Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya buys Khanderao’s ring

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dwarka going to meet Gunu ji at night. She says the village Patil is my far relative, you have to send him a message. He asks what’s the message, you want to keep it a secret. She says you don’t be so desperate, you will know it soon, this will create a rift between Khanderao and Ahilya. Khanderao shouts on Ahilya and asks her to leave. She cries and leaves. Malhar talks to Gautama. He says like you love Khanderao and want to see him happy, Ahilya and I also want him to be happy, explain this to him, he won’t listen to me if I explain him, he will think I m taking her side. She says you are doing the same right now. He says Ahilya has done right that she stopped Khanderao. She thinks Dwarka was right, you and Ahilya don’t see Khanderao’s pain, now there is just one way to keep him happy.

Ahilya asks Gowardhan about his coming. He says Khanderao has called me. Gowardhan goes. Gangoba gives Tukoji’s good news to Ahilya. He says he has gathered all the workers and artists in Shajapur, everyone is blessing you, you have saved them from a battle. Khanderao comes and says its good, we have to run the Rajya by blessings only, take this penalty amount, deposit it by my name. Gangoba takes it and counts. He asks how did you arrange this. Khanderao says my family doesn’t value me, but others do. He signs the paper. Gangoba sees his hand and finds a ring missing. He thanks Khanderao. Khanderao says let it be, I don’t deserve any praise, I didn’t accept to pay the penalty, very soon, the day will come when just I take all the decisions and prove it right. He goes. Gangoba says I think he paid the penalty by selling his ring. Ahilya says I know.

She shows the ring. She recalls stopping Gowardhan and asking him to give the thing Khanderao sells to him. He asks why did he call me here then. She says hide and seek happens in a couple. He says okay. FB ends. Gangoba says you are amazing, I will pray that Khanderao doesn’t get blinded, you worry for him so much. Ahilya says he understands me, you have seen us since childhood. Gangoba says Malhar will be going on the mission, he will give the management to Khanderao and you just heard what Khanderao said. Ahilya says I m sure Devimaa will sort out everything. Ahilya and Harku come to the temple and pray. Harku finds her sad. Ahilya says Khanderao and Gautama don’t believe me, I m scared that Gautama doesn’t believe me, I feel some storm is going to come in my life. Harku pacifies her.

A couple comes to the temple and says we got the respect of doing the puja. FB shows Dwarka telling about the Patil. She says he is finding a good alliance for his daughter Parvati. Gunu ji says it means Khanderao and Parvati. FB ends. The couple prays in the temple. Ahilya is also there. FB shows Dwarka saying we will hit the iron, but no one should see our hands, Gautama should think that fate has sent Parvati in her life. FB ends. Pandit asks Ahilya for the chadava. The lady gives the chadava and says we came here with the wish to get our daughter married. Pandit says I have to respect the Choti rani first. Ahilya says its okay, everyone is equal in the temple. The pandit takes the lady’s chadava. He checks the plate. He says Kumkum isn’t there, this puja can’t get completed.

Malhar asks Khanderao to take the right decisions. Dwarka asks Gautama to sort the problems. Harku hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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