Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 45

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Kriitka’s word pierce on Dhruv’s heart making him to into flashbacks. She comes in senses feeling his pain deep inside.

Kritika : I am sorry didn’t mean that

Dhruv ; forget it I have stopped looking behind anyway just to inform you we need to stay her for couple hours so you can rest if you want

“Dhruv thank you for everything to support me holds his hand on midway

“Its my duty you are welcome removes his hand and goes to the other side

Kritika starts getting chilly with the temperature and looks at Dhruv who has covered face with his jacket while laying down. She sees the woods for fire on his side but ends up falling on him. Both gets in awkward situation never like before in their lives. Dhruv feels her fragrances, the innocence in her eyes.

Dhruv : you don’t have any other work than falling on me, broke my bones

Kritika ; Excuse me you are doctor its your job to treat others and should know whats good for you

Dhruv : you seriously need a psychologists and your crazy sister

Kritika : I really don’t understand who gave you doctor’s degree, now I know maybe you might have cheated on exam

Dhruv : look Ms Kritika say whatever you want but don’t even question my honesty, I always walk on righteous path (holds her shoulder)

Kritika notices the decency in his eyes that she rarely saws in Akshay’s behavior.

Dhruv : you always make me sentimental thats not good for my image

Kritika : image? what are you talking about

“Please don’t put so much burden on your small brain only few people like me understand intelligent language teases her funnily

Kritika : you are so annoying I am not talking with you just go back to your side

Dhruv : okay fine I am not even interested in talking with you good night

Kritika goes to sleep on her corner side shivering with cold and dozes off for a while. The workers outside finish their work and leaves without informing them. Dhruv goes outside to look for construction work and finds nobody out there.

“Where should I take her at this time, If i take her at any house then I will buried, can’t even bring inside the hotel, wait didi’s house was closed I have key let me take her there covers her with jacket and takes to his sister’s old house.

Dhruv puts her carefully inside the room covering properly with the duvet.

“How could somebody behave bad with this girl, she is so innocent, can’t believe she is that grumpy Kareena aunty’s daughter is about to kiss her forehead but stops himself from crossing the boundary between them and leaves room quietly without disturbing her.

Akshay who have been following them have their every moment captured in camera. He is ready to execute their next plan to defame Kritika and Dhruv in front of family.

Oberoi house

Nandini urges Tanya to spend time with her rather than her fianc all the time.

Tanya : what do you mean by that?

Nandini : you got whole life to spend with your dear Rishab but at least stay with your mother sometimes

Tanya : didn’t you became overdramatic mother, if you said that without any blackmail I would have agreed

Nandini: fine tomorrow you owe me full day no Rishab, no calls only mother and daughter deal

“Deal my mother india hugs her happily

Next day Kritika wakes her from the long sleep only to find herself in a random house. She runs around the house and screams

Dhruv : oh god is this your way to say good morning really

Kritika : shut up first tell me whose house is this, I know you stay in hotel come on be honest whose home did you break

“God please give some break to your mouth I thought you are so kind but no Roo was right this

this innocent face have so much hidden behind praises her badly

Kritika : that Roo now I will not spare her, she is saying bad about me that too in front of you wait and watch

Dhruv : okay I will wait for right now please get ready look at time

“Its 8 why didn’t you wake me up last night such an idiot you are leaves to washroom

Dhruv : she is so cute god please I have request don’t let this smile go away from her face

Later Dhruv takes her back to home but feels uneasy with her leaving.

Kritika : thank you again, what now

Dhruv : nothing as usual I will go for work and thats all

Kritika : can I ask you something, why didn’t you find a girl and get married

Dhruv : I didn’t find the one I want maybe thats why no forget all this go inside

Kritika : bye (leaves the car)

Dhruv : why am I feeling so restless today? something bad is going to happen, no no think positive it will be fine

Kritika comes inside the house with bright smile but disappears with the environment in living room waiting for her arrival.

Kritika ; mom, aunty you all here in early morning what a surprise come sit I will get breakfast

Kareena : first you tell me where are you coming from early morning

“If I tell them that I was with Dhruv everybody will blame us wrongly again Kritika makes an excuse of going on jogging

Kareena : really? from when did you became health freak and this jacket

Kritika : it was cold out mom so I wore this

“how many more times will you embarrass us, you blowed the reputation of our whole family what will world say that our daughter has came home staying outside whole night with another man, is this day you wanted to show us Kareena bursts at her shaking with shoulder

Rakhi : didi leave her what are you doing

“No bhabhi last time because of all of you I let this thing go but this time everything went out of control she left no choice for us what will Akshay think we have not given good upbringing to our daughter Kareena starts blaming them

Mahesh : Kritika you didn’t do this right I never expected this at least from you, what was the reason you took such big step

Kritika : mamaji, Akshay please listen to me at least once then you can say whatever you want I won’t utter a word

Rakhi : you say dear whats the matter

Kritika reveals everything to them from fake call to their car getting stuck on midway.

Kareena : then why were you lying while ago if your story has so much truth

Kritika :  I am sorry mom, Akshay, mami please forgive me

“I have really no trust on you, this days have come you lie eye to eye with your mother Kareena is about to raise her hands but strong hands stops her from doing wrong none other than Dhruv

“Enough aunty, thats it not more word drops her hand down rapidly

Kareena : how dare you? this is between me and my daughter you have no status to even stand among us and talk

Dhruv : status is not just money but it comes from having pure heart which you don’ have sorry to say that

“Dhruv please go from here don’t create more problems, you cannot talk with my mom like this Kritika interrupts him

Dhruv : no , there is limit to everything, nobody can question your reputation like this just became they are elders

Kritika : I beg of you just go from here

Akshay : did you see aunty? its not Kritika’s fault this somebody else’s influenced her, we had enough of your nonsense now get out

“I won’t what will you Dhruv stands shield to Kritika for her reputation

Akshay : I will kick you out this is my house not your clinic

Dhruv : when it comes to my friend I won’t tolerate anything against her

Ruchika and Rakhi are very much overwhelmed with his gesture to protect Kritika.

“We were quiet this days only because you were that Preeta’s friend but not anymore you had enough damage to our family Kareena shuns Dhruv out for influencing her daughter

A courier comes between their conversation that has picture of Dhruv lifting Kritika in his car. The whole family gets big blow seeing pictures.

Akshay ; now how will you prove this? while ago you were saying nothing sort of happened, why didn’t you bring Kritika back home

Dhruv remains silence due to his questions and have no answers

Akshay : and you my dear wife you said whole night you were so worried for me but this pictures says another story

Kritika : believe me we didn’t do anything

“Let is be Kritika you don’t have to justify people who don’t deserve your respect, those who are themselves animals Dhruv points at Akshay

Akshay : what did you say?

“Wait this is just beginning I have not shown full movie yet, Rakhi aunty won’t you all see how decent well being is your son in law lifts Kritika’s jacket sleeve to show her wounds

Luthra family’s eyes get widen to see scratches on her hands.

Mahesh : what is all this marks dear?

“Akshay why don’t you tell them or should I inform them I am a doctor, I can easily prove whose marks are this Dhruv threatens him

“dear don’t be afraid please tell us what happened Rakhi pleads her

“Kritika this is only time dont’ back off your family is with you tell them truth of your so called husband what type of monster he is Dhruv encourages her to speak up

Rishab : what will she say mom? when she considered us outsiders right

Kritika : no bhai its not like that

“You know always i was close to Karan more but somewhere you, Sameer, and Roo were in my heart I always wanted to become part of your life but today you made stranger Rishab tells her

Karan : bhai what are you saying? Akshay is right our sister is very naive, by the way show me those pictures , nice image

Mahesh : this is not time for joking

Karan ; dad of course this is not less than a joke I mean look at the quality of pictures

Preeta : Karan are you out of your mind? you are concerned about the quality not sister

Karan ; relax baby doll its okay so Akshay what were you saying Kritika crossed her limits in the marriage she absolutely did

Shrishti ; di I could never understand Karan jiju’s craziness and weird logic

Dhruv ; what kind of brother you are?

Karan : I have not decided what kind of why don’t we think at the end let me focus right now Mr Doctor please

Karan :mom dad let me tell you very interesting story, years ago a guy worked in London as a ordinary editor, one day a shrewd guy’s eye fell on him and he decided to use that editor as next pawn in game to bring down his rival now question is who was that editor and who is the master planner Karan makes riddle for everybody except Rishab

Dhruv : I thought riddles are for school kids oh I forgot you are still in that level

Preeta : what about your doctor level?

Dhruv : can we save this for later we have whole life to discuss how I got degree

Mahesh : look Karan just be clear what do you want to say

“Dad one second I will break this suspense soon, Akshay , I always criticize that idiot box Tanya no matter how much she lacks sense of humor but when her detective mind works even big criminals would think before committing a crime properly Karan tells everybody about Tanya’s plan she executed previously

Kareena ; can somebody tell me whats going on

“Bua that editor is the guy standing in front of you Akshay and when you will know the master planner behind all this is Prithvi, am I not right Akshay Rishab ask him

He nods without uttering word

Rishab : so Prithvi worked in Tanya’s dad company as his one of the most important employee in office, me and Prithvi already had clash before uncle never knew this so he signed deal with Shining brands, now to extract revenge from uncle and me there were two steps Prithvi took enmity level personally he trapped Tanya in his love and ditched her, final step was brainwashing Akshay

The family remains astonished specially Kritika who is unable to understand anything .

Mahesh : such a big lie aren’t you ashamed Akshay for playing dirty trick

Rishab : won’t you hear more dad? Prithvi gave him the greed of money and marry Kritika why? to exploit her image in front of whole world

Rakhi : then what about Sherlyn?

Karan : mom Sherlyn was main part of his plan through her Prithvi wanted to take all our share, after marriage the half property belonged to her and she can fully take over whole empire

Kritika have nerve breakdown sitting on floor without any reaction.

Karan : and finally time to reveal last suspense bhai I must say your fiancee have got special detective brain (takes out spy camera near the TV in living room)

Akshay : what the hell? spy camera

Karan : you heard it right, Tanya and Preeta fixed this on the day of our engagement night, for once none of you and that Sherlyn thought why did fire cooled down

Akshay : you all didn’t do this right

Karan ; We were wrong till now, Sammy lets watch this small movie (tells him to play the clip on TV in big screen)

The clip was about Akshay manhandling Kritika seeing her closeness with Dhruv on engagement day of Karan Preeta.

Sameer :Preeta if you both got this proof why were you not doing anything

Karan : we forbid both girls to not do anything stupid, because Rishab and I needed time to find each and everything about this cheater

Kareena : aren’t you ashamed of playing with my daughters emotion just for some money

Taking opportunity Akshay grabs the neck of Kritika with knife but she is saved by Karan and Rishab. Police arrest him in case of domestic violence and Tanya’s dad’s murder. Kritika sobs loudly in room closing the door from inside.

“Kritika please open the door Preeta and Karan bangs on door

All the family members tries hard to console her.

Sameer : bhai I think we should let her stay alone for a while she will be alright

Kareena : you are right, bhabhi you all go I will stay here with Kritika

Preeta : no aunty you all leave I will talk with her please aunty

Kareena : okay take care, but I don’t want to leave her alone in this state

Preeta : don’t worry trust me she is safe with me

“Thank you dear Kareena have small change of heart towards Preeta surprising everybody else

Dhruv stays back with her to support his friend. Both watts for Kritika to calm down but no reply comes from her side. Inside room she leans her head on the door. Dhruv sit on floor

“You know Kritika you remember when I told you my mom left, dad never cried in front of us but we knew deep down he is hiding his pain that day  I realized sometimes its good to let it out rather than dying thousand death inside Dhruv insists her to share her pain with the family

Kritika hears him carefully wiping her tears and comes out of room slowly. She decides to not waste anymore tears for somebody who does not value her respect.

Preeta : from today start with your new life show this world that a jerk cannot suppress a woman’s dignity at any cost

Kritika thanks Dhruv and Preeta for all their support and encouragement.

Kritika : till today I never knew what a good friend means you did a lot for me, if in life I could be use to you I would be most happy person

Dhruv : I don’t help people to expect return just remember never let anybody play with your self respect you will regret forever, come I will drop  you both at Luthra house

Dhruv drops Preeta and Kritika at Luthra house. Kareena apologizes to Arora family for treating them badly previously.

“Preeta you helped my Kritika so much I don’t know why I always criticized when there was no fault of yours Kareena fold her hands

Preeta : aunty please don’t embarrass me anymore you are elder than me

Sarla : Kareena ji if you really want to do something then make sure my daughters never feel my absence

Kareena : I promise maybe thats why I could not become good mother when I did not trust my own daughter

Kritika : you not bad, mom (comes behind her)

“I know I am not that capable of asking forgiveness but today my arrogance broke Kritika always elders punish their kids but today you have all rights to give me punishment i will happily take that Kareena

Kritika : okay if you really want to take this punishment then you have to promise me whatever happens in life you will not lose your trust on me or do anything wrong with

Kareena swears on Kritika’s head to stop everything she has been doing to ruin people and relationships around her.

“And you Mr doctor, Dhruv I am sure your this case would be most complicated one right’ Karan tease Dhruv and thanks him for standing with his sister every time

Ruchika : I always knew this guy is amazing right partner (plays antic with Dhruv)

Dhruv : Rakhi aunty I have very good suggestion please next time before finding guys for this two girls make sure you get them treated by psychiatrist, their brain screw are little loose

“Ruchika is this guy for who you were badmouthing your sister all the timeKritika twists her ears

Roo : didi my ears please stop or else any boywill not accept me, actually I have a deal if something goes wrong because of you and Dhruv then he will have to marry me instead will that be okay

Dhruv : see aunty I told you she needs a doctor

Roo : you are so thankless I helped you so much in wooing my sister and you are giving me good repay

Dhruv puts hands on her mouth to stop her unnecessary bickering and avoid embarrassment

Karan : by the way bhai today your storm has not come it feels so light in the house right Preeta Arora

She stares at him with killing eyes taking Shrishti outside in parking lot.

Mahesh : he is same like me running behind his would be wife I am so proud of Preeta now (whispers to Kritika)

Rakhiji : were you saying something Maheshji about me

Mahesh : no no can I ever dare to think about anything bad no way right Kritika

Karan : wait listen to me, Preeta

Preeta : when we told you that day you didn’t pay heed to our words now everything is clear, you are battering me for your information this won’t work with me

Karan : okay I am sorry but we did believe you both and then started our own mission

Preeta : whatever I don’t care but thing is you didn’t trust me enough, can you imagine if things would have gone out of hands for Kritika what would have happened to her

Karan : I know but at least listen to me once what I am saying

Preeta : I don’t want to hear anything, stupid

Karan follows her on the road walking. He buys flowers and balloon to cheer her up

Hey Hey Ey Ey Ey Ey Hey Hey Hey Hey…

Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga, Tumhi Pe Main Fida Hoon

Tumhe Hai Jabse Chaaha, Hawaaon Mein Udata Hoon

Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein

Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…

Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga Ke Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai

Chalo Kahe Deti Hoon, Kabhi Nahi Jo Kahaan Hai

Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein

Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…

Tum Jo Ghussa Bhi Karo Toh Mujhe Pyaar Lagata Hai Jaane Kyun

Main Toh Jo Bhi Kahu Tumhe Ikraar Lagata Hai Jaane Kyun

Chhodo Bhi Ye Ada, Paas Aake Jara, Baat Dil Ki Koi Keh Do Na

Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona..

Preeta finally gives in to his plea sharing the joy of happiness with him in park.

Sameer Shrishti goes out for their date on beach to celebrate.

Saari Duniya Ko Chhodake Maine Chaaha Hai Ik Tumhe

Maine Jindagi Se Maanga Hai Toh Sirf Maanga Hai Ik Tumhe

Abb Isi Chaah Mein, Abb Isi Raah Mein, Jindagibhar Mere Tum Ho Na

Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…

Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga, Tumhi Pe Main Fida Hoon

Tumhe Hai Jabse Chaaha, Hawaaon Mein Udata Hoon

Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein

Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…

Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…

Hey Hey Ey Ey Ey Ey Hey Hey Hey Hey…

Sameer lifts up his tall pole while dancing happily. Tanya and Nandini goes for shopping in mall for the marriage ceremony. Rishab keeps calling her unaware her phone was left at home.

Tanya : mom I think I left my phone at home what if Rishab was calling me

Nandini : not again even when you are with your mom you still need Rishab, you don’t care for me

Tanya : this emotional drama is my department nobody can take that place


The Luthra trio brothers sit with each other in Rishab’s room after load of drama during day. Unaware of their presence Tanya climbs to his room from window as always. Karan leans on the window not knowing she came from back. Her kick makes him fall down on floor and breaks his back muscles.

“I am so happy changes her reaction from apologizing to happy seeing his pain

Karan : yaar bhai why don’t you ban this non entry sign in your room till marriage

Rishab : what are you doing here?

Tanya : I cam to meet you and how would I know that this loser is with you

Sameer : hello Ms Bride you are not supposed to be here if Rakhi chachi sees you again then you know what will happen

Karan : I will go tell her right now

“Sure go ahead and also tell her yesterday you went to meet your baby doll at night Tanya threatens him funnily

She picks the knife to scare him pointing towards his neck.

Karan : bhai tell her to put down

Tanya : why do you always call your bhai for every small thing? are you so scared of me don’t worry I don’t harm kids

Karan : I am not scared of anybody you know who am I the Karan tuthra

Tanya : Mr loser whatever one thing let me clear this is my would be husbands room I can come anytime and I don’t need your permission

Karan : for your information this is my brother’s room and outsiders are not allowed

Tanya : you are calling me outsider? I am your bhabhi be respectful to me

Sameer : guys stop it you don’t see time and start fighting really

Rakhi calls Rishab for some work and he leaves leaving everything to Sameer.

Tanya : anyway my dear brother since Rishab is not here you can become my company

Karan : excuse me is this deal one free for two purchase no way

Tanya : thats such great idea, Sameer your brother traded you now come on

Both ends up making Sameer scapegoat and to add fuel Shrishti comes there too claiming her rights

Shrishti : what are you doing to my Sameer?

“He is my brother so first right is mine Tanya pulls him on her side

Karan and Shrishti tries harder to pull Sameer on their side. Rishab stops their childishness saving his innocent brother.

Rishab : you all cannot be serious like really, and what you both are doing here

Shrishti : I came to meet Kareena aunty for the next event planning

Sameer : what event ? I thought now will be marriage

Shrishti : its not for our wedding shorty

Tanya : and I came to vent out my anger on you all for informing me what happened this morning, only Preeta is my true friend

Rishab : check your phone , I called you million times during day

Tanya : I was out, my mother india’s order was I should spend few days with her now

Rishab : then what are you doing here ? go

Tanya : fine i am leaving bye but don’t forget I will come back to vent my anger on you Rishab



Tanya comes back to her house which has been silent from usual.

“Mom where are you I am back I know you are angry for meeting Rishab Tanya sets the dining table for them

With no reply coming back she goes to Nandini’s room directly. She gets completely shocked to see her mom lying on floor breathless.

“Mom wake up please splashes water on her face but no reaction

Her ability to think starts reducing on what to do seeing her mother lying unconscious. She calls the ambulance quickly and rushes Nandini to hospital.

Tanya : doctor whats the matter? is everything okay why did she

Doctor : you?

Tanya ; I am her daughter please tell me is everything fine

Doctor : this usually happens on last stage

“what do you mean by last stage I didn’t get that asks him confusingly

Doctor : your mom have brain tumor on last stage and I believe she was receiving treatment for that from past few months

The words echoes in her ear and mind like tornado that blows off everything. She recalls few instances previously when Nandini had slight symptoms.

“No this is not possible there must be some way to cure right please tell me asks him calmly

Doctor : we told your mom about that treatment but its too risky and less chance of survival, she declined to have any surgery here are her signed documents (shows her papers)

Tanya flips the documents rapidly seeing the signatures of her mom. She goes into deep shock to understand what is happening. The papers slip from her hands like sand.

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