Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 10

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Episode begins.


Sayaam and Krishna arrive at the Birla house in the evening. Sayaam holds Krishna’s hand and helps her walk towards the door. She smiles, gratefully. They enter the house. Suhani stops them.

Suhani: Stop.

Sayaam and Krishna are confused. They look at eachother.

Suhani reveals the aarti plate.

Suhani: I should welcome my bahu properly.

Suhani smiles and does the aarti. Krishna cries and smiles in happiness. Sayaam also smiles. Suhani allows them to enter. Sayaam and Krishna touch her feet and she blesses them. She hugs Krishna. They cry.

Krishna: Aunty ……

Suhani: Not aunty.

Bhavna and Baby enter.

Suhani: Maa.

They cry together in happiness. Baby watches, fuming.

Sayaam: If you are done giving Krishna all the love ……

Suhani hugs Sayaam.

Bhavna: Ok thats enough. Krishna needs to rest.

Suhani: Yes. Sayaam take Krishna.

They leave and go to their room.

Sayaam helps Krishna to sit down. Sayaam organises Krishna’s medicines. He shows her the different pills.

Sayaam: So take these ones 3 times a day. And this one at night.

He sorts them out. Krishna smiles seeing him care for her. She stares at him. Sayaam notices.

Sayaam: …… hello? Krishna? Were you listening? This is important.

Krishna returns to reality.

Krishna: Yes. I will take them all. Im tired, Sayaam.

Sayaam gets up.

Sayaam: You should rest. Sleep for a bit.

Krishna nods. She fixes the pillows on the sofa.

Sayaam: Not there.

Krishna looks confused.

Sayaam: I mean, sleep on the bed from now on. Its better for your health.

Krishna is surprised.

Sayaam: Dont look at me like that. I dont bite. You have your side, i will have mine ……
I will just come.

He leaves and Krishna smiles.

Sayaam goes to Yuvani’s room. Yuvani smiles upon seeing him.

Yuvani: Sayaam. Come. Sit.

Sayaam sits next to her.

Sayaam: Yuvani im so sorry i missed your appointment.

Yuvani places her hand on his shoulder.

Yuvani: Its okay, Sayaam. I understand. You had a problem. And it involved the person you love. We do everything for those whom we love, right?

Sayaam nods.

Yuvani: Anyways. I have something to show you!

Yuvani gets up. She inserts a disc and turns on the TV.

Sayaam: What is this Yuvani?

Yuvani: This is your niece! My princess.

Sayaam: Really!?

They watch the video of Yuvani’s baby scan and smile and laugh together. Yuvani leans into Sayaam’s shoulder. Suhani watches them from the door. She thinks.

Suhani: Please keep all my children happy, like this. Always.

Scene fades.

The next morning, as the sun shines in through the window, Krishna wakes up. She turns to see Sayaam, in front of her. She realises they slept together. She smiles slightly. Sayaam begins to wake up and she quickly changes her expression. She gets up and heads towards the washroom. Sayaam talks to her.

Sayaam: Good morning, Krishna. How are you feeling?

Krishna: Im fine.

Sayaam: Make sure you take your medicines.

She nods.

A while later, Sayaam and Krishna enter the hall, just as the doorbell rings. Suhani opens it. Soumya enters and behind her stands a young, handsome and muscular man, wearing a tight shirt and jeans. Sayaam and Krishna look at eachother, confused.

Suhani: Soumya! Come in! Im so happy you phoned last night.

Soumya and the man both enter the house. The man winks at Krishna. Krishna’s eyes widen in shock.

Krishna: Veer!!!!

Krishna runs up to the Veer ( the man ) and hugs him. He picks her up and twirls her around.

Suhani: Krishna! Be careful beta. You are still recovering.

Suhani and Soumya laugh. Sayaam stands looking confused, as Krishna and Veer stare at eachother, happily.

Episode ends.


Krishna is about to fall, Veer catches her in his arms. Sayaam looks on.

So todays episode was a bit short. Im sorry i just had a bad day.
I dont want to make this a typical jealousy track. Any ideas? After this i will re-visit Karan’s death, Golu and Sayaam’s feud and Kriyam’s love-hate relationship xx

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  1. Amazing next post soon

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      Thank you x will do ??

  2. Wow good epi next epi precap interesting plz next upload & long story plzzz today upload plzzz something big jealousy track lao veer Krishna sayyam jealousy track continue

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  3. Shaani

    Amazing as always… Veer…is he a childhood frnd of Krishna or…. I know. I know . I have to wait until next episode.. Keep posting… Waiting for the next part..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! It will be revealed in the next episode ❤❤?

  4. Amazing epi… Jealousy track..I luv it.
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  5. So good❤I’m so excited for veer’s and krishna and sayyam’s jealous track??

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  7. Such a sweet epi. Looking forward to the next update.

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  8. i thought dat love n hate relationship has ended but guess dat its still on..d epi was really nyc..n nyc description of veer..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Its kind of still going on as Sayaam knows he loves Krishna, but hasnt confessed it because he isnt fully sure himself yet ? thanks for reading ??

  9. I was a silent reader and I love your fan fiction too much. But I wanted to point out that Yeh kya har fan fiction main sirf krishna ka guy friends latay hai so that saiyyam is jealous. Yaar please do something different. Make Krishna jealous this time. All fan fictions consist of saiyyam’s jealousy.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Im glad you enjoy it x you are right. Most of the time it is Sayaam who is jealous. I think maybe i will bring in someone he knows at the same time. Which can make Krishna jealous maybe? Thank you for your input ???

  10. AnahitaAnnie

    What if veer is krishna brother…that could be a twist..anyways..awesome episode..especially Saiyyam’s care…u nailed the episode…keep going.

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