Pyaar bhi aur dard bhi ( prologue)

Neil and Neelanjana always dreamt of a happy family life in humble dwellings. Circumstances proved propitious and soon their love reached pinnacles…  A dreadful marriage converted to a happy being. They were all hale and hearty. Everything was in their favour suddenly a storm took toll over their lives when Neil’s family learnt that Neelanjana was the illegimitate child of Ashish Mehta the great film star. Though Neil sidded with his wifey but neelanjana couldn’t bare the brunt of being called illegimitate time and again

She had lost all her courage and ability to fight bac. Neil never wanted to leave her hand; he loved her more than his own self but neelanjana succumbed to the societal discrepancies and left Neil all alone. He went to her to sort the differences but was met with a closed door. To his horror and surprise he saw Neelanjana in arms of another man not realizing it was her estranged brother Aman he broke all ties with her and moved on. By moved on I mean he left his ips job and went on to become an entrepreneur and politician… But Still there lays a void in his heart of betrayal and love. And Neelanjana she had lost everything her parents her family and moreover the love of her life: Neil.. she has a daughter avni who she finds as a complete epitome of Neil in all aspects. She has her best friend Ali who had been a constant support to her through these three years. He has secret feelings for her but is scared to confess.

The three year baby girl brings Neil back to her life. And Neil he surrounds himself so much in work that that he doesn’t have time for himself. There are rumors of him dating the capitalist Mitali which are seem true from Mitalis live as she is hovering around neil like a bee.. 

He is to head to Russia for a book launch with Mitali the next week and guess what he is oblivious to the fact that it’s authored by Neelanjana under an alias name Ananya Verma. 

What will happen when two estranged souls cross paths? Is it destiny” plot to join two broken hearts or build new relationships as Neil and Mitali and Neelanjana and Ali.


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  1. 8B4756

    The prologue was good and can you please elaborate the characters,I was quite not able to understand d characters

    1. Avneil

      Would be doing that soon. Sorry if you were disappointed ?

  2. Lucie

    Eagerly awaited for next update. Please update as early as possible.

      1. Avneil

        Thanks for acknowledging

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