Pyaar ka Afsana ~~ Qubool Hai ( Episode 17)


 Episode 17:-

Seher has came with a surprise!

Seher rings the bell and Sanam opens the door. Sanam becomes happy seeing Seher .

Seher – “ Iam back !”

Sanam – “Will you stand there or come inside ?”

Seher gets a smell and she tries to find out what is it.

Seher – “ Iam getting a nice smell .. so my idea worked out !! “.

Sanam – “Come in, now “.

Seher gets in and Sanam takes her bag from Seher. Seher goes to meet Dilshad.

Dilshad see her and gets happy.

Dilshad – “ Seher, my dear !”

Seher – “ Badi Ammi “.

Before Seher hug Dilshad , Sanam stops her.

Sanam – “ Go and have bath , you came after a  train journey… Badi Ammi shouldn’t get any infection in this condition“.

Seher – “Ok fine , Ms.Clean Master. Iam obeying you because I don’t want to risk my Badi Ammi’s health “.

Seher leaves.

Dilshad- “Sanam !”

Sanam – “ If I wouldn’t have said like that she would roam like this for whole night “.

Dilshad – “ Sanam, How was your first day at office ?”

Sanam doesn’t look into her eyes and reply.

Sanam – “ Good… Badi Ammi “.

Dilshad holds her hand and understanding her behavior.

Dilshad – “ Sanam, What happened? “.

Sanam – “ Iam good “.

Dilshad – “ You don’t look into my eyes , if you are affected my something “.

Sanam – “ Everything was new to me .. thus it will take some time to adjust “.

Dilshad – “ Its True , But you should control your anger “.

Sanam – “ Badi Ammi..,”

Dilshad giggles and Sanam looks her.

Seher comes out after getting fresh. By the time, Afeeza comes back after her job. Afeeza – “ Sanam, How was your day?”

Sanam (low tone) – “ I somehow managed, there is a long story.., I will tell you after sometime “.

Afeeza – “ Oho.. really! Okay, Let me get fresh. By the way, Seher reached ?”

Sanam – “ Yes , She is with Badi Ammi”.

Afeeza smiles and see Seher and waves hand at her. She waves back. Afeeza goes to get fresh. Seher is sitting near Dilshad. Seher is giving her a massage.

Seher – “ Badi Ammi, I understand you miss me a lot .. that doesn’t mean you would go for a picnic to hospital. From now on you should take rest and be happy”.

Dilshad- “ Seher, Iam okay “.


Seher – “ You are Okay , now. Because I came here. We will take care of you .. Sanam has got job .. And I too .. “.

Dilshad(excited) – “ You got a job ! Mashallah, Allah ka Lakh Lakh shukr hain . Sanam .. Afeeza .. Haya.. “.

Seher – “ Badi Ammi .. stop.. “.

Dilshad – “ Its double happiness.. “.

Sanam , Afeeza , Haya comes there and they looks on .

Dilshad – “ Seher has got a job”.

Sanam – “ What !! So you got selection after interview “.

Afeeza – “ I need a treat “.

Haya smiles and signs that she too need a treat.

Seher – “ I didn’t got selected in the interview “.

Dilshad – “ Then ?”

Seher – “ That interview was just for namesake. If I want a job in their company, I should pay them a huge amount. So I asked them to keep their job for some other one . But.. there comes the twist! I meet Best FM owner – Mr.Abeer Malhotra. He was looking for an RJ. He liked my talks and he has asked me to come for interview tomorrow. That interview is just for a formality “.

Afeeza- “ Iam sure you will get it.. “.

Sanam- “ I hope so. Now come on everyone, let’s have dinner”.

Everyone sit to have dinner together. They have dinner while talking to each other

Sanam serves  the sweet dish for everyone.

Seher eats it passionately.

Seher – “ My favorite milk cake. Mogambo Khush hua !!! ( Mogambo became happy)”.

Afeeza – “ Yeah, its just taste awesome “.

Sanam – “ Thank you “.

Aahil’s house .

Aahil comes home. Gazala and Rassaq is present in the living area. They see him .

Gazala – “ Aahil Beta “.

Aahil – “ Ji..Ghala ..”.

Gazala – “ What did advocate said about Begum Sahiba’s release ?”

Aahil  – “ It won’t take long … very soon she will come back “.

Rassaq – “ Wah !! Great news “.

Gazala- “ When she come back we should do that… “.

Rassaq- “ That .. What ? “

Aahil stands clueless.

Gazala- “ That … which we do by calling everyone “.

Rassaq – “ Humiliation?”

Gazala-  “ No .. in which we have food , dance , music.. “.

Aahil – “ You mean party “.

Gazala- “ Yes .. we should celebrate “.

Aahil – “ Yes “.

Gazala- “ We heard that you appointed new P.A. , we heard that it is the same girl who had fight with you that night “.

Aahil – “ Yeah .. excuse me “.

Aahil goes to his room. He freshen up. He sits on his couch .

Aahil – “It was a great day “.

Nazia comes to his room.

Nazia – “ Afterall someone came to your life “.

Aahil turns to her. He gets surprised seeing her.

Aahil – “ What ?”

Nazia – “ Why did you hide it from me that you hired Sanam as your personal assistant?”

Aahil – “ Oho .. So that’s it “.

Nazia – “ Rehaan bhai , told me that you helped her when her Badi Ammi was hospitalized. You gave her this job to support her , right ?”

Aahil – “ I just helped her because she helped you that night .. nothing special “.

Nazia – “ So you don’t hate her ?”

Aahil – “ I don’t like her still “.

Nazia – “ But your action say something else “.

Aahil got surprised by her comment . He just looked to other side. Nazia looks him with a naughty smile .

Aahil (thinks) – “ I just can’t tell you that I appointed her to teach her a lesson “.

Nazia – “ Bhai jaan , are thinking about Sanam ? “

Aahil (absent mindedly) – “ Yes ..  “.

Nazia – “ What ?”

Aahil – “ No .. I was thinking something else. What were you asking?”

Nazia – “ Nothing . Good night, Bhai jaan“.

Aahil – “ Good night “.

Nazia leaves the room . Aahil breath out and relaxes.

Aahil – “ By the way, how did Sanam made that Elina away ?”

After dinner . Dilshad goes to bed. Haya , Seher , Afeeza  is sitting in the living area .

Sanam comes there after keeping everything back in kitchen. Seher see her and calls her to join them.

Sanam joins them.

Seher – “ Sanam , Tell me whole story .. “.

Afeeza – “ Please do add today’s story “.

Haya gets excited along with Seher & Afeeza .

Sanam nods and she tells them the whole story.

As she finishes the story. Seher starts to laugh uncontrollably. Sanam looks her sternly. Afeeza is controlling her laughter and tries stop Seher from laughing when she see Sanam getting angry.

Seher stops laughing.

Sanam (angrily) – “ You are laughing at my helplessness?”

Seher – “ Not at all.. I couldn’t control my laugh because you are working under that person who you hate the most. I am wondering how did he escaped from getting punched from you  “.

Afeeza – “ This Aahil is so crooked .. if he made you a servant at his house he can’t trouble you always.. so he chose to make you his P.A. so that he can trouble you always “.

Sanam – “ So this is his plan ! Jalad kahi ke (That Beast ) “.

Seher – “ But I should say you helped him to get rid of his girlfriend.. but when I asked you once to help with my prank you didn’t agree . You didn’t helped your sister but helped your enemy.. what’s happening.. Haa ?”

Sanam – “ What do you mean ? I was helpless otherwise I wouldn’t have done that “.

Afeeza – “ By the way , Your Boss looks dashing .. he has some charm that attracts girls !! Sanam , my dear did you feel so ?”

Seher – “ Sanam , did you ?”

Sanam – “ He is not dashing but disgusting… he doesn’t have any charm but has a ton of ego .. that’s it “.

Seher – “ Oho .. But I think he looks handsome.. “.

Sanam – “ Stop it , now “.

Haya signs  to Seher that Sanam and Aahil will look good together .

Seher – “ Haya is right ! But he may be living a free life .. our Sanam will be like Hitler in his life .. “.

Afeeza – “ Sanam , What do you think ?”

Sanam gets irritated. While others have fun while teasing her.

Sanam – “ Stop it now . I don’t like him at all “.

Seher – “ But I like your Boss Aahil .. It’s all because of him you asked for a help from me and I got my favorite sweet “.

Afeeza – “ By the way Sanam , wind seems to be changing. I hate him to I don’t like him .. nice !! Ha .. ha..”.

Seher , Afeeza and Haya teases Sanam with Aahil. She gets angry..

Seher – “ If you allow me , I can go in your place to your office. I can assure you that he will fire you without asking you to apologize. What is your say ?”

Sanam – “ No !! “.

Afeeza – “ Why ? You don’t like him , right ?”

Seher – “ You don’t know to handle him .. if I were in your place… I would have changed to sweet person with my talks “.

Sanam – “ That is reason why I don’t want you take my place . What if he traps you in his fake love ? “

Seher – “ Oho , please Iam smart . I know to deal every type of people .. what if he traps you ?”

Sanam – “ He won’t even think about it .. Firstly he doesn’t like me at all , second thing is that I won’t let him flirt with me or come near me “.

Haya signs – “ It is just matter of time .. “.

Afeeza – “ Yes .. Yes .. who has seen future “.

Seher – “ Anything can happen !”

Sanam senses what are they meaning to say .

Sanam – “ Never .. even it take years .. our relation won’t change “.

Afeeza – “ Relation !!”

Seher – “ Haye .. haye “.

Sanam – “ I don’t want to talk to you guys . You all became a team and left me alone . Rehaan is better than you , atleast he doesn’t make fun of me “.

Seher – “ Does this Rehaan and you has a good bond ?”

Sanam – “ He is so nice to everyone. He saved me today “.

Seher – “ Oho .. that’s it ..”.

Seher gets into thought

Seher- “ Lets sleep , we all have to go for work . Okay good night “.

Afeeza (thinks) – “ What happened to Seher , suddenly?”

Later everyone sleeps.

Next day , Morning.

Sanam came to Aahil’s house . She started to do jobs . She checking his schedule. Nazia see her at his study room.

Nazia – “ Sanam , Good Morning “.

Sanam – “ Nazia .. “.

Nazia comes in .

Sanam – “ Good morning “.

Nazia – “ I didn’t see yesterday, I got late to wake up “.

Sanam – “ Oho .. “.

Nazia – “ Is everything okay between you and Bhai jaan ? “

Sanam – “ If I say ‘yes’ , it would be a lie . Maybe by time it will better “.

Nazia – “ Bhai jaan is not that bad .. as you think . He is little adamant sometimes.  I can give you tip to handle him … if you be soft to him , he will behave in same way “.

Sanam (think) – “ I wish I could but whenever I try to do that , he start his tantrums then I lose it .. how can say this to she now ?”

Sanam smiles.

Shazia comes there and gets upset seeing them talking .

Shazia- “ Nazia , aren’t you coming?”

Nazia – “ Yeah .. Iam coming. Sanam .. she is Shazia .. my sister. Shazia .. she is Sanam . She helped me that night  “.

Shazia – “ Yeah .. I know . Why are you wasting time by talking to a normal employee? “.

Shazia shows attitude but Sanam just ignores her. Nazia feels embarrassed by Shazia’s behavior.

Shazia – “ Nazia.. if you stay with such low class people.. you will lose your standard”.

Nazia – “ Shazia .. “

Sanam lose her cool. She walks towards Shazia .

Sanam – “ Please don’t think that being rich will give you standard. I have heard that people should be polite and kind as their position becomes big. It’s true that Iam working an employee that doesn’t mean Iam low class . I do have dignity and an individuality “.

Shazia – “ How dare you ? Now you will teach me ?”

Sanam – “ Its not bad to learn things from others if you don’t have much knowledge about life “.

Shazia is about raise her hand .

Sanam – “ Before you raise your hand , please do remember my hand isn’t tied “.

Shazia – “ I will show you “.

She goes from there .

Nazia- “ Iam Sorry for her behavior “.

Sanam – “ You need not be sorry. We had ours “.

Nazia – “ Okay .. Bye “.

Sanam – “ Bye .. have a great day “.

Nazia- “ You too “.

Sanam goes to Aahil’s room with his bed coffee.

Shazia is standing there with Aahil. Sanam senses that Shazia has complained to him about her .

She gives the coffee to him.

Aahil – “ Did you say that you will slap her ?”

Shazia- “ Why are you asking her? I told you , na !  She is always insulting me “.

Aahil – “ Shazia , Iam talking to her . So don’t speak in between. Sanam , answer me ?”

Sanam – “ No, I didn’t say that “.

Shazia – “ She is lying.. you didn’t say that to me when I was about to raise my hand on you ?”

Aahil – “ Why did you raise hand over her , Shazia ?”

Shazia – “ Because she was insulting me“.

Aahil – “ Sanam , What happened?”

Sanam – “ I & Nazia was talking to each other. Shazia didn’t liked it . She is the one who spoke ill about me , I just told her that it isn’t right . She became angry and was about to raise her hand over me , then I just reminded her that my hands are not tied. That’s it “.

Shazia – “ See , Bro jaan .. how easily she said this . See her courage “.

Before Aahil could speak .

Sanam – “ I haven’t done anything wrong, then why should I fear to say the truth. Sir , if you want you can confirm it from Nazia . She was present there . Iam keeping your coffee on the table , excuse me “.

Sanam leaves . Shazia feels upset . Aahil keeps his hand over her shoulder.

Aahil – “ Shazia , don’t talk to her . I will ask her not talk to you like this again “.

Shazia – “ Bro jaan .. “.

Aahil – “ Shazia, I think you should leave for your college “.

Shazia – “ You don’t have any control over your P.A.  , that is why she isn’t hearing anything you say “.

Shazia leaves . Aahil takes the coffee and drinks it. He thinks.

After sometimes, Sanam gets a call from Rehaan.

Rehaan – “ Hello , Sanam “.

Sanam – “ Hai , Rehaan “.

Rehaan – “ I called Aahil Bhai , But he didn’t pick my call “.

Sanam – “ Maybe he is doing his work out or gone for bath. What’s the matter?”

Rehaan – “ One client will be arriving soon at office. So please ask him to come to office within 1 hour “.

Sanam – “ Okay . I will inform him “.

Rehaan – “ Make it fast “.

Sanam – “ Okay “.

She hangs up the phone . Sanam walks towards  Aahil’s room.

Sanam – “ Rehaan had called you but since you didn’t pick the phone , he called me. He asked you to come to the office within an hour . As a client will coming there very soon … I think it’s an important client “.

Aahil – “ Oho .. Okay .. then get me .. “

Sanam – “ Your suit , right ?”

Aahil – “ Yeah “.

Sanam – “ I will bring it , Lateef had told me its already ready … should I get your breakfast packed or you will have it from office? “.

Aahil – “ Get it packed… 2 sandwiches “.

Sanam – “ Okay “.

Aahil – “ Fine “.

Sanam was about to leave . Aahil thinks and then stops her.

Aahil – “ Sanam “.

Sanam – “ Yes “.

Aahil – “ Sanam , you are my employee . I expect you to behave well with my family members.. “.

Sanam – “ Iam behaving well with everyone “.

Aahil – “ Really, then why did you had fight with Shazia ?

Sanam – “ I didn’t initiate it .. I had already told what happened . So I don’t think it is needed to be discussed “.

Aahil – “ Sanam!”

Sanam is about to leave but Aahil hold her back and pulls her close . Sanam gets shocked.


He then leaves her hand.

Aahil – “ When Iam talking to you , you can’t just ignore it . My your boss “.

Sanam – “ When did I ignore it ? I answered you “.

Aahil – “ That wasn’t a proper answer “.

Sanam – “ Iam working under you to repay  the amount you spend for my Badi Ammi’s treatment . Iam grateful to you and will remain grateful for my whole life. But that doesn’t mean I would compromise my self respect infront anyone or to take any nonsense. Iam working under someone that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve respect“.

Aahil – “ I didn’t mean that .. “.

Sanam – “ Iam not finished yet .. Shazia was insulting me . I was just making her understand that she is wrong . I think even Shazia is not wrong . Siblings learn from their elder sibling , even you don’t respect anyone and judge everyone upon their financial level. If she does anything bad that means even you are responsible for that “.

Aahil – “ You mean I don’t respect anyone?   Seriously!”

Sanam – “ You always try show me down . Even you appointed me here as your P.A. just to trouble me , so that you can insult me whenever you want. Your ego was hurt when I fought against you “.

Aahil gets upset by her remarks. He turned his face from her and he moves back.

Sanam – “ I hope you are done . By the way, please don’t attempt such things next time . I mean pulling me towards you and all “.

Aahil gets stunned by her comment. Sanam leaves .

Aahil – “ What did she mean ? Iam the one who spoil my sister . Then what did she mean by ‘don’t attempt such things .. pulling her towards me!! ‘ seriously. I just mean to get my answer.. why would I bring her close to me . Sanam , Not at all !Shazia was right , Sanam is becoming over smart “.


A lady staff – “ I heard everything you said to that girl yesterday. I will tell this to Aahil Sir“.

Aahil calls Sanam to his cabin . Aahil looks her sternly. Sanam looks him being confused.



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  1. Jasminerahul

    who is beghum n from where did she get released? the girls teasing sanam regarding aahil was nazia said will aahil behave well if sanam behaves soft to him?good reply by sanam to thing I liked is though shazia complained to aahil about sanam n aahil didn’t support sanam he was not that rude to her now.when sanam pointed out his character defects he felt bad.I liked it.but again he felt that she was becoming oversmart.hope he doesn’t hurt her again.aahil pulling her closer was. .. omg …perfect pics

    1. Adhu

      Thank you dear.
      Begum Sahiba will come soon. Sanam is Challenging his ego that’s the reason why he gets irritated. Till date no one use to point out his defects so openly which is irking him. Aahil and Sanam will have more scenes in the coming episodes.

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