Prithvi Vallabh 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal’s revenge on Prithvi continues, Vikramjeet misguides Tailap

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Prithvi Vallabh 19th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prithvi playing a musical instrument. Vaid Raj comes and says you are inspiring to play music in this toughest time. He tells that he has heard that Mrinal is going to come with the more dangerous plan against him. Prithvi tells poetry and says she knows that she has to apply ointment on my wounds. Mrinal comes and throws Veena. Prithvi picks it up. Sulochana says Guru Aditya fulfilled his wish as he promised to hemraj. Prithvi tells that Guru Aditya brought it for him, and says thankfully it didn’t break. Vikramjeet tells Tailap that people are talking about mrinal and fears Chalukya Samrajya may destroy. Tailap says I would have to kill you if you were not our friend. Vikram says many kingdoms refuse to help us because of kiss incident.
Tailap says it was a crime. Vikramjeet says there is one solution and says Mrinal have to leave. Tailap asks how dare you? Vikramjeet says I want to say that she shall go out for few days. Tailap says Akka will not go anywhere, her life and soul is here. He says don’t you want your sister to be fine. He says what you have seen, she has suffered. He says if she goes away then her mental condition will be fine. He asks him to talk to Mrinal and smirks.

Soldiers bring wooden stand. Mrinal comes there. Prithvi smiles seeing her and tells poetry. He says she will be attracted to him more. Mrinal says I will break your ego. Prithvi tells poetry and says I may be alive or not, but my pain will be on your eyebrows. They tied him to the wooden stand. Sulochana asks Mrinal to think again. Mrinal asks her to do as she said.

Satyashrah gets ready to go on a war. Jakala comes and says she can’t believe that her son is going on a war to show his capability. She gifts him sword. Satyashrah says you still remember, it is good that I am grown up soon. She asks him to win and tells the war is won by intelligence and not by strength,Satyashrah asks her to make arrangements for celebration. Mrinal takes big iron nail and pierces on his hand using a hammer. Prithvi writhes in pain. Vaid Raj comes to Guru Aditya and tells about Mrinal’s brutally torturing Prithvi. He asks him to kill Prithvi if he is enemy, but not to trouble him like this. Guru Aditya says Mrinal is going through tough times and she is like my daughter. Mausi comes to Kosha. Kosha tells that she is feeling pain. Mausi tells that she is feeling Mrinal pain and says today I believed that only woman is blamed in a society.

Satyashrah comes to Vilas and says I am going on a war. He says I am going to change myself and will return for you. He leaves. Prithvi faints. Mrinal asks where is your strength, patience, ego and asks won’t you make me hear poetry. She is about to go. Prithvi tells poetry again. Sulochana gets teary eyes. Mrinal says your heart is your problem and today I will end it too. She takes a nail to pierce his chest. Prithvi asks her not to hesitate and tells poetry again. Mrinal is about to pierce nail on his chest when Guru Aditya comes and stops him. Mrinal goes angrily. Guru Aditya asks Soldiers to free Prithvi. Vaid raj takes the nail out of his palms. Prithvi feels pain.

Bhilamp Raj tells Lakshmi that since he called Vikramjeet here, unexpected things happening. He suspects him. Vilas comes and gives him a gift. He hugs her and asks her to take care of mrinal.

Jakala does aarti and prays to God. She turns to go and sees Kosha coming. She stops kosha and asks her not to take further more steps. She says this pooja place is for raj pariwar family. Kosha says everyone is same here. She says I will come in front of you when I make my place assured in Raj Mahal. Jakala is shocked.

Mrinal is angered. Guru Aditya comes to her and asks how she can do such inhuman act with him. He says I had warned you that you shall not do anything wrong. He asks her to keep her feelings in control. Mrinal asks how can I let him smile on my face. Guru Aditya says he can understand what she is going through. Prithvi again takes musical instrument and plays on it. He feels pain. He recalls everything and kissing Mrinal. He plays veena. Mrinal says now you tell me what to do? He attacks me sitting in karagar. Guru Aditya asks her to keep him alive.

Vikramjeet tells Tailap to choose between Satyashrah and Mrinal. Mrinal tells Tailap that she is doubtful that he is misguided against her. Tailap tells her that she is relieved from all duties. Mrinal is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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