Promos: In rishton ki mitthas, Shadows of the dark past, My crazy love Friendship & love: + os reveal

So hello all our tu mates.I know that our stories have been absent for a long while but actually jenny is the one who writes the stories and she is in new york with no passwords so now I will be giving you this set of promos ,the 2 os’s I promised and an additional os. Later on we will post the other chapters as our younger sister’s exams are finished.
So now without further interruptions lets start

1. SODP(shadows of the dark past)[arshi-swasan-raglak]
A bus stops and 2 people get out,a boy and a girl.
The boy has put his palms on the girl’s eyes.
The view outside is amazing ;a cliff covered in green grass ahead which is a range of mountains and the sun is setting at the point where a river originates.The whole scene is breathtaking.
The boy removes his palms and the girl opens her eyes.
Boy: see how beautiful this is.
He goes ahead.
The girl is completely shocked, she feels dizzy.
The boy turns to call her only to see her losing her balance.
He rushes to her as she faints and falls on the ground.

2. IRKM(in risthon ki mitthas)[arshi-swasan-raglak-ishveer-zaya]
4 boys are sitting in a room
1 keeps looking at a bracelet in his hand.
Boy2: what are you staring at.
Boy 1:her bracelet
Boy 4: looks up from the laptop he was working on: who’s what
Boy 3: sits up(was lying down on one bed): oooo 1st signs of love

3. MCG(my crazy girl)[swasan-raglak]
2 different places
Girl:I am really sorry about yesterday
Boy: ya sure first one food fires at me then come and the other says sorry
Girl: It was all a mistake, pls let’s forget it and be friends
She takes out her hand
Another girl shakes hand with other boy
Both are smiling

4. Friendship>>love: a journey(manan,mukbhi,alyaman*,cavya,dhrutika*,archi,arshi,virika)
Boy: what do you want
Girl: a challenge
Boy: huh
Girl: yes, you win, we go. We win, you stop ragging.Agar apni dosti pe bharosa hai to accept karlo(if you have trust on your friendship the accept it)
Boy: done.
To kahi pe braclet girl se pyaar ,kahi challenge ka var,kahi dosti ka badhta haathh, aur kahi behoshi ke halaath.

1.You first
2.Confusing crossroad
(For all the swaragini fans who were the most active commenters, your votes have a say in both os’s)
3.Sorry ke baad ki love story
So hope no one prays that we miss our flight and are never able to post further.
Bye guys

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    i want 3rd os first! nd plzzz make swasan in ur 1st os

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