Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 7

Hi everyone x i have decided to continue this despite the lack of response. I love all the sweet messages and motivation some of you left me on the last episode. Thank you! I have started school again as my break is over so i will try my best to be consistent with the updates, however they may be a bit shorter. Enjoy ❤

Episode begins.


Its evening. Sayaam is sitting in the hall on his phone. Yuvani comes and sits with him. He looks up.

Sayaam: Yuvani? Are you okay? Do you need anything?

Yuvani: Actually, I wanted to ask you if you would come with me tomorrow. I have an appointment with the doctor. Just a check up of the baby.

Sayaam feels happy hearing her ask.

Sayaam: Of course! I will come with you tomorrow.

Yuvani: Okay. The driver will take us at 10.

Yuvani smiles. Krishna also smiles from afar, watching them.

Scene shifts to Baby’s room. She talks on the phone to an unknown person.

Baby: Did you understand?

Unknown: Yes ma’am. Your work will be done.

Baby: Okay. I will send you her picture.

She disconnects the call.

The next morning, Baby comes to Krishna’s room.

Krishna: Baby? Is everything okay?

Baby clutches her leg.

Baby: Nothing, I have a slight leg pain. Think I pulled a muscle ……

Krishna looks worried.

Krishna: Oh god! Here, sit!

Baby: No, Krishna. Its fine. I need some things from the market …… but I cant get them like this. Will you go for me?

Krishna: Yes. Of course! You rest. Just tell me what you need. I’ll go right now.

Baby: Here is a list. Thank you so much, Krish!

Baby hugs her. Krishna smiles, whilst Baby smirks behind her back. Baby thinks.

Baby: Now wait and watch. See how i become the favourite bahu.

Krishna leaves for the market.

Bhavna is sitting and sorting some itemsin the hall. Suhani walks towards the house doors.

Bhavna: Suhani! Where are you going?

Suhani: Di. Im going to the market. I need some things. I wont be long.

Bhavna nods and Suhani leaves.

Scene shifts to the market. Krishna talks to a stall owner.

Krishna: Please give me 2 of those.

Krishna pays the man. Suhani is shown at a stall a few feet away. Krishna begins to walk towards the main road. Suddenly a trio of scruffy men begin to misbehave with Krishna. One man holds her wrist and another caresses her face. She struggles to get free.

Krishna: Leave me!

She cries.

Krishna: Help! Somebody help!

Man: No one will help you. You’re safe with us now.

The men smirk. Krishna slaps one of them and leaves their grip.

Man: Oi!

She begins to run away. Suhani sees her and thinks.

Suhani: Her hair …… i know who that is …… Krishna!

She sees the men and understands why Krishna is running. She begins to quickly walk and follow them. Meanwhile Krishna runs quickly. Suhani calls after her.

Suhani: Krishna! Krishna!

Krishna sees one of the Birla cars. ( Suhani’s car. ) She runs in that direction. She looks behind her to see the distance of the men. As she turns back around, a very bright light blinds her vision. Suhani shouts her name very loudly.

Suhani: Krishna!!!

Suddenly all goes quiet. The men see Krishna and run away in another direction. Krishna is shown lying on the ground. Blood paints her forehead and she is surrounded by a pool of blood, unconcious.

Suhani: Krishna!!!!

Suhani runs towards Krishna. She cries seeing her. She tries waking her up.

Suhani: Krishna! Krishna, wake up!!!

The driver gets out and together they help Krishna into the car.

Suhani: Quickly. Drive to the hospital!

Suhani cries as the car starts and they drive to the hospital. Krishna’s head rests in her lap, blood everywhere.

Sayaam is walking out of the Birla mansion. He waits by the car. He talks to himself.

Sayaam: Its 10 now. Yuvani is taking so long.

He checks his watch. His phone rings. The caller ID is shown as Suhani’s. He answers it.

Sayaam: Yes, Maa?

Suhani: Say …… Sayaam ……

Sayaam: Maa? What happened? Why are you crying? Is everything okay? Are you okay? Are you hurt ……

Sayaam worries. Suhani looks at Krishna. She cries.

Suhani: Sayaam …… Krishna ……

Sayaam: Krishna?

Suhani: Krishna …… she …… Krishna had an accident ……

Suhani cries. Sayaam is shocked. He stands lifeless.

Suhani: Sayaam! Go to the City hospital! Now!

Suhani disconnects the call and holds Krishna’s head.

Suhani: Please. Drive a bit quicker!

She cries.

Sayaam is still in shock. He drops the phone out of his hand.

Episode ends.


The doctors are shown operating on Krishna. Sayaam is outside in an isolated road. He kicks a tree and falls to the ground, crying.

Q. Will Krishna survive?

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