Pyaar Ka Afsana ~~ Qubool Hai (Episode 22)

Hey guys, I am back with new episodes after a long time. Sorry guys for making you wait for a long time. Happy reading !

Recap :- Story is after the death of Zoya and Asad. Dilshad flees from Bhopal with her 3 grandchildren- Sanam, Seher and Haya to Punjab. After 20 years , Sanam is running a Dhabba , Seher is about complete her graduation, Haya and Dilshad stitches clothes . Aahil and Rehaan comes to Punjab for a meeting. Aahil and Sanam gets into fight at their first meeting. Seher pranks on Rehaan as part of her Prank show. After Aahil and Sanam fights at her Dhabba , he burns her Dhabba . She too burns his  car , Aahil to get into trouble to go back. This make their life in crisis and then Sanam gets an offer to join a famous restaurant as chief . Everyone ask her to grab opportunity, thus Sanam goes to Bhopal. She meets Afeeza who become her best friend. Sanam visits the restaurant, but she get to know that she have to qualify certain test to get the job and it will take some time for final selection. She works a cab driver for a while. Sanam and Aahil meets again and they have major fight at husbands house . Sanam lose her job and she thinks that Aahil is behind her being fired from the job. Sanam qualifies first round for chief job. But she don’t have any job in hand  , then Dilshad , Seher and Haya comes to stay as their home at Punjab is lost. Afeeza happily accepts them. Then circumstances make Aahil help her when Dilshad falls ill and to repay his money she agrees to work under him. Aahil and Sanam never leaves any moment without fighting. Sanam and Rehaan becomes friends. Meanwhile , Seher meets  Rehaan few times outside office , she pretends to be Sanam . Sanam and Aahil continues their fights and light moments .  


Episode 22:-

Shocking allegations on Sanam !


Sanam is cutting vegetables angrily while Afeeza , Seher and Haya is looking her with confusion.

Sanam is not minding anyone . Afeeza looks Seher .

Afeeza – “Seher, It doesn’t seem like Sanam is cutting vegetables.It looks like she cutting a person into pieces “.

Seher – “ Sanam vents out her anger on vegetables when it is too much “.

Afeeza – “ Oho…  that means she had a fight with Aahil , today also “.

Haya keeps hand on head . Sanam pours oil in the pan and puts some mustard and curry leaves . Afeeza, Seher and Haya jumps backwards hearing its sound .

Seher – “ Sanam , my dear sister ! Control ! “.

Sanam – “ You guys leave , Iam okay “.

Afeeza – “ It is visible in your voice and action”.

Sanam takes a glass of water and drinks it. Seher and Afeeza keeps hands on Sanam’s shoulder. 

Seher – “ Sanam, why are you getting affected with such silly things”.

Afeeza – “ Sanam, you are over reacting “.

Sanam – “You guys don’t know anything.  That person is trying to irritate me in every way possible. He was appreciating everyone and he was looking me in between like mocking me. And he scolded me for something I never did . And he is blaming me for our fights “.

Afeeza and Seher looks Sanam with sad face and they start to laugh .

Sanam- “ You guys are also mocking me !”.

Seher keeps her hand over Sanam’s shoulder. And she takes her along with her  while Haya and Afeeza follows them.



Seher – “ My dear , What happened to you ? Why are you getting bothered by such silly things ? You have changed “.

Sanam – “ No. I haven’t changed. You won’t understand until you are at my position “.

Seher finds Sanam upset . Afeeza and Haya  tickles Sanam . They tries to cheer up Sanam. Then Sanam remembers that curry is still on stove , she runs to check it out . Afeeza looks on .

After dinner , Afeeza takes Sanam out for a night walk in their compound.

Afeeza – “ Sanam, did you expected Aahil to compliment you ?”

Sanam – “ No.. nothing like that . But I got irritated by his gestures that’s it “.

Afeeza – “ Okay. So you are getting irritated because he is not recognizing your efforts , right ?”

Sanam – “ Yeah .. a sort of. Tell me if you were in my place won’t you feel the same ? “.

Afeeza – “Yes. But I think Aahil is not that bad .  I think he is doing such things to bridge the gap between both of you “.

Sanam – “ What ? Your analysis is wrong . He is doing all this to fight with me . That’s it “.

Aahil’s house .

Aahil is in his room. He is thinking about Sanam.

Aahil – “ Why is she behaving like this ? In morning, I was trying to compliment her but she wasn’t giving me time . Over that she was complaining about me to Rehaan . Sometimes she has lots of attitude, … or if I am taking everything in the wrong sense . First Rehaan use to tell me that she is not much problematic , now Ruchika too had same opinion. Is it my problem?”

He thinks.

Next day ,

Aahil gets up early and sits on the bed thinking about Sanam . Then he hears a knock on his door.

Aahil – “ Come in “.

Sanam comes in with coffee . He looks her . She gives him coffee. He takes it . She turns to leave.

Aahil – “ Sanam , please stop “.

Sanam stops and turns to him. He looks her.

Aahil- “ Sanam, Iam Sorry for yesterday. It’s my mistake. I shouldn’t have scolded you without knowing the matter”.

Sanam – “ Its Okay. Even I got angry and spoken rudely to you “.

Aahil- “ Its Okay , Leave it . By the way , yesterday you looked nice “.

Sanam – “ Thank you “.

Aahil – “Let’s not fight anymore “.

Aahil smiles at her and she smiles back.

But then Aahil hears a knock on the door . He then looks around and doesn’t see anyone. He realizes that it was his dream. He scratches his head.

Aahil – “ Come in “.

He looks down and then looks up seeing the coffee mug with a smile on his face. Then he gets shocked seeing her.

Aahil – “ Lateef !! What are doing here ? “.

Lateef- “ Aahil Baba , I came here to give you coffee”.

Aahil – “ But , Where is Sanam ?”

Lateef – “ She is in the kitchen, she send me to give you coffee “.

Aahil – “ What is she doing there ?”

Lateef – “ She is making breakfast”.

Aahil – “ Okay fine . You can leave “.

Lateef leaves. Aahil gets into thinking.

Aahil – “ She is doing all this to ignore me. Let me see how long she is going to do this “.

Sanam is standing in the kitchen. Just then Nazia comes in.

Sanam – “ Good morning, Nazia “.

Nazia – “ Good morning, Sanam . But this morning makes me tensed “.

Sanam – “ What happened? “

Nazia – “ Today , I have a seminar . Iam tensed “.

Sanam – “ Have something sweet before the seminar . Tell me , what you like in sweets category?”.

Nazia – “ I like chocolate pudding. I will have it on the way to college “.

Sanam – “ Give me some time, I will make it for you before you go to college “.

Nazia – “ Its Okay , don’t take trouble for that “.

Sanam – “ I don’t have any trouble. You go and get ready . I will prepare it “.

Nazia – “ Thank you”.

Sanam looks out for ingredients. Then Lateef comes in.

Sanam – “ It is good that you came Lateef “.

Lateef – “ Why ?”

Sanam – “ I need some ingredients”.

Lateef – “ For what?”

Sanam – “ For making chocolate pudding“.

Lateef – “ For Aahil baba ?”

Sanam  – “ No… for Nazia “.

Lateef – “Okay , I will get you whatever you need “.

Lateef helps Sanam and gives her things she ask for . Just then Shazia comes inside while Sanam is making Chocolate pudding. She goes near to Lateef .

Shazia – “ Lateef , what is she making ?”

Lateef – “ Chocolate pudding for Nazia beti “.

Shazia – “ Oho.. she will make it only for Nazia ?”

Sanam – “ If you like it then I can make it for you too “.

Shazia – “ Then add some walnuts in it too , but it should be powered . But don’t add it in Nazia’s pudding “.

Sanam- “ Okay “.

Sanam prepares it . Then she goes to keep ironed shirt in Aahil’s room . Aahil see her . But Sanam doesn’t mind him

and she turns to leave.

Aahil – “ Sanam !”

Sanam stops . Aahil walks towards her.

Sanam – “ Do you need anything ?”

Aahil –  “ Why are doing like this ?”

Sanam – “ So we don’t end up fighting. Why waste time and energy?”

Aahil gets irritated. Sanam leaves .

Aahil (thinks) – “ She is showing too much of attitude “.

She takes out the chocolate pudding and keeps it on the tray. She takes it to Nazia’s  room. Shazia is sitting inside on the bed checking her phone . Sanam knocks on the door .

Shazia – “ Come in “.

Sanam looks out for Nazia . Shazia notices it .

Shazia – “ Why are you looking around ?”

Sanam – “ Where is Nazia ?”

Shazia – “ She is our grandmother’s room . You keep it on the table . She willl have it once she is back “.

Sanam – “ Okay. Bowl on Left side is your with walnut , and the one on the right side of the tray is Nazia’s without walnut “.

Shazia nods her head while checking her phone .

Shazia – “ Yeah Fine . You leave now “.

Sanam leaves .  Shazia takes the bowl kept for Nazia unknowingly as she is busy with her phone. Shazia begins to have it while watching a video on the phone.Then Nazia comes in and takes the bowl with walnut .

Sanam keeps Aahil breakfast ready on the dining table. Aahil comes there and sits.

Sanam serves him and he looks her . She doesn’t look him .

Aahil – “ Sanam “.

Sanam – “ Do you need anything?”

Aahil – “ Why are you behav…, “.

Before Aahil could complete his words, he hears Shazia calling out for him from upstairs. Sanam and Aahil looks up hearing her call.

Shazia – “ Bro Jaan .. Nazia is welling uneasy ..”.

Aahil gets up runs towards the upstairs. Sanam follows him too.

In room,

Nazia is struggling to breathe and Shazia is standing near her in  tension . Aahil comes in and gets shocked. Aahil goes near to her . Sanam gets shocked seeing Nazia’s condition.

Aahil (to Shazia ) – “ What happened?”

Shazia – “ I don’t know, she was having chocolate pudding and she started to cough . Then she started to feel unease “.

Aahil – “ Lateef , call the doctor “.

Sanam – “ Nazia , did anything got stuck in your throat ? Or did you talk while eating ?”

Nazia nods ‘No’.  Aahil gets nervous. Shazia then remembers telling Sanam to add walnut in her pudding.

Aahil – “ Did you had anything else ?”

Shazia – “ It happened all because of this Sanam .. maybe the pudding had walnut “.

Aahil – “ What ? Walnut ! Why did you had it Nazia ? Don’t you know you are allergic to it”.


Sanam gets shocked.

Sanam – “ If its the case of allergy .. Shazia , do she have any medicine for that ?”

Nazia – “ Yes .. it’s in my room… In my draw “.

Sanam runs to Nazia’s room and gets the medicine box and comes to room .

She opens and shows the medicines to Nazia . Nazia points to a medicine. Sanam gives it to her . Nazia have it. She starts to feel better but feels tired. Aahil makes her lie on the bed. Then doctor comes in. Doctor checks her . He gives her an injection.

Aahil – “ How is she ?”

Doctor – “ She is Okay . It was good that she took medicine on time . I have given her an injection. It’s due to her allergy she had that breathing problem . Nothing to worry . She will be okay after taking some rest for a while”.

Aahil – “ Thank you , Doctor “.

Doctor leaves. Aahil gets angry.

Aahil – “ Lateef , How can you be so careless ? Don’t you know that Nazia is allergic to walnuts , then why did you added them to her pudding ?”

Lateef – “ Aahil baba, I didn’t made that pudding . Sanam made it “.

Aahil looks Sanam angrily. Sanam gets tensed.

Sanam – “ Please listen to me first , I didn’t add walnut in Nazia’s pudding “.

Aahil – “ How did it came in the pudding if you didn’t added them ?”

Shazia – “ Everything happened because her carelessness only “.

Sanam – “ How can you blame me like this ?”

Aahil – “ Why did you cook for Nazia when you don’t know about her health issues?”

Sanam – “ Its true that I wasn’t aware that Nazia is allergic to walnut. But I didn’t add walnut in Nazia’s pudding, when Shazia  told me not to add it . I had clearly told Shazia which one has walnut and which didn’t “.

Shazia  – “ She didn’t told me anything”.

Sanam – “ How can you lie like this ?

Aahil – “ Why would Shazia let her sister suffer ? Sanam , you should have been careful. By the way, it seems like you have habit of doing this that you need not do “.

Sanam – “ You have made your mind that you will only blame me for everything. I can’t help it “.

Shazia – “ See, Bro jaan.. Iam warning you , one day this girl will make your fall into trap “.

Sanam goes from there being angry. Aahil gets confused. Shazia worries.

Shazia (thinks) – “ I hope Bro jaan doesn’t has any doubt on me . If he gets to know it was my mistake, he won’t forgive me”.

Aahil goes to his room after seeing Nazia okay.

Sanam is standing near the car . She is upset .

Sanam (thinks) – “ I am fed up, I wish I had some money in my hand . Then I would have given him that money and left this job “.

Aahil is coming towards the car. While walking he keeps on thinking.

Aahil (thinks) – “ Why is everything getting complicated? What I thought and what happened? “.

Sanam see him and gets angry . Aahil notice this . Sanam gets into the car and closes her door as Aahil comes near. Aahil stands in shock.

Aahil – “ What is this !! “.

Aahil gets in. Sanam ignores him. Sanam starts to drive. They reach Aahil’s office. Aahil goes inside the building and Sanam goes to park the car in the parking spot. As Aahil reaches his cabin. He gets a call from someone. After sometime, Sanam reach office floor, as she enters she notices staffs looking her silently and their faces aren’t pleasant. Sanam finds it weird. A staff tells Sanam that Aahil has asked her to meet him. Sanam goes to his cabin. Aahil looks her sternly.

Aahil – “ I thought that you are sincere in work. But you turned out to be crooked and cunning. How could you do this to my company?”

Sanam- “What did I do ?”

Aahil gets up being furious. Sanam gets shocked.

Aahil – “ What have you done ? You have leaked an important document of our company and you given bad statement about me that too for some money. Because of this we have lost the contract we cracked few days ago “.

Sanam – “ I haven’t done anything, don’t accuse me for a thing I haven’t done “.

Aahil – “ No Theif does confess that he/she have done a theft even if they are caught. I know you did this not only for money but for taking revenge from me , right ?”

Sanam – “ I don’t lie and I don’t know what you are talking about . Can you do me favor by revealing the matter clearly ? So that I can atleast know for what am I being accused of !”

Aahil switched on the TV and he keeps a news channel.

In the channel, a reporter is talking about Aahil .

Reporter – “ Is Aahil Raza Ibrahim is a molester ? A girl , named Ruby has claimed that Aahil Raza Ibrahim has cheated by giving her false marriage promise and has left her when she got pregnant . Yesterday ,he has tried to threaten her “.



Sanam is shocked to see the news.

Sanam (our of shock) – “ She isn’t one with whom you travelled that night in my taxi !!! “.

Aahil gets surprised hearing that from Sanam.

Aahil – “ What ? So you were that cab driver ?”

He looks her in confusion. Sanam stands silently. He remembers that night . 

(Junoon Tere Ishq ka small part played in bg)

Then back to news channel. A video is shown on the news.

Reporter- “ Even Aahil’s P.A state that Aahil’s character isn’t good and he have many girlfriends. And uses his family status and powers to settle every dirty deeds”.

Video is played.

Ruby is shown to be driving the car and Sanam is sitting next to her .

Ruby – “ I wasn’t aware that Aahil have multiple affairs. He has become rude too . He gets angry on you too?“.

Sanam – “ Yeah.., sometimes but .., “

Ruby – “ I know , he gets rude to girls if his ego gets hurt “.

Sanam’s side view . Ruby is focus.

Sanam – “ Yes, He has big ego .. he is really rude “.

Ruby – “ He have many girlfriends, right ?”

Sanam – “ Yes, Ofcourse.. he changes girlfriends like clothes . He is really cheap, what can I do ? He is boss and my fate I have to bear all such scolding and harassments “.

Sanam’s eyes widens in shock . Aahil looks her sternly.

Scene freezes.

Precap :-  Sanam and Aahil having a heated conversation. Rehaan is standing in tension.

Sanam – “ I won’t apologize for something, I haven’t done . I won’t leave until I prove my innocence “.

Aahil – “ You will fail and your over confidence will break into pieces “.

They look each other angrily. Rehaan looks them helplessly.

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    Sanam is her place anyone will be angry with
    Aahil.afeeza’s judgement could be right.aahil may be doing this to bridge gap between them. I liked aahil too getting confident about his judgement on sanam.surprising that aahil not only gave compliment but also told sanam that they should not fight anymore.alleegy scene was shocking.sad that sanam was misunderstood again by aahil.shocking that Ruby sanam video got telecast on tv.who did it?Ruby?now aahil might be angry with sanam again.sad.perfect pics.

    1. Adhu

      Thank you. Aahil complimenting her was a dream sequence. Ruby- Sanam video track will bring some changes . 😊

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