Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Malhar feels helpless

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tukoji coming to Malhar and saying we will know Dhaneshwar’s truth soon. Malhar says the other guards who don’t know about our plan will not come in our way, it was imp. Tukoji says Dhaneshwar will take us to the truth now. They hear some sound and go to see. They see the guards bringing Dhaneshwar. Malhar sees Tukoji. Dhaneshwar says I don’t know who made me run away, I came back to repent my sins, I m waiting to die, kill me. Malhar says we didn’t find anything by our plan, is Ahilya wrong this time.

Dhana ji says Malhar played a big move this time, but my man is also loyal. Bhairav says I had explained him well that he will die and his family will live well, so he came back on his own. Dhana ji says now Malhar will not doubt him. Bhairav says I heard Ahilya also doubts him. Dhana ji says let her do anything she wants, she has no proof, Dhaneshwar will get punished, then the chapter will end. Tukoji says I can understand that we tried well. Malhar says I always try to fix things, but then also, I miss out things, I don’t get informed about few things. Tukoji asks what do you mean. Malhar says its not about just Dhaneshwar, I m restless since a long time, there are conspiracies happening around me, there is much hidden in this darkness. He goes.

A man gets some sacks loaded in the storeroom. He goes. Bani says Gautama didn’t tell anyone that Ahilya isn’t in the palace, I will go and tell Dwarka. Gautama checks the food dishes in the kitchen. Dwarka comes. Dwarka says you are Malwa’s Patrani, you had sent Ahilya to Shivpuri, you didn’t let Malhar know, you did good, he would have not agreed to send her. Gautama says yes, you know one thing clearly, I didn’t like sending Ahilya out of the palace this way, how would I like it, why do you think so, I have raised her since childhood like my daughter, you think I enjoy killing her wishes, I was seeing her face when I asked her to go to Shivpuri, she didn’t say a word, but she had sorrow in her eyes, I feel sad, her eyes told a lot, I m helpless, I know you didn’t mean that, when Ahilya loses some chance, you get happy, why. Malhar gets ready. Gangoba says I was waiting for you, I need to talk before going to darbar, some villagers have come to meet you, what happened to our Rajya, a big problem is coming every day, Sarpanch is saying there is an epidemic there since two months, the people are falling sick, many people lost their lives, they are saying the reason is food, when we were fighting a battle with Nizam, we had emptied a village, its the same village, we sent the grains there, how can the grains get damaged, its impossible. Malhar thinks. He prays to stay strong and do his duty.

Malhar asks them to send the medicines and food. Dhana ji says I want to take this responsibility. Malhar asks Tukoji to keep an eye on Dhana ji, he can’t trust Dhana ji now.

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