Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya tries to help Renuka

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya saying I want to make Renuka stay here in the guest room till the hearing. Khanderao says it will look like we have made Kailash a culprit. She says Kailash’s men would have killed her today. He says you have no proof against Kailash, let this matter come to the darbar, control your emotions for Renuka, else our terms with Kailash can end. Ahilya asks what are you saying, Renuka is our Praja, she is unsafe. Kailash asks Gunu ji to tell Khanderao to control Ahilya, else Khanderao will be alone in the development plans. Gunu ji asks him to take back his investment. He says you have asked for double interests, Khanderao will take the loan from someone else, this game is of Khanderao’s ego now, his ego is his biggest weakness, his pride will shatter again.

Sarja asks Renuka not to get scared. Renuka recalls Bhola and cries. Khanderao says justice can’t be done without looking at proofs. Ahilya says I had arranged security for Renuka, even then… Malhar says enough, I decided, Renuka will stay in servant quarters till the hearing, Ahilya will head the hearing, the darbar will be held in the palace. Khanderao says I should have understood this already. He leaves in anger. Ahilya goes after Khanderao. He goes to Parvati. She shows him the sarees design and colours. Ahilya looks on. Parvati sees her. She asks him to see more sarees and select it. Ahilya sadly leaves.

Gautama comes home. She asks Ahilya did you have some food. Ahilya says I had the food. Gautama asks what will happen with just that, come, sit. She feeds Ahilya by her hands. Ahilya hugs her. Gautama says I have seen your journey as your mum. She pacifies Ahilya. Ahilya says my baby would be seeing this too. Gunu ji and Kailash talk to Khanderao. Gunu ji says I have calmed Kailash by difficulty, he wanted to get his money back. Khanderao says I had promised Ahilya that I will get justice for Renuka, don’t know why does this happen. Gunu ji says I was wrong in knowing Mahidpur Jagirdar, but I told the truth, Ahilya always competes with you. Khanderao gets worried. Ahilya says I have learnt this from a little boy today, love has strength, it can give courage to anyone. Sarja comes. Gautama asks her to come. She asks Ahilya to finish the food. She goes. Sarja says Renuka’s tears are not stopping. Ahilya thinks. She takes Renuka to meet Bhola. Bhola says Ahilya got me here for you, you are alone here, so me and my Aai have come. He keeps his mum’s ashes. Ahilya says I had gone to Bhola’s house. She recalls meeting him. Bhola sees the fruits and eats in a rush. She asks him to eat it slowly. She says I think you are much hungry. He says yes, Kaali can’t give milk now, he loves these laddoos, I will feed it to him. Ahilya says Bhola went to feed sweets to the cow, he is a nice boy, maybe he gave you all the peanuts he had saved. She recalls Bhola telling her that the plants got dried up, but my parents will pray that rains occur, then everything will get fine. Ahilya says he is very hopeful, he doesn’t know his problems.

Ahilya says I can catch this light in my hands. Bhola says I won and jumps happily. Ahilya thinks Khanderao won’t stay upset when our child comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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