Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar pleased with Khanderao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yamuna threatening the men. She asks them not to take her name. She says just bear this punishment, I m there to look after your families, its my promise. She gets shocked seeing Dwarka there. Dwarka scolds her. She says I fought with everyone for your sake, Gautama insulted me and I tolerated it, you are stealing in my house. Yamuna says I made a mistake, forgive me. Dwarka says you did a crime, you broke my trust, I want to put you in the jail, I can’t do this, everyone will see I have kept a snake in my sleeve, it will be better that you leave Holkar palace right away, don’t show your face to me again, get out. Yamuna cries and says I always wished for your betterment, I m poor, I have stolen some grains for my future. Dwarka scolds her.

She says I had upset Gautama many times because of you, Gautama takes care of me like an elder sister. Yamuna asks did I hurt you ever, trust me, I will always serve you. She says Gautama has everything, son, bahu, Malhar and Harku are on their side, will you take Bana’s support, she is useless, if I go, then there will be no one for you, I do your work here, I was going to come to you to give a news. Dwarka asks what news. Yamuna says Ahilya started her new game, I heard her telling Khanderao, beware of people, Gunu ji is eyeing his throne. Dwarka asks what. Yamuna says yes, if Khanderao starts doubting Gunu ji, what will happen, Ahilya can make Gunu ji and Dhana ji out of Malwa, I m worried for you, forgive me once, let me stay here, I always wish good for you, let me stay here. They hear a sound. Dwarka says Malhar has come.

Gautama does aarti and welcomes Malhar. Everyone smiles. Dwarka comes running. Harku asks where were you, I had sent maid to tell you, Gautama started aarti on time. Dwarka asks would I get a chance to do aarti, if I had come before time. Gautama says you have won the battle. Gangoba says Bajirao is pleased with Malhar and gifted him more provinces. Gautama says congrats. Malhar says congrats to you all also, Malwa has become bigger and more powerful, its a happy thing, but this time I got happier with something else, Gangoba told me that my son has kept his duty so well. Khanderao smiles. Malhar says I want to give something to you, Khanderao. He gives his kada. Gautama says this kada… Malhar says Bajirao Peshwa gifted this kada to me by getting pleased with me, I m giving it to my heir now. He praises Khanderao.

Khanderao says I know this kada is precious for you, I have just done my duty. Malhar gets happy with Khanderao and Ahilya. He says Gautama, we have no work now, no one needs us, we should give family and Rajya work to them and leave for tirat yatra. Gautama says we are not so old. He laughs. Gautama congratulates Khanderao. Dwarka recalls Yamuna’s words. She comes to Ahilya’s room. She gets angry. Ahilya asks did I make any mistake. Dwarka says no, you learnt politics soon, I have understood what you want to do, don’t try to act smart in front of me, don’t provoke Khanderao against me and Gunu ji, it won’t be good. Ahilya says I didn’t say anything about Gunu ji. Dwarka says I had said what I wanted to. Khanderao comes. He asks Ahilya to get ready, they have to go to temple. Dwarka goes.

He asks did Dwarka say anything, why do you look worried. She says nothing. They go to the temple. He says when Gautama knows that puja happened well, she will be very happy. He thinks why did she get sad. He asks her to sit there and relax. Ahilya thinks why was Dwarka so angry on me. He climbs the tree and showers flowers on her. She laughs happily. He says I did this to make you happy, I don’t know why you are upset, but I can make you happy.

Khanderao says our friendship shall always be the same. Ahilya says always. They run and laugh. They see some villagers going to jump into the well.

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