Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Avantika and Harish coming to meet Adi. Adi is shivering with fever, Avantika says sorry and says we will take you with us. Adi says I can’t go, I have to stay here. Avantika hugs him and says I am feeling helpless, I cant save my son today. Adi asks her not to cry and says I am fine. He says he will be alright soon. Chachiji tells kapil that something is brewing between Pankhudi, Anuradha and Revathi. Kapil says he would have slapped Pankhudi for the insult. He asks his mom, can’t she do anything about this wheelchair.Chachiji says she will send him to foreign for his treatment. She lies. Anuradha thanks Pankhudi for returning home. She says she is feeling confident. Pankhudi says since she came back, they will do all the work together. She asks

her to seek her help, if she needs anything. Adi says he feels relaxed, safe and protected when he is with his parents.

Harish says we will take you with us, he promises Adi. Adi cries. Avantika says you are always honest since childhood. She says your mom and dad will wait for you at this office. Harish asks him to have courage. Pankhudi recalls the happy moments spent with Adi while the PKDH songs playing in the background. She says we will make a new memories. Kaira asks her, why she didn’t have breakfast. She says she booked her tickets for Delhi to meet Adi. Nirmala says since it is Preeti’s first festival after marriage, she plans to keep it grandly. Sadanand says keep it simple as Preeti is going through a lot these days. Preeti thanks him for his thought. Nirmala asks him to prepare the idol. Sameer tells Preeti that Kailash called her, Preeti takes up the call and Kailash tells her that he came to Mumbai. Preeti says she will talk with him later.

Avantika informs Adi about Rubel’s hand in the fake note. Adi doesn’t believe it and says how can Rubel stoop so low. Pankhudi calls Avantika and talks with Adi. She asks about his well being. Adi replies that he can’t say the truth and if he lies, then she will caught his lie. Officer comes and says time is up. Harish tells him that Adi is speaking to his wife, but he says time is up. Harish tells Pankhudi that he will call her later.

Avantika caresses Adi emotionally and Harish tells him not to worry. Adi looks sad and miserable. Avantika says Adi had fever, Officer says he is having slight fever. Avantika says if my son is having any problem here, then the responsibility is yours. She says she knows law. Harish says sorry and thanks him for showing Adi to a doctor. Chachiji asks Shanky whether the breakfast is ready. Shanky tells pankhudi that breakfast is ready. Anuj tells them that Adi met with harish and Avantika today, and hopes everything will be alright soon. Latika says nothing can be good until Pankhudi stays at this house. Anuj asks her, where is she going with her luggage. She says she is leaving home. Sheela gets happy. Latika says she didn’t forget that Pankhudi was responsible for her miscarriage. Rubel comes and says you are not going anywhere. Latika says she lost her baby and wants justice for her baby.

Pankhudi says I am not responsible for whatever happened with you. She says she dont like the same thing repeating over again. She says she will asks the driver to drop her at her mother’s place. Anuradha says drop me as well, as I can’t stay at this house anywhere. Anuradha says if I stay here, then Pankhudi won’t allow me to stay here peacefully. She tells chachiji that Pankhudi asks her to go against her. Chachiji says what you said to my bahu. She asks Anuradha, Anuradha says Pankhudi asks me to help her. Chachaji asks Anuj to see. Pankhudi asks anuradha not to say lie. Latika says if you wants money, then take it, but please don’t force us to go from this house. Rubel asks Latika to stop and says how dare you to say all these things.

Anuj tells Pankhudi that if she don’t like chachaji’s family then go and stay with Avantika. Pankhudi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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