Preetan FF : Truth of life (Sequel) Part 4

Luthra mansion 

Preeta : Khushi, don’t forget come back before ten okay, today your mom will be late

Khushi : don’t worry aunty, I will come before mom does

Karan : by the way where are you going for party address number

Khushi : blue diamond hotel

Dev ; I am ready (wears black jacket and white shirt inside)

Preeta : wow my son is looking handsome

Karan : excuse me our son baby doll

Preeta : sorry our son

“We are getting late you can continue romance later when we leave” Khushi teases them

Karan ; please explain her to talk decently with me okay

Preeta tries to calm him down and asks to drop kids at hotel.

Karan drops them to hotel unaware of Tanya’s presence for meeting.

Khushi : thank you chachu

Karan : enjoy kids, have fun and don’t drink too much alright specially you

Dev : dad its okay I am with her

Karan : alright bye (leaves)

Preeta works in kitchen when Pari and Rajiv are doing homework with her

Rajiv : masi can I ask you something

Preeta : yes (cuts vegetables)

“How did you meet chachu and where” Rajiv asks her teasingly when Karan comes there

Preeta stares at Karan with red eyes

Karan :very good question  your uncle is so popular she could not stop

Preeta : popular my foot (whispers)

Karan : what are you doing, kid understands english, they will not respect me

Preeta : let them also know how their uncle was, world’s biggest flirt

Pari : what is that chachi?

Preeta : this Tanya have spoiled all kids with constant question

Karan ; then lets take revenge on her what say princess (asks Pari)

Preeta : that reminds me I have to call Tanya where is she

“Hello” Tanya picks up

Preeta : hey where are you? is your meeting over now

Tanya : no actually clients just came in, it will take some time Pari and Khushi are back right to home

Preeta ; yea, when are you coming and where is meeting

Tanya : blue diamond hotel

All of them gets shocked as Preeta put phone on speaker.

“Wh.. where” asks her stammering

Tanya : blue diamond hotel why

Preeta : nothing, you go ahead I will talk later with you bye (hangs up)

“Blue diamond hotel” Karan says

Pari : get ready for another world war today between daughter and mom

Rishab ; whats going on? which war are you talking about

Pari : nothing dad just like that

Rishab ; you are hiding from me, please don’t even try doing that your mom also was not good at that

Pari : dad actually (reveals to him)

Rishab : only this was left, call Khushi immediately back

Preeta : we are worrying for no reason, I am sure things will be fine

Karan : its not easy, you know Tanya is already detached from her, she clearly told us not to allow Khushi go for party

Pari : di and bhai are not picking up phone

Blue diamond hotel 

Tanya and Khushi have hit and miss while going in the hotel. Sibling enters banquet hall downstairs while Tanya goes up to conference room for meeting

Khushi : hey Suzie, happy birthday

Suzie : thanks, is that your brother

Khushi : yes Dev, my most innocent and loving brother

Dev : happy birthday

Suzie : thank you guys and be comfortable

Khushi : can I have orange juice, Dev you can order you want

Dev : I am good

Yash comes there for party too joining Khushi and Dev

Yash : hey how are you buddy

Dev : all good whats up? I haven’t seen you for long time

Yash : you know this universities formality takes forever to complete, hello Khushi (goes to her)

Khushi (sips her drink) : hey handsome

Yash : go back to your drink please

Dev : don’t mind she is crazy you know her

Yash ; I am not surprised about that, god had made her in free time

Khushi : excuse me what are you both whispering

Dev : we are discussing about girl’s mind they change like clothes

Khushi (laughs) :my dear brother please don’t try to fool me thats his department not yours

Dev ; crazy girl don’t drink too much

Group starts enjoying party. Khushi sees some boys forcing a girl to drink. Her anger rises seeing them and starts beating them

“You are fond of making people drink today I will give you special treat” Khushi makes one of them gulp drink

Dev ; what are you doing leave him? he will die

Yash and Dev tries hard to stop her. The trio are kicked out of banquet hall

Khushi : leave me both of you

Yash : are you crazy? what was the need to take fight like that

Khushi ; he was forcing that girl, you know i cannot see like that

Yash and Dev sees Tanya standing behind Khushi crossing arms. He signals her to be quiet

Dev ; thats her mom (tells Yash)

Khushi : now what happened? where did you tongue went idiot, sorry brother not you

A security guard warns her to stop shouting loud in the lobby area. While walking back she collides with Tanya

“Sorry” says turning back quickly but realizes what she did

She widens her mouth and eyes staring at Yash and Dev angrily.

Tanya : what is going on here? (sees her wearing short clothes)

Khushi : mom you here? didn’t you find other place for meeting

Tanya ; what? (raises her eyebrows)

Khushi : I mean we just came to troll right Dev (signals Yash to leave)

Tanya ; my daughter loves parties so much come we will have our own time at home, Dev

Dev ; yes masi

The trio goes back to home

Yash informs Pari about situation from phone

Pari : what? (goes in other room)

Yash : I am sure today there will be world war 3, best of luck bye

Pari : bappa please today you help Khushi didi from mamma

“Hey princess, today your prayers won’t help your sister” Rishab comes to her

Pari : dad, I don’t understand why is mom always angry on didi

Rishab ; you won’t realize till you grow up dear, but one thing always remember she loves you both a lot don’t do anything to hurt her in life (kisses her forehead)

Everybody waits for Tanya and children. She enters first seeing them nervous

Tanya : why are you all sitting like this?

Karan : nothing we were waiting for you and Khushi from party

Preeta hits on his shoulder when Khushi and Dev enters.

Khushi : mom I can explain

“Enough, you have decided to not listen to me, when I have forbid you something I mean it Khushi, and there is reason behind it” Tanya shouts at her

Rishab comes out to stop her

Tanya : my problem is your attitude, fine you went there letting your aunty know but in this clothes seriously and fighting there

Karan ; I knew this girl will mess up something (whispers to Preeta)

Preeta ; please be quiet right now

Khushi : whats the problem mom? you are also raised here and I didn’t do anything wrong that can tarnish your image

Tanya : not more word, from today on you will not put your feet anywhere without my permission, from school you will directly come home alright

Khushi : by my extra classes

Tanya : me or Preeta will drop you, without our permission you will not go anywhere, just because I don’t interrupt your privacy does not mean I will let you do wrong things clear

Khushi : yes mom

Tanya : good, now go and get changed, you better focus on your studies

Shrishti : you better understand this lesson Rajiv or else your chachi will explode

Sameer : who are you telling this?

Rajiv : mom you see I will pass with distinction this year promise

Sameer : we would be grateful if you are able to pass at least (leaves to his room)

Tanya gets agitated with Khushi’s behavior and vents out her anger

Rishab : whats going on? why are you venting your anger on her

Tanya : I have other ways to vent out but what she is doing I am scared

Rishab : you only said she is your daughter

“Thats why I am scared, I cannot let her repeat mistakes I did in my life” turns around him tearfully

Rishab : why are you doing this? you are torturing yourself and her too

“Rishab you very well know what I have been through if in future Khushi get carried away in emotion she will face same fate I cannot let that happen” Tanya breakdown in front of him

Rishab : I have not stopped you from anything but I hope this anger of your don’t push her too far from you

Tanya goes to change in washroom

Pari ; I told you don’t mess up anything, but no my darling sister never listen to me

Khushi : chill it happens, mom has habit of shouting at me but I am also her daughter, I can make my way anywhere

Pari ; fine do whatever you won’t but mark my words one day you will trap yourself in such way even mom won’t be able to help you

Tanya stands under full force shower closing eyes letting all tears falling out


Rishab gets teary eyes when Tanya informs about their child .

“After few months our love’s symbol will be born in this world” Tanya puts his hand on her belly gently

Rishab : I can’t tell you what precious gift you gave me, thank you so much (hugs her)

The scene shifts to part when Rakhi calls Panditji to show horoscope of all children. He first sees future of Khushi with surprising.

“I have never saw such horoscope from long time your daughter is queen of destiny she will rule on everybody’s heart, her name predicts future, she will spread happiness wherever she goes” Priest predicts positive but also dark side

Rakhi : whats the problem

“There is always price of being good, her goodness will be reason of her pain” Priest words affect Tanya mostly

Rishab consoles her and changes topic of showing Pari and Dev’s future.

Pandit : your daughter Pari is very naive, innocent and kind hearted, obedient

Preeta : what about Dev?

Pandit : he is also very innocent and simple but time will change everything

Karan : what do you mean?

Pandit : I cannot assume much but seeing lines it looks like he will have to fight his life’s most difficult battle

Preeta : is there any way to prevent bad happening

Pandit : nobody can change future, he will have to fight this alone

Pandit predicts good future for Rajiv, Sona and Krissh but another brawl comes during Maya’s horoscope

Roo : I am sure she will also have good right Kritika di

“Maya, illusion everywhere, very shrewd will achieve whatever she wants by hook or crook like a storm will remove every obstacle” Pandit’s word blows their thinking

Flashback ends

Tanya comes out of washroom when everybody is asleep. Rishab sleeps on couch. She goes to girl’s room and covers Pari with duvet properly

“I am sorry dear, but I am doing this for your well being “ Tanya caresses Khushi’s hair and kisses her forehead

“Karan this is not happening right, we have to explain tanya” Preeta tells him

Karan : there is no use that girl will not understand, the day Khushi really gets in problem she will realize

Preeta : you want to wait for that day, I will talk with Khushi (leans on his shoulder)

Karan ; I miss mom dad, dadi its been years we have not met them

Preeta : lets go back for sometime, this land is also not ours

Karan : you are right but for our children we have to stay here, lets them take them to india in vacation

Preeta : somebody’s cast evil eyes on our happy family

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