to temple to pray for him. Ayesha says I will take him to the room. Sheela asks her to go and meet her mum. Ayesha leaves. Adi turns and looks at her. She turns and looks at Adi. They smile. Ayesha comes to Nilofer and says Adi came home. Nilofer says I took the decision that we can’t wait here for much days. So you will come with me to Dubai, I saw a proposal for Nafisa. Nafisa is shocked. Nilofer says Adi is fine now and came home. Nafisa says why are you talking like this, I don’t have any problem, I m thinking for Ayesha. Nilofer says then explain her to think about her future. Shanky comes and says Adi is not taking medicines and is calling her. Ayesha says I m coming and leaves.

Ayesha comes to Adi and asks him to take the medicines. She scolds him and makes him have it. Nani says now you take rest, we will go. She asks Ayesha to stay. Adi says whole day? Sheela says I will also stay here. Nani says come, Ayesha is here. Sheela thinks how to leave Adi with Ayesha alone, Lord save my Adi. Ayesha asks what do you think seeing me. Sheela leaves. Ayesha thinks sorry Adi, I have to go with my mum, Allah gives you strength to live without Pakhi and forgive me to give you a wrong hope.

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