Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautama opposes Renu

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dwarka asking Yamuna not to rush always, its not good. She says I have a mind, I know what to do, let the coal catch fire, wait that Gautama sees it herself. Gautama comes. Dwarka asks did you make laddoos yourself. Gautama says yes, Malhar asked me to make it, I will keep bhog first and then give you prasad. Dwarka says its good, did you permit Renu to stay inside the palace, its fine, I was worried that her bad shadow can fall on us. Gautama says no, Ahilya’s every wish can’t be fulfilled. Dwarka says Malhar doesn’t listen to us, talk to Ahilya and sort the matter, else it will be a problem for you. Gautama thinks. Renu cries and says I didn’t eat any sweets since a long time. Ahilya consoles her. Renu says everyone calls me unlucky, they don’t call me by name. Ahilya asks her to laugh else she will tickle. Renu runs. They play. Gautama comes there. Renu collides with her.

The laddoos fall down. Gautama gets angry. Dwarka and Yamuna come there. Gautama scolds Renu for coming inside the room. She asks Ahilya to stop defending Renu. She says I didn’t tell you that Renu can stay here with us, I didn’t say, right, you know I didn’t like her coming, I m very angry, I was coming here to talk and you are in rush, that you got this girl here without my permission. Ahilya says Malhar asked me to take her inside, when he got to know that Renu is sitting outside, but I told him that I can’t take Renu inside against your will, but still he asked me to take Renu inside, he will talk to Gautama. Dwarka says its proved that Malhar falls helpless in front of Ahilya, this girl is a danger bell. Gautama gets upset. Renu says I knew it, you will get scolded because of me, I m not lucky. Ahilya says Malhar will fix everything, don’t worry. The queens meet Malhar. Gautama says I had agreed to keep Renu in Malwa, but I can’t imagine her staying in the house. Malhar says I promised Renu’s parents and got her here, she is my responsibility now.

Dwarka says Gautama won’t want you to turn away from responsibility, arrange her stay somewhere else. Ahilya says it will be like staying in Chondi, she was alone there, she will be alone here, what’s the use to get her here in Malwa. Malhar says Ahilya is saying right. Gautama says I didn’t call Renu a burden, you keep your responsibility, but I can’t risk my family’s peace and happiness. She says Renu is a widow, how can you keep her at home forever. She argues with Malhar. She says I have a right to worry for my son and family. Dhana ji sees Tuku ji with the guards. He goes with Gunu ji. He says I have seen Tuku ji talking to many people, we have to find out what he is doing. Gunu ji says Malhar didn’t find anything, it means our plan will succeed. Dhana ji says don’t underestimate Malhar. He gets worried seeing a guard coming. Malhar says I have always taken your advice, this time, you can’t stop me, I have decided, Renu will stay here. She says I can take a decision for myself, if Renu stays here, then I will leave food and water right away, you will be responsible for the outcome, whatever it is.

Renu says Gautama is right, I don’t like staying here, if Ahilya catches my bad sight then, no, this shouldn’t happen. Malhar feels sorry. Ahilya asks where will Renu stay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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