Pyaar ka Afsana ~~ Qubool Hai (Episode 21)

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Episode 21:-

Sanam’s new look!

Next day , Morning.

Sanam is getting ready to leave for Aahil’s house. She wears one of the dress purchased . Seher gets up and see this.

Seher – “ You are wearing this today !”.

Sanam – “ Rehaan called me and told me that there is a meeting today with some client . So I worn this “.

Seher – “ It suits you … but it’s not the way you carry this . I can help to make your look perfect “.

Sanam – “ Iam good like this “.

Seher  – “ Iam not going to obey you this time”.

Seher jumps out  from the bed and goes to Sanam . Seher doesn’t give a heed when Sanam resist for her help.

Seher changes her look . Sanam looks herself in mirror and makes puppy face.

Seher – “ Now you look perfect .. Ms.Sanam Azad Ahmed Khan . By the way , I won’t mind taking thanks from you without any hesitation . It’s tax free”.

Sanam – “ I look like something else “.

Afeeza comes and see them both.

Afeeza – “ Where is Sanam ? Now it seems like Iam seeing 2 Seher . But Sanam you look awesome “.

Sanam- “ But Iam feeling odd”.

Seher – “ My dear Sis , just be confident “.

Afeeza – “ Yeah , Seher is right !”.

Dilshad and Haya see Sanam .


Dilshad – “ Haye… Sanam ! You look different and it’s nice “.

Haya signs that Sanam looks awesome.

Sanam smiles with confused face .

Sanam goes to Aahil’s house. As Sanam steps in . Lateef and Nazia see her and they gets surprised.

Nazia- “ Good morning, Sanam “.

Sanam – “ Good morning “.

Lateef- “ Wah .. Sanam. You are looking different!”

Nazia – “ This style suits you “.

Sanam – “ Thank you “.

Sanam goes in and does her normal chores. Sanam goes to Aahil’s room with coffee . Aahil gets up and see Sanam . He see her and gets surprised. He rubs his eyes and look her again. He stares at Sanam. Sanam finds it weird.

Sanam – “ What ?”

Aahil nods his head signing ‘Nothing’.


Sanam keeps his coffee on the table and she leaves. Aahil takes the coffee mug and his eyes is on Sanam . Aahil is surprised seeing in her that dress .

Aahil doesn’t say anything to Sanam . Sanam just mind her business. Aahil gets into car. Sanam drives the car. Aahil looks Sanam in between but he looks at other side when she is about to notice.

Aahil (thinks) – “ I hope she didn’t saw me looking her “.

Sanam(thinks) – “ Was he looking me ? Why would he look me ? “.

They reach office. Aahil gets down. Sanam follows him . They gets into office.

Everyone at office looks her and gets impressed. Everyone smiles at her and she gets surprised.

Aahil notices this and smiles. But Sanam doesn’t notice it. Sanam goes inside his cabin .

Rehaan comes to office and walks towards Aahil’s cabin.

Aahil- “ Sanam “.

Sanam – “ Yes Sir “.

Aahil – “ You have to make report on today’s meeting. Include every minute details “.

Sanam – “ Okay “.

Aahil – “ By the way , you loo… “.

Rehaan knocks on the door and opens it .

He stands there .

Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai , can I Come in ?”

Aahil – “ Come in , Rehaan . Don’t  be so formal , Man “.

Rehaan – “ Good morning “.

Aahil – “ Good morning “

Then Rehaan notices Sanam . He gets surprised.

Rehaan – “ Sanam , you look great in this attire “.

Sanam – “ Thank you “.

They exchange smile with each other infront of Aahil . Aahil looks to other side .

Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai , Presentation is ready “.

Aahil  – “ Okay .. have you done the changes ?”.

Rehaan – “ Yes “.

Aahil gives a notepad and pen to Sanam . Sanam takes it.  Aahil looks at Rehaan.

Aahil –  “ You can head towards the conference room. I will come now “.

Rehaan and Sanam goes . Aahil looks on seeing Sanam leaving .

Aahil- “ Where are you going ?”

Sanam and Rehaan turns back to him being confused.

Sanam – “ Conference hall “.

Rehaan – “ What happened , Aahil bhai ? You only asked to go ?”.

Aahil- “ Yes, But when did I asked you to leave.. Sanam?”

Sanam- “ Oho .. I thought “.

Aahil- “ Actually Sanam … “.

Aahil then notice that Rehaan standing there. Sanam

Aahil- “Rehaan , you can go “.

Rehaan – “ Okay Aahil bhai “.

Rehaan goes with a smile. Sanam stands there. Aahil looks her.

Sanam – “ What is the matter? You were saying something “.

Aahil  – “ Yeah … I thought to say that in the morning itself . Today , when you brought coffee… “.

Sanam – “ I forgot to say your coffee had less coffee powder , your brand was over . So that’s the reason why it was light “.

Aahil- “ What ? Is it ?”

Sanam- “ Didn’t you felt so ? I thought you were saying about that  “.

Aahil- “ No… It’s okay . I was talking about something else “.

Sanam – “ Okay”.

Aahil- “ You look… “.

Aahil see her looking her watch . He feels like she is ignoring him.

Aahil- “ What are you doing?”

Sanam- “ I was checking the time. I think we are getting late “.

Aahil (murmurs) – “ Why is she like this ? When I am saying something she is busy in her world “.

Sanam – “ What were you saying? Did I made any mistake? “.

Aahil (irritated) – “ Nothing , you may leave . Go to the conference hall , isn’t meeting important?“.

Sanam – “ Okay “.

She leaves immediately. Aahil gets irritated.

Sanam goes to conference hall . Rehaan see her coming towards him.

Rehaan(excitedly) – “ What did he said ? “

Sanam – “ Nothing.. he was trying to say something but he stopped. Then wasted my  time “.

Rehaan – “ Oho … really? Leave it .., what is the reason behind today’s getup change ?”.

Sanam – “ Today’s meeting and Our Boss !”.

Rehaan- “ Really ?”.

Sanam – “ Yes.. he asked me to wear such formal dresses for official meetings “.

Rehaan – “Oho… you look great in the dress. Who selected it ? “.

Sanam – “ He did it “.

Rehaan – “ What ? Aahil bhai , selected it for you ?”.

Sanam  – “ Yes… he did it as if I don’t know to select anything “.

Rehaan – “ Sanam , Iam sure he did it in a right sense .. don’t take it another way. He does it for very few people for whom he cares for “.

Sanam gets surprised. Rehaan smiles and looks her.

Rehaan – “ What did he said about your new look ? Did he appreciate?”

Sanam – “ Nothing….he  and appreciation !! Why would he appreciate me ? His ego will get hurt ! “.

Aahil hears it as he enters the conference room. He stops at the doorstep. He gets angry . He looks them but they doesn’t see.

Rehaan – “ What are you saying? He doesn’t have any ego issues on appreciating anyone. You will understand it with time “.

Sanam – “ By the way, he has a confusing personality. I don’t understand him “.

Aahil knocks on the door. Sanam and Rehaan looks back and see him. Aahil pretends as if he hasn’t heard them. He enters.

Aahil – “ Where are others ?”

Rehaan – “They are coming, Aahil Bhai “.

Aahil- “Okay . I will be back in few minutes. Rehaan , just get ready with the presentation “.

Rehaan – “ Yeah “.

Aahil looks Sanam and leaves. After sometimes, everyone comes to the conference room.

The Clients comes inside with Aahil.

Sanam takes her notepad to note the important points of the meeting.

Aahil looks Sanam and then looks the client .

Aahil- “ Mr.Shah , you look handsome “.

Mr.Shah – “ Thank you, Mr. Aahil Raza Ibrahim “.

Aahil- “ Let’s start the meeting “.

Mr.Shah – “ Yeah sure “.

Aahil looks Sanam . Sanam finds it weird. She looks back to the notepad. Meeting begins . Rehaan gives the presentation, Aahil gives explanations to client . Sanam is busy with noting down all the details. Aahil looks Sanam in between the meeting. But Sanam doesn’t notice it.  Meeting gets over. Mr.Shah gets impressed with Aahil’s ideas. He gives the deal to Aahil. Mr.Shah leaves. Aahil calls everyone to conference room .

Aahil – “ Happy news guys, we have got this deal .. Now we need to work hard “.

Everyone becomes happy and applauds.

Everyone resume to their work. Aahil see Sanam standing near some staffs. Aahil goes to them.

Aahil- “ Hey , Vani.. you look gorgeous today “.

Vani – “ Really, Thank you “.

Aahil – “ You are glowing these days “,

Vani – “ Oho Sir, You notice everything ! “.

Aahil- “ By the way, Zeenat you look great in blue “.

Aahil looks Sanam in between as if he wanted her to hear . Sanam looks other side. She doesn’t mind him. She sits near Rehaan . She is busy in making report.

Aahil (thinks) – “ What was she saying to Rehaan ? I don’t know to appreciate anyone”.

Sanam (thinks) – “ One can’t change from their original state.. See, How he is flirting with his staffs ? “.

Rehaan (thinks) – “ What happened to Aahil bhai ? Why Iam feeling like he is faking ?”.

Aahil then comes near Rehaan and looks him.

Aahil- “ Rehaan, you look handsome “.

Rehaan – “ Thank you , Aahil bhai . Didn’t you notice Sanam ?”,

Aahil gets surprised. Sanam looks Rehaan with her eyes widened. Rehaan smiles.

Aahil – “What is so special?”

Aahil controls his smile and pretends to be normal. Sanam understands that he is doing everything purposely.

Rehaan- “ Sanam has changed her… “,

Sanam(interrupts) – “ Nothing special… Rehaan , let’s do work “.

Aahil- “Rehaan, someone has turned responsible in work. Tell them that what you say should reflect in the work “.

Sanam sits silent being irritated. Rehaan looks Aahil. Aahil leaves . Staffs goes back to their own seats.

Rehaan – “ Sanam , you are upset that he ignored you ?”.

Sanam – “ What ? I don’t care if he ignore  , but he is making fun of me that’s what irritate me ! “.

Rehaan – “ Okay Leave it .. let’s work on the report “,

They work on it . Sanam prepares it and shows it to Rehaan . He helps her and gives her some tips . Rehaan smiles at her.

Sanam – “ Thank you , Rehaan “.

Rehaan – “ Sanam, you are really interesting character”.

Sanam – “ Why do you think so ?”

Rehaan – “ You are straight forward , fearless , and hardworking. Special thing is that you are not afraid of anyone when you want to state your point “.

Sanam – “ I don’t know if Iam interesting or not. But I just react to actions . In a way , Life experiences mould our character . But I must say this Rehaan , you are really nice person. Iam happy that we are working in same office, otherwise it would have been really tough for me “.

They smile at each other. Sanam gets up and goes to Aahil’s cabin.

Sanam gives the report to Aahil. Aahil reads it and gets surprised. Sanam waits for his reaction. He looks her suspiciously.

Aahil- “ You prepared it ?”

Sanam – “ Yes. Didn’t you asked me to do so ?”

Aahil- “ Yes. Report can … “.

Sanam – “ Be better, right ?”

Aahil – “ Yeah, How did you understood it ?”

Sanam – “ Sir, I was sure that you would never give me any compliment more than this “.

Aahil – “ What do you think about yourself? Why are you so judgemental ?”.

Sanam – “ I think we should stop this conversation here otherwise we will have a  fight . Sir, should I make any change in the report ? If not , what should I do next “.

Aahil – “ I don’t want to waste my time, you won’t change . I will deal with you some other day , why make my day worse for you? I have marked some parts in this report, just make it precise “.

Sanam – “ Okay Sir “.

Aahil gives her the report and she takes it . She is about to leave but Aahil stops her.

Aahil – “ Sanam , sit here and complete it . You need not go out “.

Sanam comes back and sits on the chair opposite to his table. Sanam reads it and thinks . She works on the report. Aahil is working on his laptop. He looks her in between. He see her doing her work sincerely. A smile comes on his face seeing her. Sanam turns her head in between and she see Aahil looking . He turns his head to other side .

Sanam (thinks)- “ I know you  were checking whether Iam doing my work . Maybe checking for finding out some error so that he can scold me “.

Aahil (thinks) – “ Akad bahut hain par mehnati hain yeh ladki ( She has lot of pride but hardworking one ) “.

Sanam completes her work . Aahil approves it. Sanam goes to canteen area . She comes there with her lunch box and she gets to see Rehaan sitting alone in a table. Rehaan signs her to join him. She goes to him and sits near him.

Rehaan- “ So you are done with your report”.

Sanam – “ Yes “.

Rehaan- “ Everything will be alright with time . I was waiting for you “.

Sanam- “ Okay, here is a reward “.

She opens her lunchbox . She shows it to Rehaan.

Sanam – “ Malai Kofta, I made it . Why don’t you try it ?”

Rehaan – “ Wow.. I love Malai kofta . Ofcourse , I will have it “.

They share food with eachother. They talks friendly . Aahil passes by and get to see this . He stops there and looks them.

Aahil (thinks) – “ How did they became friends in such a short time? She know to behave well with others but not with me “.

Aahil goes out . Sanam and Rehaan completes lunch.

Rehaan- “ Sanam , your hands have magic “.

Sanam – “People in Punjab use to say this when they have food from my Dhabba….”.

Sanam becomes sad remembering Aahil burning it . Rehaan understands reason behind her sadness.

Rehaan – “ Sanam, I know Aahil bhai did wrong by destroying your dhabba. Sometimes everything happens for a reason. Fate is unpredictable, we don’t know what is there in store for us”.

Sanam  – “True”.

Sanam  gets to see a lady going towards Aahil’s cabin. Lady is in a formal dress. Sanam goes to her and stands infront of her.

Sanam- “Madam, can I know who are you ?”

Lady – “ Ruchika Verma , Iam Aahil’s Friend. I came to see him “.


Sanam – “ Okay, But he is not inside. He has gone out “.

Ruchika Verma – “ Okay , I will wait in the reception “.

Sanam – “ If you want you can wait inside his cabin “.

Ruchika Verma – “ Its Okay . I will wait in the reception area “.

Ruchika Verma waits in the reception area.Sanam calls Aahil but he doesn’t pick the call. Sanam gets into her work.

After sometimes, Aahil comes back and gets to see Ruchika Verma in the reception area. He walks to her and she gets up.

Aahil- “ Hey, Ruchika. You here ! What a surprise! “.

Ruchika –  “ Hai Aahil. I came back  from Singapore yesterday, so I thought to surprise you “.

Aahil – “Why are you sitting here ?”

Ruchika Verma- “ Your staff told me that you have gone out so I thought to wait here “.

Aahil – “ Which staff ?”

Ruchika – “ I forgot to ask her name . I haven’t seen her before “.

Just then Sanam pass by .  Ruchika points her.

Ruchika – “ She is the one “.

Aahil see Sanam and calls her out . Sanam goes to him .

Aahil – “ Sanam , How can you be so careless ? Do you know who she is?”.

Sanam – “ I don’t know , she told me that she is your friend “.

Aahil – “ Ruchika Verma is top fashion designer who owns a international fashion brand . And you made her wait in the reception. Why didn’t you ask her to wait in my cabin. Wearing formal dress and changing getup won’t bring any sense to anyone”.

Sanam fumes in anger . But she remains silent.

Ruchika – “ Aahil , Why are you scolding her ? She is not at fault . She asked me to wait inside your cabin. But it was me who decided to wait for you here “.

Aahil feels bad realizing his mistake. Sanam looks him angrily.

Aahil – “ Ruchika , let’s go inside my cabin”.

Aahil and Ruchika goes to his cabin. Sanam goes to canteen. Sanam sits on chair with a pen and paper. She vents out her anger by scribbling on the paper. Rehaan see her scribbling on paper . Rehaan goes to her.

Rehaan-  “ Sanam , What happened?”

Sanam – “ Let me sit alone for sometime. Iam really angry. Your Aahil Bhai is hell bent to have a fight with me . If I say something against him , you will defend him. I don’t want to fight with you “.

Rehaan – “ Okay fine, if you want to sit alone . If you want vent out your anger , you can do that with me . Continue with your lonely time “.

In Aahil’s cabin,

Aahil- “ Ruchika , How came you remembered me ?”

Ruchika Verma- “ Aahil ! “.

Aahil – “ What ?”

Ruchika Verma- “ Aahil , you never change . I came to remind you about my brand campaign you are going handle after 2 months “.

Aahil – “ See, I knew it . You came here for business purpose only . Do remember about our friendship !”

Ruchika Verma- “ I wanted to remind you , But I came here to see my friend “.

Aahil – “ Liar !”

Ruchika Verma- “ Aahil ! “.

Aahil – “ Okay fine “.

Ruchika Verma- “ But you have became impulsive . Why did you scold your staff, Sanam ? That too when she was not wrong at all “.

Aahil looks to other side . Ruchika bangs on the table. He looks her back .

Ruchika Verma- “ Very rude behavior “.


Aahil- “ Okay .. it happened “.

Ruchika Verma(sarcastically) – “ What a nice reason?”

Aahil looks her and give her a naughty smile .

Ruchika Verma leaves . Aahil calls Sanam to his cabin . Sanam goes inside being furious. Aahil is about to say something but stops seeing her looking him with anger . Sanam is staring at him.

Aahil- “ Why are you staring at me like this ?”

Sanam – “ Nothing “.

Aahil – “ Actually I thought you told her to wait in the reception.. that’s the reason why I scold you“.

Sanam clinches her fist to control her anger. She then turns her head to other side. Aahil gets irritated with Sanam’s silence.

Aahil – “ Iam talking to you and your are looking to other side . Why are you silent ?”

Sanam – “ Because I don’t want to talk to you . It would be better that you use some common sense “.

Aahil – “ This is what I don’t like in you “.

Sanam – “ Iam like this . I won’t change for anyone. I don’t want you to like me “.

Aahil (thinks) – “ Rude .. “.

Sanam (thinks) – “ Arrogant”.

Precap :-  Next day, Sanam is standing in Aahil’s cabin. Aahil is angry .

Aahil – “ I thought that you are sincere in work. But you turned out to be crooked and cunning. How could you do this to my company?”

Sanam – “ I haven’t done anything, don’t accuse me for a thing I haven’t done “.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Aahil’s eyes on sanam.that was cute.what was aahil trying to tell sanam?was it about her dressing n looks?sanam was not letting him say anything.but just to prove that he knows to give compliments he was giving compliments to everyone excluding sanam.he should have given compliment to sanam to prove that.aahil is wondering how sanam became friends with rehaan soon n is rude only with him.why can’t he understand that its bcz he is rude to her?ruchika’s entry was surprising.i liked ruchika supporting sanam n blaming aahil.will ruchika fall for aahil?I hope she doesn’t turn negative.rehaan sanam scene was nice.seeing his over sweetness with sanam I doubt whether he will fall for her.i hope he will fall for zeher only.again saahil are fighting in the end.perfect pics.

    1. Adhu

      Thank you. Ruchika Verma is a positive character for now . Don’t worry about fights between Aahil and Sanam , But it will help them.

  2. Kifu

    Very very superbb…but missing seher shayari..☺️☺️

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