Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 79

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Luthra house

The couples return back to their house after the ritual.

Tanya sleeps on Rishab’s lap peacefully while he rest leaning against the bed. He puts her carefully on bed and goes out of room quietly.

Karan : bhai you didn’t sleep yet?

Rishab : no I just came to get water what are you doing

Karan : nothing that kareli throw me out of room Rishab giggles little bit

Karan : bhai not fair you are laughing, you don’t love me anymore

“Sorry but I could not digest the Karan Luthra got threw out of his own room and that too from his wife” hugs him funnily

Karan : let it bhai I feel our Preeta was better before marriage and now she has started dominating me

Rishab : at least somebody is there to keep you on toes right

Karan : bhai please stop, you are very lucky,I think personalities have changed

Rishab : why so?

Karan : I feel Tanya has taken Preeta’s soul like that soft, quiet and that kareli have become so irritating and violent

Rishab gets tensed hearing about Tanya

Karan : whats wrong bhai? is everything okay

Rishab : yes nothing you go to sleep, you have practice tomorrow

Karan ; good night bhai

Next day everybody prepares for Lodi celebration in house.

Preeta goes to talk with Tanya hiding from everybody

Preeta : how are you feeling now?

Tanya : I am okay but don’t know since morning I feel nausea

Preeta : don’t worry it happens in early stage, I told you Rishabji will support you this time also and he did

Tanya ; but when everybody will get to know how will be hide from them

Preeta : we will figure that out later now relax I will be right back

Shrishti overhears their conversation but still could not figure out properly

Shrishti : early stage? did that mean pregnancy no way there is only few weeks we all got married how can she, I am so stupid

Sameer : tall pole what are you murmuring to yourself here

Shrishti leaves without saying anything

“What is the problem of this girl still showing me attitude even after marriage” Sameer rubs his head

Kritika : mom did Roo wake up

“No why, she has not come downstairs yet” Kareena tells her

“This girl is always late for her college, no wonder I still have to come back only to wake her up” Kritika goes to her room

Roo is still sleeping with book open

Kritika : look at this madam, whole night she does not sleep and even in morning is half asleep god help this girl, Roo wake up

Roo does not respond making her worried

Kritika : oh my god she have high fever (touches her head) mom, aunty

She puts the temperature in her arms

Rakhi : what happened dear?

Kritika ; she have high fever, 101 degree, Robin get the cold water and cloth

Everybody gathers there with tensed

Kareena : but how did she get this fever suddenly she was fine

Kritika : mom does illness come by notice, her head is so hot

Rakhi : I will make herb for her she will be fine quickly

Rishab : mom relax she did not get sick for first time let her rest

Tanya whispers something to Preeta

Preeta : no I don’t think so, why would be bother the whole family, temperature won’t show wrong na

Tanya : but it could be manipulated, just go and touch that coffee cup

Preeta : what that has to do with this

Tanya ; yaar you are really doctor? don’t you understand patient’s trick

Everybody goes out of room except Kritika who is busy taking care of her sister. The girls come back inside the room

Kritika ; let me call doctor (a hand stops her)

“Whats so hurry didi” Roo wakes up with her smirk

Kritika : you are okay? (asks confusingly)

Tanya : I told you even fever cannot touch this madam did you understand

“You were playing joke with us” Kritika gets angry on her hitting with pillow

Preeta : you are so silly, everybody is worried for you and madam is busy in cracking jokes

Roo : calm down my highnesses, only my Tanya bhabhi knows me, sorry didi but this time you also got fooled me

Kritika : shut up with your nonsense and now before I announce this breaking news tell me what was this for

“For sahil, that guy didn’t call me for few days and on the top of that he didn’t even tell me about concert I heard from others, I am sure he might be craving to meet me” Roo starts with her bantering

“Oh my god all this stupidity just to get his attention, Kritika what have you guys fed her in childhood “ Preeta gets shocked

Kritika : good question I have to ask that to mami what she ate, this girl freaked me out, what if it turned out to be real one

“Come on di till you are with me who can dare to touch me” Roo removes her warm layers

Tanya : you are so like me (joins hand with her too)

Preeta (whispers) : and you be careful I hope you remember that thing

Tanya : chill I know

Preeta : I will straighten you up right now come with me (drags her out of room)

Roo : bhabhi wait

“You stay here I have to take your class” Kritika makes her sit forcefully

Roo : didi I said sorry na, now you will help me with this situation and you are also at mistake for not telling me

Kritika ; I should really ask Rakhi aunty that what she ate during you, why do I always have to be scapegoat

Roo : because you are my elder sister its your duty to help me now listen in evening when that grumpy comes I will avoid him and you have to show how sick I am

“I don’t know what bad time was that I told you to win Sahil, you have made my life hell” Kritika leaves room cursing herself

Sahil waits desperately in college for Ruchika to give her good news.

Sahil : whats up with this girl? she is not even picking up my phone let me call Kritika no poor her, she always get in trouble because of her crazy sister, no worries I will meet Roo in evening anyway

Everybody goes to their respective workplace except Tanya and Roo who stay at home.

Roo : bhabhi give me some good idea na, you easily wooed my Rishab bhai but that nutcase Sahil is still not saying anything

“If you really want to spend time with him listen to me” Tanya whispers to her

Roo : what an idea bhabhi now I see how come you are so smart, my brothers are so naive in front of your brain

Tanya : hello don’t praise that Karan and Sameer in front of me

Roo : sorry, but this will work na

Tanya : of course, its my used plan before and this time Sahil will not run anywhere

Roo gets excited for evening


Preeta goes through her patient’s report and also receives Tanya’s medical papers from the doctor who is treating her. She goes to visit her patient in room when she sees with Sherlyn and her mom waiting for her

Preeta : hi you here?

“Yes mom had some pain in her knee so” Sherlyn tells her

Preeta : let me see (takes a look at her feet) I think there is too much swelling here, I will write you some vitamin supplement and make sure to change your salt diet

Sherlyn : thank you I will take care, come mom

Preeta ; take care and let me know if something comes up

Sherlyn : thanks, I will take your leave

Preeta feels little awkward after everything happened before.

Arjun (football player) comes to meet Rishab at Luthra house

Arjun :hi is this Rishab Luthra’s house

Tanya ; yes but who are you?

“I am Arjun, football player, can I meet him” asks her politely

Tanya : he is not at home right now any message I can tell him

Arjun : actually few days ago he helped me to play football better so I came to thank him and also for some help

Tanya : help? what help

Arjun : our team captain is injured and we looking for replacement that day I felt Rishab sir  has that passion in him

Tanya gets extremely happy to hear

Arjun : so I wanted to ask if he can play, this is for international match and I heard he was star player of team before

Tanya : he is at office but don’ you worry I will let him know and he will play for sure

Arjun : thank you ma’am

Tanya : call me Tanya not ma’am okay best of luck (shakes hand with him)

Arjun : okay Tanya bye (leaves)

Tanya gets excited and starts jumping when Rakhi comes to her

Tanya : sorry mom

Rakhi : is there any occasion dear? I know today is Lodi but whats your reason (teases)

Tanya ; you will know soon aunty, I will tell but please don’t tell anybody

Rakhi : promise ji (takes her to room)

Tanya tells her everything

Rakhi : what? oh my god have mercy, my eyes are craving to see this but question is will he agree to this

Tanya : you leave that to your daughter

Rakhi : when you are here do I have to worry

Tanya feels guilt stricken for hiding truth from Rakhi who have started accepting her with whole heart.

In evening all get ready for Lohri

Tanya gets ready wearing Punjabi suit and with simple makeup.

Tanya : are you making fun of me

Rishab : no actually for first you are wearing something like this

Tanya : I have only heard about Lodi from dad but now finally I got chance to see it

“Did you see dear how your mom finds happens in everything, better be like her but don’t become wrestler okay” Rishab bends down touching her belly

Tanya : what do you think? you want boy or girl

Rishab : I don’t mind anyway the child will be like you

Tanya : no way, he should be like you, if not everybody will blame me

Rishab softly kisses her belly

Karan sees his baby doll in Punjabi attire for first time.

Preeta : what are you looking (warps her arms around him)

“Nothing that I got world’s beautiful wife, you are truly an angel in my life” plays with her hair

Preeta : you are not looking bad either

“I am the Karan Luthra okay, girls die for my one glance” praises himself

Preeta distances herself little bit hearing about other girls and turns around

“Aww my baby doll has been offended but the girl I love nobody can be like her, she is very special to me” Karan gives her back hug romantically

Shrishti have hard time zipping her dress again like always.

Shrishti : god why does this always happen with me, what enmity I have with zippers

Sameer : maybe they don’t like this tall

“Can you please stop and help me” asks him irritatedly

Sameer : me?

Shrishti : no I will call whole battalion what say

“Wait” Sameer gets needles and thread

Shrishti feels thunderbolt with his touch. Sameer uses his teeth to sew her dress without looking at her bare back.

Shrishti ; thank you, where did you learn this

“Actually when I was in orphanage, I used to do all this and earn some money” tells her emotionally

Shrishti soothes his cheeks sensing the pain.

“Tall pole you always make me emotional, if you are ready come downstairs everybody is calling us” leaves changing his tone

Shrishti : you cannot hide your emotions from me shorty, I will bring all those colors back in your life I promise

Everybody gathers for Lodi in the backyard. Dhruv and Kritika joins them too. Roo waits desperately for Sahil who comes there. She sees him going to the backyard and takes the chance to punctures his car tyre.

Roo : Okay Mr Sahil now I see where you will go, today you have to bear with me

Kritika : seriously you are nuts

“Plan is not completed yet, I will take his home keys now” Roo smirks

Dhruv : what an idea (joins with her) who gives you such smart ideas

Kritika : there are only two people in whole family Karan bhai and Tanya bhabhi have such twisted minds

Dhruv : you should learn something from them

“Really” stamps on his feet and leaves

Mahesh : if your all couple fights are over its time for prayer

Rakhi : all of you couple take rounds together  and rest can do prayer

Ruchika and Sahil share eye lock while praying

Lo Aa Gayi Lodi Ve, Aaha

Bana Lo Jodi Ve, Aaha

Kalayi Koi Yun Thamo Na Jave Chhodi Ve, Aaha

Na Jave Chhodi Ve

Jhooth Na Boli Ve, O Ho

Kuhar Na Toli Ve, O Ho

Jo Tune Khayi Thi Kasmein Ik Ik Todi Ve, O Ho

Ik Ik Todi Ve

( Lo Aa Gayi Lodi Ve, Aaha

Bana Lo Jodi Ve, O Ho )…(2)

( Tere Qurban Javan, Teri Marzi Jaan Javaa

To Har Baat Maan Javaa Teri Soniye )…(2)

Tere Qurbaan Jaavaa

( Tenu Main Jaan Di Aan, Khoob Pahchan Di Aan

Milna Jo Mujhko Haiga Tujhko, Sun Le Kuchh Gallan Meriyaan )… (2)

Tenu Main Jaan Di Aan, Khoob Pahchaan Di Aan

Hoy Hoy Jind Meriye, Hay Hay Hay Jind Mereya

Ruchika avoids Sahil to get his attention but her plan flops when he does not look at her.

Kritika (laughs) : somebody worked so hard since morning, wearing double layers to get high temperature, putting thermometer in hot coffee (makes fun of her)

Roo : are you done, if I not made him say sorry then watch out

Kritika ; you will make him say sorry? please he is not that type

Roo : you don’t know your sister yet, just wait and watch the fun now.

Kritika ; okay if you win this bet then I will do whatever you say

Roo tells the servant to drop juice on Sahil’s kurta purposely.

Sahil : what the hell

Servant ; I am sorry sir

Dhruv : its okay why dont’ you go and clean or it will get stain

While Sahil is cleaning his shirt, Roo grabs the keys from his kurta pocket and leaves.

Later all the guests leaves

Sahil gets shocked to see his tyre punctured

Rishab : but how did this happen?

Karan : I am sure it might be somebody’s prank but don’t worry we will drop you home

Sahil : okay (looks for his keys)

Dhruv : now what happened

Sahil : I don’t know where the keys went, I brought here

Kareena : dear you might have dropped somewhere

Sahil : mom had spare key and she is out of town today I have to wait till morning

Tanya ; I have good idea why don’t you stay here tonight and leave in morning (winks at Roo smilingly)

Mahesh : yea of course you can go from here tomorrow once your car is fixed

Karan : come I will show you the guest room

Ruchika gives thumbs to Tanya noticed by Preeta who understands everything

Tanya : what?

“I should have known only your mind can get such ideas, you are becoming mom but your own childish has not gone yet” Preeta twists her ears

Tanya : please leave my ears what would the baby think

Preeta : yea right, he/she should also know how crazy is their mom

Rishab : thank you Preetaji for keeping her on toes who else this madam listen

Tanya : you both are so mean, I was helping your sister only

Rishab ; we have enough crazy kids in this house and you are added in that list

Preeta : Rishabji take her before i take her class in front of you

Rishab drags her back to room funnily

Tanya : I will make you pay teacherji wait and watch

Preeta laughs at her antics but recalls meeting Sherlyn in morning

Karan : hello baby doll, in whose thoughts are you lost of course about your husband

Preeta : yea why not I have not other work than thinking about my dear husband (leaves to her room to change)

Karan : are you still angry

Preeta : no I am not but only stressed for something

Karan : then share with me, I have a feeling you, bhai that wrestler are behaving very weird since morning

Preeta : nothing like that, I met Sherlyn this morning in clinic

Karan : what was she doing there (gets angry)

Preeta : her mom had some pain in leg so she made appointment, I felt she changed for good

“Babydoll this is your problem, you trust people easily snake can never change its nature, whenever I hear about her I recall that fateful day when storm came to us, my brother lost his soul, our pinky became lifeless, I can never forgive her” Karan gets annoyed

Preeta : I know but in morning I could not say much, her mom was my patient

Karan : my wife is very intelligent she knows how to balance personal and professional but you are silly getting worried about small things chill (hugs her)

“Forgive me Karan but I wish I could tell you what your brother and friend is going through right now” Preeta gets tears eyes while embracing him

Ruchika sneaks into the guest room to meet Sahil after everybody goes to sleep. She tries to wake him up but in vain

Roo : he won’t wake up like this (grabs water and throws on him)

Sahil shouts in loud waking up everybody. Roo quickly hides under bed

Rakhi : what happened?

Sahil ; nothing aunty I just had bad nightmare

Roo laughs

Mahesh ; are you okay?

Sahil ; yes uncle I am fine don’t worry and sorry your all sleep was disturbed

Mahesh ; thats okay be comfortable

After everybody leaves Roo comes out and sits on bed

Sahil : what are you doing here?

“Nothing I have just come for time pass you know I don’t sleep that much at night” plays with his home keys

Sahil : how did you? Roo give that back

“Wait don’t come close, first you say sorry and then we are going out” orders him

Sahil ; hello nut case do I look like fool, first I am not saying sorry and we are not going anywhere

Roo : okay fine then you stay here for few days taking my tantrums

Sahil : what do you mean few days?

“I have told Roshni aunty to not come back till few days until you agree to my condition choice is yours” smirks at him

Sahil curses himself for befriending crazy girl

Precap : Things turn sour in relationships due to tanya’s pregnancy including Karan Preeta marriage.

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  1. Brilliant update
    Preeta threw THE KARAN LUTHRA out of the room???
    Rishab making fun of karan???
    Rishab now started to support Tanya???
    Poor Sammy….. Feel sad for him?
    Tanya is so smart…..????
    Kritika… Scapegoat??
    Poor Sahil…..he got the craziest girl?? after Tanya ?
    Sherlyn’s changed behavior…….quite surprising?. Hopefully she doesn’t cause trouble this time
    Finally rishab’s dream of being a football player is gonna get fulfilled???
    Precap;??now I think luthra family won’t accept the baby and preetan relationship will turn sour because preeta hid this matter from karan
    But please make everything well ASAP
    Where did preeta’s pregnancy track go? Plz add it after things get well in family
    Update ASAP
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

  2. fab update
    RishNya are so sweet❤
    The karan luthra is thrown out of his room by his own wife ?
    Karan was absolutely right when he said that preeta and tanya are changing
    But now Tanya ia getting back to normal credits to Rishabh
    Yippee Rishabh got a chance in football . How will Tanya convince him will be interesting to watch
    Shrishti jaasoos Uffo sahi pakda tha but…
    Roo’s prank?
    Tanya is the smartest? Nice plan haan
    Sahil is trapped now ..also our poor kritika the scapegoat??
    Sherlyn went to Preeta’s clinic when she was having tanya”s reports . After connecting the dots with the scary precap I feel that she will leak the reporys infront of the family . And as a result RishNya and PreeRan ….. Prreeta because of hiding the truth . Although I feel that will also get pregnant which will be a ray of hope for her . Don’t know how will the family react .
    Hope that everything gets fine soon
    Do tell me if I have guessed right and don’t forget about your promise
    Update soon Rockstar di
    Keep smiling☺

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