PS I Hate You 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimple sees Ayaan mother fainted in washroom,,,Dimple picks and brings..Dimple tells Ayaan…to put Aunty in special care centre…Dimple tells that today aunty fainted in bathroom..Dimple tells that ayaan cannot take care of his mother everytime..Ayaan tells he will hire a nurse..Dimple tells that if Nurse will be careless??..Dimple tell that its his decision but to think twice..As in special care she is more secure..Ayaan cannot spent all the time with her..Ayaan cries and hugs Dimple and tells thankyou…Ayaan says “I love u”…Dimple surprised seesAyaan..Dimple and ayaan looks at each other…Dimple says that they are friends.right now…
Ayaan says that it was wrong he said..Ayaan tells he will clear…Ayaan’s mother ask who is Dimple..Ayaan tells dimple is her friend..Dimple says i lovs u too to Ayaan in her mind,,Dimple tells after some time she will confess..
Next day kabir is sitting..Simple comes and asks what happened why he is sad..kabir shouts and says nothing..and goes..At campus..Dimple goal while Ayaan stops…Dimple smiles and sees Ayaan..Ayaan tells Dimple to teach her students defence tecqniques as it must be difficult..
Ayaan tells Dimple to concentrate as Scoops are difficult..Dimple stands…Ayaan makes goal..Dimple.tries to stop buy falls and her foot is hurted..Ayaan rushes..asks what happened…Ayaan and dimple looks at each other…Manwa laaga song goes on.background Dimple thinks the time she spent with ..Ayaan and tells “I love u”…Dimple says “I love u too”…Ayaan gives water..dimple tells yes….
Simple gives tablets and water to kabir..says that his headache will be over …kabir tells soo sweet…Simple tells she is his girlfriend..Kabit tells he was worried since his parents are coming..Simple says ohh..
Dimple about to say “I love u”….but suddenly..Ayaan gets a call…Neighbour tells that their is gas leakage…and is opening the door..
Ayaan and Dimple goes inside the house.sees Ayaan’s mother is sitting reading newspaper.People comment calls Ayaan’s mother “mad” and old wome says how irresponsible is Ayaan left her mother…Ayaan gets angry and beats…dimple comes and pleases all the neighbour to go..all of them.goes..Dimple tells that she already said ayaan about…Dimple tells to.put…Dimple tells Ayaan to think and says how he will fullfill his dreams..concentrate on future…Dimple tells please…Ayaan calls Dr sinha tells to be ready as he os coming…Dimple nodes the head…Ayaan is worried…At special care counter Ayaan gives handful of money..Dimple gets shocked asks from where he brought money???Ayaan thinks about Aisha as she gave the money to destroy Dimple’s life.. Ayaan tells it is his savings…Ayaan’s mother tell Ayaan..that if her son Ayaan comes..send him..Ayaan cries..Dimple goes and hugs Ayaan tells everthing will be alright..Ayaan tells its only Dimple he can share his feelings..with…Suddenly Ayaan goes..telling he is having some meeting…Simple and kabir are sitting at canteen..Kabir goes to bring coffee for kabir…Simple thinks why is kabir worried she should know that…Simple thinks to check kabir’s phone..Simple checks the phone Kabir sees and smile(evil).

[precap:Precap::Ayaan tells Aisha that he cannot do her work…Aisha tells okey but to give back her money..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. thnkz for updatee

  2. Thanks fr d update!
    Its gud that ayaan n dimple r coming together,hope simple finds out d evil side of kabir.
    Missing krish!

  3. thanks for the update

  4. today no repeat telecast y

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