Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 46

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Luthra house

Everybody comes together for dinner. Rishab feels restless with something and plays with spoon in deep thought.

Karan : bhai what are you thinking? don’t think too much you have whole life

Rishab : eat your dinner quietly (taps him on head lightly)

Rakhi : mummyji I talked with panditji he will come tomorrow morning to fix the dates for our both children marriage

Dadi : did you inform Sarla and Nandini

Rakhi : I told Sarlaji but could not talk with Nandiniji, her phone is not reachable nobody is picking at home

Rishab : when did you call?

Rakhi : few hours ago I called many times but no response I hope everything is fine

Sameer after dinner tries to call Tanya but unable to reach her.

Sameer : why is this girl not picking up my phone? damn it

Kritika paces around the house recalling the events that happened.

Karan : why is my sister still awake?

“Bhai how can I make such mistake, I was such a fool to not understand what his happening around me Kritika shares her inner turmoil for trusting wrong person

Karan : looks this is life who knows you have better future, Akshay was only tool for you to get on real destination

Kritika : not bad you have learnt philosophy I see influence of my Preeta bhabhi

Karan : hey silly girl don’t try to batter me or else I will send you to the real in laws

Kritika : what do you mean?

“Don’t be so shocked I know whats happening between you and that doctor, he is eyeing on you from first day tell me whats in your heart Karan ask her

Kritika : i don’t know bhai he is a good friend but I never got chance to see him in different way honestly I don’t want to get in another relationship

Karan ; nobody will force you take your own time and remember I am always with you

Kritika : can we go out this day have made me very tired

Karan : let me get the car keys

Both goes out for drive in their car near the beach chatting.

“Bhai I am so happy finally Preeta is becoming your wife, let me tell you secret I also knew from first day there is something brewing between you and your kareli Kritika gets in teasing mode

Karan : very funny its true I was not fond of her but never hated her alright

Kritika : they say na if god makes couple he will pave every way to unite them

Karan : now come we had enough lecture for today Rishab will kill me if I get late for practice match

The brother sister duo leaves for their house but are stopped on highway at police checking with many cars.

Karan : excuse me whats going on

Constable : nothing sir regular checking we are inspecting every car’s trunk you know how much today that drugs thing is increased, can you please open your trunk

Karan opens his car trunk. The constable shouts loud seeing a dead body with blood splashed on the face. They are not able to recognize the person. Karan and Kritika are unable to understand what is going on.

Constable : whose body is this

Karan : we don’t know and how it came in my car (explains to constable)

Constable arrest Karan and Kritika in circumstantial evidence. The case is given to Inspector Singh to investigate about the victim and crime.

Singh : constable send the body to forensic and did you find any proof

Constable : yes sir the person who died we found this ID proof in pocket

Some cops bring Karan and Kritika to police station forcefully

Karan : you are doing big mistake, you probably don’t know who am I

Constable : keep your voice down your star cricketer image won’t work here

Kritika : please trust us we don’t even know who that person is

Singh : then how did this picture came in his wallet (shows them Akshay and Kritika’s marriage picture)

The ground slips under Karan and Kritika’s feet hearing his words.

Singh ; and most important the person who died is your husband Akshay Mehta

Karan : what? but whats the proof we did all this somebody might have killed him and left the body in my car to trap me

Singh : then you tell me who is that somebody and we will find him

Karan : its your job not mine of catch the real culprit

Singh : my police team has given information this morning he had fight with you all and in anger you threatened him

Karan : what rubbish?

Singh : constable take this two inside for interrogation

Karan : don’t you dare touch my sister, I will not spare anybody

Kritika : bhai please calm down

“You probably don’t know I need lawyer before asking any questions Karan tells them to let him call his brother and lawyer

Rishab and Sameer gets worried to not find Karan and Kritika in their rooms.

Mahesh : where did this two have gone?

Rakesh ; I hope they are not in any kind of trouble please do something

Sameer : chachi you don’t worry me and bhai will go

Kareena : I will also come with you

“No bua you stay here we will go find them Sameer tells her

Kareena ; please let me know if you find them and be safe

Rishab : okay bua, Sammy come lets go

Sameer and Rishab goes to find Karan and Kritika but are not able to get their traces

Sameer ; should be inform cops

Rishab ; don’t be crazy, Karan is not a kid i know he might have messed up with something

They get call from Karan telling them everything. Both rushes to police station hurriedly without informing their family.

“Karan, are you both okay whats happening Rishab asks him

Sameer : Kritika you okay?

Kritika : bhai they arrested us for Akshay’s death, we have not done anything

Rishab : Akshays death? oh  my god, listen inspector my brother and sister are innocent

Singh : your belief won’t work here, if you have proof then come talk to me, till then let me do my work

Rishab : sammy call the lawyer right now

Sammy ; I am trying his phone but he didn’t pick up the call

Everybody at Luthra house see the news of Karan and Kritika’s arrest on TV. Rakhi tells Mahesh to do something for their children

Kareena : bhabhi calm down our kids are innocent you see they will come out

Rakhi : didi there is surely a misunderstanding

Police station

Preeta and Shrishti comes there with Mahesh to meet Karan.

“Preeta Karan goes to her

“Karan what is all this? ” Preeta gets in tears

“This is all lie, somebody is trapping us Karan gets certain on his feelings

Preeta : I told you something bad will happen but you don’t pay heed to me

Karan : Preeta please don’t make me weak with your tears, I need your support

Ssmeer handles the media issues while Rishab fights with the cops and tries hard to find proper lawyer. Nobody is willing to take his case because of sensational headline.

“Inspector you can do whatever you want but leave my sister she didn’t do anything Karan warns the constable

Inspector Singh  : hey smarty keep your voice down this is my area

Karan  ; I won’t, you all arrested us for no reason without any investigation

Rishab : Karan calm down

Rajveer : hey take this girl inside for interrogation and separate her brother to the other room

Karan : she will not go anywhere

Rishab : Karan let the police do their work, you go but please don’t rise your temper I will try to find the lawyer by the rime

“Sameer even Tanya is lawyer i am sure she can find some way to get out from this problem, maybe she have some contacts or something Shrishti suggests them

Rishab : she is right, Sammy call her right now

Sameer ; bhai her phone is not reachable let me go check at her house quickly

Rishab and Mahesh talks with commissioner who is their friend too but he suggest them to let cops investigate the matter. Preeta sits outside with Shrishti trying to find some way.

Preeta ; I don’t see any sort of solution, how will we prove them innocent

Shrishti : i know di but main problem who will kill Akshay and why, I can seriously feel something fishy here

Sameer goes to hunt Tanya at her house but see nobody inside. None of the servant around could answer his question.

Sameer : where could this girl have gone? god please help us now only Tanya can help us get out of this situation

Rishab ; Sameer what happened did you find her where is she

Sameer : no bhai I went her home but there is nobody in house to tell about her whereabouts

Rishab : they have taken Karan and Kritika inside but still didn’t came out

Singh ; Mr Rishab, right now I will let your sister go because we could not find anything against her but whenever I call she has to be here

Rishab ; sure and what about Karan?

Singh ; he will have to stay in lock up till the court hearing starts

Rishab : you cannot keep him without any evidence

Singh : is the dead body found in his car not enough for you

Preeta ; Rishabji what is he saying

“I don’t know Preetaji, they said Karan have to stay in lock till the court hearing starts

Preeta : what will be do now ? even Tanya is not here to help us out

Rishab : the case is registered and we have only few days before court date comes to find the real truth behind all this

Shrishti : I think we can figure it out when postmortem report comes

Sameer : we have to win this battle, this is Karan bhai’s life concern no matte what, his future depends on this

Preeta : Karan worked so hard to achieve the name, fame and in one moment everything is getting destroyed

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  1. Superb episode
    Omg karan and kritika in jail…??? this was not at all expected
    This is definitely prithlynshay’s(prithvi, sherlyn and akshay) planning
    Plz make everything fine soon
    No Tanya in this episode ??
    Very excited for next
    Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz post soon ??
    Love u loads❤❤❤

  2. Oh no! Problems’ mountain has broken on them.? Who is the culprit and how dare he to trouble The karan luthra and kritika ? And Tanya …. Till now they don’t know about her mom’s health. But when they will got to know it will be double-trouble . Poor karan?At least kritika is released .
    Very interesting chapter . Now I am looking forward to see how will you solve the case .
    Please update soon .
    Keep smiling ?

  3. Please post the next chapter quickly and I hope Tanya’s Mother is well and all problems solve very soon

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