Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 42

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Karan and Preeta cherishes the moments in the fair together.

“Karan I hope you didn’t forget tomorrow is our haldi and my would be husband after haldi and Mehndi we won’t be able to see each other wraps arm around him

Karan : thats not fair and even marriage date has not come out (pouts like child)

“Aww so cute you are such a small kid you know how much this rituals mean to me, tomorrow my hands will your name rest head on his shoulder

Karan goes to drop Preeta at her house but gets upset of her departure.

“You know everyday when I drop you small fear ignites inside me, I don’t want to go away from you holds her hands

Preeta : whenever you remember me just close your eyes, even I can’t stay without you now

“I brought this dress for you yesterday but could not give grabs bag from back seat

Preeta : what is this (tries to open)

Karan : wait don’t open right now, when you go home unwrap that and sorry for yesterday

“I should be sorry too because of me our engagement was almost spoiled but Karan I am still firm on my feelings tells him

Karan : but if something was wrong why didn’t Kritika said anything she lives with him under same roof

Preeta : I don’t know but she is also hiding something from us, its not possible she is unaware of her husband’s attitude

Karan : Anyway I don’t want to talk about all this your home is here

Preeta : bye Karan (leaves from car sadly)

“Listen to me carefully I am giving you very important task there should be no mistake Karan tells somebody on phone

Preeta opens the box to find gorgeous white sleeveless with red duppatta and green border.

“I know you are world’s most beautiful girl but tomorrow I want to see that with my own eyes she holds the note in hand

Luthra house

Rishab and Karan paces in their room not been able to enjoy the best phase of their life.

“See Maheshji here we are making arrangement of marriage and our children’s face are gloomy Rakhi comes in their room with Mahesh

Mahesh : I know why, because their freedom will be gone afterall their wives are coming and no more time to spend with you

Rishab ; dad please we are not in mood to joke

“What happened asks them

Karan : we are still thinking about yesterday I mean girls are so firm on their words

Rakhi : you all are on same direction

Karan : mom is it so easy to forget that I mean was insult till today not enough for Preeta that she vented out everything yesterday

Sameer :bhai is right they only wanted Kritika’s well being nothing else

Mahesh : I know it was not girl’s fault but you know how your aunt is and I gave her piece of mind after party

Sameer : I don’t know about you all but my heart says Tanya and Preeta might have saw something or else what could be the reason they are hell bent on proving him wrong

Rakhi : you all calm down I will talk with Kritika in private and ask her

Nandini visits Arora house in absence of Preeta and Shrishti who went to meet Kritika.

“Can I come in she knocks on open door

Sarla and Dadi are quite surprised to see her sudden visit.

Sarla : please come sit

Nandini ; thank you, sorry for not informing without coming here

Dadi : what are you saying? this is also your house too

Nandini : I wish I had that big heart like you all, this are some gift Vikram used to bring for you every raksha bandhan but he never got courage to send you

Sarla : why did you take trouble of that ?

“If I had not come today then how would I face your brother that i could not even ask forgiveness  folds her hands for previous mistakes

Sarla : forget whatever happened and its time to bid farewell for our daughters, I must say you have raised her so nice even in foreign

Nandini : I tried my best so she can never go mistakes in her life like me

Dadi ; how is all the preparations going?

Nandini : thats what I came here to talk if you don’t mind can we organize Mehndi and Sangeet of both girls at our house, Preeta is also like my daughter

Sarla and Dadi gets hesitant for her condition but agrees for her sake.

Nandini ; thank you so much

Oberoi house

“Tanya where are you Nandini finds her sitting upset in garden after fight with Rishab

“Yes mom what were you saying wipes her tears quickly

Nandini : what happened baby?

Tanya ; nothing mom what is it

“Your face clearly says again you messed up again and with your fianc starts massing her hair with oil

Tanya : I don’t know mom Rishab is very nice but yesterday when he didn’t support me I felt very bad

“You are still a kid, your childishness have not gone, listen Rishab is not your husband yet thing from his point of view,  he is a son, brother justifies Rishab’s behavior

“Why do you always blame me for everything pouts like child

Nandini : this is your problem, so impulsive about everything you are going to get married not a joke remember what I told you don’t get relation in silver platter

“Got it my mother india gets bored with her lectures but appreciates immense support

Nandini : you are very lucky to get guy like him, marriage works on two sides you also have to put your own effort

“What would I have done without you mom, you are right I am very lucky to be around so many good people but only regret is Sherlyn she went on wrong path ” shares her inner feelings

“Tanya you should learn to judge right and wrong people that girl does not deserve your sympathy, you did enough for that girl scolds her for recalling Sherlyn

Tanya : I am not taking her side but my heart says one day she will understand importance of love and relationship

“Once time run out things can’t go back same way people change their habit but not nature, your dress has come go check it leaves with huff

Tanya : mom listen to me I need favor from me

Nandini : your favor means inviting death for me what is it

Tanya tells her to take both families outside on pretense of ritual after haldi ceremony.

“I don’t know what have I fed you in childhood that you are giving me taste right now rubs her head with Tanya’s crazy mind

“Mom you know who I am, Tanya your daughter who will get such idea if I don’t sends her

Nandini ;hello first you listen to me this is last time okay before marriage, after your Mehndi I won’t let you go at that house till marriage

“I will tell you a secret when you go to sleep at night I always sneak in Rishab’s room tells her funnily

Nandini : what ?

Tanya : don’t increase your blood sugar my mother india I want to celebrate alone please tomorrow after haldi

Nandini ; okay fine enjoy

Tanya : love you (hugs her)

Next day the families gets in full swing for Haldi preparation in their house. Karan and Rishab gets ready for their haldi in rooms. Sameer teases them for getting trapped.

“Sammy you fool don’t make so much fun or very soon we will make you part of your trap Karan pounces on him

Rishab : exactly actually I will go and tell mom right now lets go

“Why are you both always behind me, I am going from here tries to leave

Rishab : no no come inside we still have to give you some dose

Sameer : Rishab bhai I didn’t expected this from you like really trying to blackmail your little innocent brother

“Actually I tell you what even Madhubhala was better actor than you in crying Karan teases him

Sameer pretends to be offended but next moment turns out hilarious when Rishab and Karan tickles him badly on weak spot. Dadi and Rakhi scolds them for enjoying alone.

Mahesh : this mom’s spoiled brats will never improve even after marriage

Rishab : yea like you have changed so much

Karan : mom  you still have not told me what did you see in him for marriage

“Fool you are instigating your mother against me Mahesh twist his ear

Rakesh : stop all this, guest are waiting and here father son duo are enjoying their fights

Rakhi sends driver to both girl’s house with Rishab and Karan’s haldi.

Dadi ; make sure everything is delivered safely okay this gift and specially that haldi bowl

Arora house

The chaos continues in the house for Preeta’s haldi ceremony. Shrishti keeps herself busy in the decorations of event.

“Janki is everything ready Karan’s haldi might be coming soon Sarla informs her

Preeta looks herself in mirror wearing Karan’s given dress. She gets upset at the same time for not able to show him.

“Di hurry up ” Shrishti comes inside to only find her sister looking diva

Preeta : I am looking good na (adjusts her duppatta)

Shrishti : good? this is not my Preeta di she is some angel from fairy tale (gets emotional)

“Here you are I sent you to bring her and you joined her with conversation Sarla scolds her

Shrishti : I was coming

“You are looking so beautiful, I hope you get all happiness of this world and your dreams come true you are happy na? asks her

Preeta nods slightly showing her emotions

“Okay mom you are making my sister more emotional now Shrishti takes them out

Karan’s haldi arrives

Everybody enjoys Preeta’s haldi with whole heart.

Shrishti takes the picture of everybody joined by Pragya and Abhi.


Tanya gets ready for her ceremony recalling everything happened recently.

“My nut case daughter where are you lose come on your would be husband’s haldi has come Nandini calls her downstairs. They welcome guest wholeheartedly but it does not go well when Sanjana and Sherlyn comes there.

“Nobody invited you here taunts them

Sherlyn : aunty please I came here share happiness of my sister

Nandini : really? the same sister who you tried to kill twice don’t force me to open mouth

“Nandini please at least today forget the past Sanjana tries to convince

Nandini ; why do you always

“Mom they are our guests we are not like them, lets not create any drama Tanya tries to calm things down

Luthra’s driver brings the haldi and gifts from Rishab’s house The ceremony starts for Tanya with everybody appreciating her. Things does not go well when one lady taunts Tanya for being unlucky for others but fortunate for herself.

“What luck she has, first she got adopted in such rich family now in laws are more wealthy some people are born to live in palace even they do not have that status instigates other people

Sherlyn : Excuse me aunty you are absolutely wrong because my sister is worth in million

Woman : its easy to say dear, but think her real parents died, then Mr oberoi lost his life because of his daughter’s nature

Tanya could not handle such allegation and gets up in the middle of ceremony without completing.

“Tanya listen to me Nandini tries to stop her

Sanjana consoles her but she asks them to leave.

“Aunty don’t worry I will bring her, its not good omen to leave ritual like this Sherlyn tries to go but is stopped by Nandini

The guest leaves after big drama knowing there will be no ceremony. Nandini sends Rishab’s haldi in hands of driver

“Tanya, dear please open the door I am getting worried are you okay bangs on her room but no response only sound of things breaking inside

Luthra house

Driver brings haldi from both house

Their ceremony starts with lot of happiness. Sameer applies haldi on both his brothers enjoying with full heart. He orders the drummers to play punjabi beat.

Kareena pretends to be happy for the sake of her nephews and family.

“Congratulations both of you she puts haldi on their face

“Thank you bua Rishab and Karan forget the sour and smiles at her

“Rishab bhai you are looking super handsome today more than celebrity ” Sameer taunts Karan

“Wow beta you switched sides so quickly now come to this bhai when you are in trouble Karan gets offended with him

“Karan dear don’t say anything to my Sameer he is so simple and naive you cannot pull his legs all the time twists his ears

Karan : bhai save me yaar only you are my support now

“Why what happened to your baby doll Rishab adds more fuel

Karan : oh yea she is too sweet

“Sweet and we all here are thorns right Mahesh joins them

Karan : I am going in my room, haldi is done na

Rishab : Karan wait don’t be offended from when you started getting offended, come don’t be serious lets enjoy

Karan : if you say so then I will sit (goes back)

Rishab : enjoy your freedom for few days beta there are few girls today

Karan : are you planning to get me beaten by that kareli she became queen of arc yesterday

Rishab : then start mending yourself or else everyday she will give you good episode

Karan : forget about me what is your crazy fianc doing right now

Rishab : I don’t know you know we are not allowed to go there today

Karan : this is so unfair bhai I mean why

“Bhai can you come over here please Sameer calls Karan

Karan : coming this dude have no peace

Rishab : go what he is saying, driver did you delivered the haldi safely both places

Driver : yes sir but there was problem

Rishab : problem? where

Driver tells him everything happened at Tanya’s house recently. Rishab checks his phone that had Nandini’s missed calls

“Aunty’s 15 calls I hope they are okay get worried and tries calling them but nobody picks up

Karan : what happened bhai? is everything okay

“There is problem I need your help, will you come with me asks his help

Karan : is that something to ask, don’t worry lets get changed first or else mom will doubt us

Rakhi : yes where are my brave sons going right now you know where you are not supposed to go

Karan : your both sons are getting married there are some things understand

“I understand everything sunny boy twists his ear but Rishab stops her

“Don’t worry mom we will be back soon take care Rishab assures her and leave with Karan

Nandini invites both families to join her in the prayer at temple.

Karan drops Rishab outside Tanya’s house and goes to meet his baby doll at Arora house. Rishab sees everything scrappy on floor of decoration and other things. There is silence after storm passing from the house. Rishab looks around for the person he came to meet breaking promise of his mother first time. He enters Tanya’s room filled with darkness where wind blows faster through windows everywhere. Finally his eyes find the broken soul sitting on floor lifelessly without any reaction staring at walls. Rishab puts the haldi bowl he grabbed from everybody’s eyes.

“Tanya are you okay goes next to her bringing back to senses

She does not react much except rolling her eyes towards him.

“Why are you here asks him seeing other side

Rishab : for you

“Then go from here nobody is mine people are right I will always be unlucky for everybody just leave removes his hand from her face

“Tanya listen to me i did not came here to feel pity on your condition I am here for my love who needs me holds her face tightly

“No Rishab go from here or else you will also die like other I have my mom only nobody else gets up to leave other side

Her duppatta gets stuck on his watch exposing her back little bit. Rishab makes her sit on sofa lighting the candles in the middle of room. He brings the bowl of haldi next to her.

“You cannot put this on me, its not good omen for couple to put haldi on each other stops his hands midway of touching her face

“Our love is unique then every ceremony will be memorable for us puts on one side of her blushing cheeks

Tanya runs to the pillar standing against him but her duppatta gets stuck on his watch. Rishab move her hair on front running his hand on her bare back. He blocks her from sideways holding her hands through waist.

“Tanya, color me in your love today whispers closely in her ears

She gets bolt of thunderstorm in her body with his touchy gesture. Next moment Rishab feels her cheeks and head rubbing on his with all the color Both are painted in yellow haldi symbolizing   foundation of their new relationship.

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq

Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq

Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq

Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq..

Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa

Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa

Raha na main phir apne jaisa

Ho raha na main phir apne jaisa

Mera naam ishq

Tera naam ishq

Tera naam ishq

Tera naam ishq

Rishab lifte her in arms putting her down on floor carefully. His hands trails on her back with small kisses on her neck. Tanya hold his collar rubbing his chest with yellow color.  He gives little kiss on the tears falling from side of her eyes.

Mera naam, Tera naam

Mera naam ISHQ!

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq

Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq

Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq

Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq

Apna naam badal dun

Ya tera naam chhupa lun

Ya chhod ke saari aag

Main vairaag utha lun

Bas ek rahe mera kaam ishq

Mera kaam ishq

Mera kaam ishq

Both sit on floor for a while

Remember what I said I don’t care who thinks what but for me you are best thing in my life I got Rishab assures her to not become weak again

Tanya : I want to live this world holding your hands

” And I will live every moment seeing your face swears on her head

Tanya ; you should go before mom comes back

“Good night take care starts walking outside but she holds his hands gently

“Thank you gives her precious smile to him

Arora house

Preeta decorates her room with small roses putting bowl of haldi came from Karan’s house. She feels his presence in her room bringing back the flood of moments they spent.

“Were you missing me baby doll give her back hug from behind

“No closes her eyes nervously

“Thats why you are still wearing the dress I gave you and putting that haldi turns her towards him

Preeta : karan go from here its not good for us to meet right now (takes step back)

“Really what about our love is it so weak that small ritual can break our foundation blows her hair flying on eyes pulling close through waist and tells to paint him in her love

Both puts their hand together on haldi bowl. Karan runs her hands gently on his face. He wraps his around her whole neck with haldi. She rubs her cheeks on his both sides with small drops of tears in her eyes.

Ang laga de re

Mohe rang laga de re

Ang laga de re

Mohe rang laga de re

Main toh teri joganiya

Tu jog laga de re

Karan hold’s Preeta’s face standing near the window kissing her forehead.

Jog laga de re

Prem ka rog laga de re

Main toh teri joganiyaan

Tu jog laga de re

Ram ratan dhan

Lagan magan man

Tan mora chandan re

Ujli kori preet piya

Satrang laga de re

Ang laga de re

Mohey rang laga de re

Main to teri joganiya

Tu jog laga de re

“This moon is bright today like our life, I want our future to remain with the same light Karan holds her from back

Preeta : when we are together nobody can reduce that light in our life, Karan you will not leave me alone na?

“Never, your name is written on my every hearbeat they won’t stop till my last breathe puts her hand on his heart

Preeta gives him solace hug to reduce his pain of separation from here

Karan : baby doll I am very hungry please give me some food or I will faint

Preeta ; what? you want to have dinner right now, do you even realize if mom comes back then

Karan : please your would be husband is asking some food and you are kicking me out

Preeta : okay fine you stay here I will bring something but please don’t do that emotional drama with me it will not work with me

Karan : thank you baby doll (kisses her cheeks happily)

Preeta goes to kitchen to bring some food for her kadva karela. She brings his favorite meal she made in early morning.

“Wow my favorite samosas you are awesome starts to eat

Preea : seriously you are so mannerless, I mean your fianc is standing in front of you, she made this at 4 am this morning and look at you eating them happily

Karan : who stopped you? consider you own house baby doll

“You know what you eat this and leave the plate here I will clean it later gets irritated with his childish behavior

“Okay I am sorry you know I have habit of joking you didn’t understand that till now pulls her closer

Preeta : then feed me I am starving (becomes little child in front of him)

Karan feeds his samosa to her and asks to save something after Mehndi tomorrow

“Baby doll don’t tell me I have to feed you tomorrow because your hands will not be free Karan pulls her leg

Preeta : please dear husband you don’t have to work so hard I will go on hunger strike (shouts in his ears loudly)

Karan : oouch my poor ears (his eyes fall on album on table)

Preeta : Karan give that back to me

“Oho so this is madam’s childhood picture let me see how my baby doll looked in school tiny nose, this rage type eyes makes fun of her while running around

Preeta pretends to be hurt in her leg and take album from his hand

Karan : you are a cheater, come on show me that album please

Preeta : fine only if you stop behaving like child

Karan : okay I won’t do any mischief

Preeta shows her all picture from Nasik school and college with Dhruv and Shrishti.

After a while Karan leaves before everybody comes back.

Shrishti comes to meet Sameer after many days due to busy events. She finds him sitting near the pool dipping his leg in water.

“This is cold takes her feet back from water

Sameer : not more than you right tall pole

“Shorty why do you always irritate me like this I am your sweet tall pole rest her head on his shoulder

Sameer : yea right the same who teases my height like my brothers

“But whose fault is it that you are shorter than me, thats why we are one unique couple splashes on water with her feet

“Hello be careful if you all fall again in pool I don’t want to break my bones carrying you holds her shoulder to calm down

Shrishti : come on shorty learn to be free little bit like me, Karan sir this is only time

“You are there with me na to teach me, do I need anybody else praises her

Shrishti : you know when I saw my di today I felt how important is marriage, every ritual is so significant haldi , mehndi I can’t wait for the day when we will do those

“Why can’t we do that with our siblings, its still not late yet what say asks her to marry him

Shrishti stands up with disbelief reaction.

“What happened tall pole did I say anything wrong he gets worried with her strange reaction

Shrishti : you said very big thing

“I am sorry Shrishti but don’t get me wrong tries to apologize to her

Shrishti next moment gives him push in pool happily giving her silent agree.

“Be ready to bear my shorty Luthra she escapes happily

Sameer blushes with her antics and plays with cold water.

On temple Nandini reveals her family relation with Arora to Luthra’s to avoid any misunderstanding

Rakhi ; what are you saying? Sarla ji never told us that she had brother in London

Nandini ; because of me her brother left every relation back and settled in foreign

Sarla : now we all are one family there should be no secrets its different for children but we all should know each other, we didn’t wanted you all to know from outside

Dadi : honestly we didn’t feel bad, you reduced the burden in your heart even if we have heard from outside we would have no complaint

Rakhi : mummy ji you are right, this is your personal matter we cannot interfere nor we can change the past

Nandini : Sarla didi we should not even worry now because our daughters got the heaven

Next day Mehndi ceremony take place in Oberoi house. Tanya wear the bracelet Rishab gave her on roka.

Aroras get ready to come at her house.

Shrishti : di I don’t understand why does Tanya’s mom want to have your Mehndi at her house

Preeta : give break to your crazy mind, she might want to spend time with both families and maybe Tanya might have told her

Shrishti : strange na

Preeta : please stop with your useless talks lets go aunty might be waiting for us

Families gather at Oberoi house for Mehndi. Nandini welcomes them warmly.

“Wow aunty what a decoration Shrishti appreciates everything

Nandini : thank you dear come sit the girls will be here soon to put Mehndi

Preeta : where is Tanya

Nandini ; dont’ ask me she is getting ready from 3 hours my throat is hurting now

Shrishti : don’t worry aunty we will go and check on her come di

The girls to Tanya’s room who is sitting in front of mirror lost in her own world

“Hello Ms dream girl where are you lost, downstairs everybody is waiting you remember its your Menhdi Shrishti snaps finger

Preeta : hey look her Shrishti see how she is turning red in blush

Tanya : stop it girls

“Aha maybe romance level had taken high level right, I am sure Rishabji might be too romantic type person Shrishti teases her

Tanya : really?  Preeta in their case its opposite your sister might me more romantic than my shorty brother right Ms blushing

“you are saying correct Shrishti look how she is blushing hearing Sameer’s name Preeta turns table too

Shrishti : you both save all this after marriage right now we are here for your Mehndi okay

Tanya : okay never mind we will see for how long you will survive

Luthras arrive at the place with the gifts and shagun for Preeta and Tanya.

Sarla : I think the Mehndi girls are here

Karan gives his silent signal complimenting her looks as always.

“Girls put Mehndi properly my both son’s name should be written carefully okay Rakhi tells ladies who are putting henna

Nandini : you all come sit here I will arrange for snacks, Chaaya serve water and juice

Chaaya : yes ma’am

Shrishti adds some entertainment in function for both her sister and friend.

Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

Kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

Haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

Tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

Nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

Kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

Haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

Tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

Nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

O Hariyali Banno

Le Jaana Tujhko Guiyyaan Aane Waale Hai Saiyyaan

Thaamenge Aake Baiyyaan, Goonjegi Shehnaayi

Shrishti shares her hug with Preeta emotionally and Tanya as friendly

Angnaayi, Angnaayi

Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

Kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

Haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

Tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

Nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

Come on groom’s family we are waiting or else you want us girls to finish this Shrishti asks them for dance

Sameer : wait tall pole what is so hurry movie has just started

O.. o..
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori
Aayenge tere sajna

Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Oh.. ho.. oh.. ho..

Karan and Rishab joins them too.

O.. aa..
Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Yeh dil ki baat apne
Dil mein dabake rakhna

Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna


“Hello ladies and gentleman Mehndi function and without me no chance Dhruv’s voice echoes in house

Le jayenge le jayenge

Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge

Le jayenge le jayenge

Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge

Aji rahey jayenge rahey jayenge

Paisewaley dektey rahey jayenge

Le jayenge le jayenge

Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge

Preeta : oh you are finally here good at least you will learn to come on time

Dhruv : your Mehndi function and I don’t come how is it possible by the way we should have sangeet function what say aunty

Mahesh : why not? consider it done tomorrow at our house

Rakhi ; tomorrow how will we do preparation

“Come on aunty what are we here for just leave that on us Dhruv assures her

Kritika : yes mami he is expert in everything multitalented people I guess right

Dhruv : Preeta explain your sister in law to not challenge me or else she have to see the face of loss right madam

Kritika ; excuse me what do you think I can’t do anything then you are most illusion creature on this earth alright

Dhruv : okay fine lets see how much talent you girls can have

Kritika : we will find that out tomorrow who is better than who, you take care of your clinic I am much better dancer than you

“Reality check kiddos in this room there is somebody who can give tough competition, 7 national championship on international level for dancing right Ms wrestler Rishab looks at tanya

Kritika : bhai

“He is right my Tanya is very good dancer she can give very good competition Nandini tell her

Shrishti : in that case aunty even Dhruv has performed at every youth festival and won trophies in dance competition

Karan ; so girls be ready for war tomorrow we boys will also show you we are not less from anybody

Sarla : I think Mehndi are almost dry

Nandini : why don’t you both go near the fan or outside so it gets dry quickly

Tanya goes near the fan looking at her Mehndi. She tries to grab the glass but have hard time.

“May I help Rishab makes her drink carefully

Tanya : thank you

Rishab : your face says you are hungry, I seriously feel that staying hungry is not your thing

Tanya ; you are right me and hungry is like diving in 10 feet swimming pool

Preeta goes out to get fresh air as well as her Mehndit to dry. Her hair troubles blows on face due to high wind blowing. A familiar hand pulls away all the hair and tugs behind her ear.

“Thank you Karan looks at him staring

Karan : why are you looking tired?

“This Mehndi is taking forever to dry I can’t wait for you to find the name pouts

Karan ; Baby doll I don’t need to prove my love but if this makes you happy then fine (puts her hand on her bare waist)

Somebody zooms their moments in binocular from front. Shrishti interrupts their moment taking Preeta to washroom to wash the Mehndi. The color turns out to be extremely dark in both girl’s henna. The henna ladies compliments the love of their husband and mother in law.

“See how love is reflecting from their face Sarla tells them

Karan and Rishab find their names in their perspective fiancee’s hands. After lunch everyday takes leave for their home.

Sarla : thank you for so much honor it was very good to celebrate our daughter’s beautiful day

Nandini : don’t embarrase me I tried to make this day very special for our girls

Preeta : thank you for this aunty (touches her feets)

Nandini : you are most welcome nobody should cast evil eye on you

Tanya : bye buddy (hugs Preeta and Shrishti)

Luthra house

After tiring Mehndi sequence Karan goes at Rishab’s room for night after having sleepless.

Rishab : what are you doing here?

Karan : bhai I am not sleepy so I thought I would come here you know how in childhood I always slept on your hands

Rishab : and you know I don’t like to hear those big long lecture from your mouth, go on bed I will bring water from kitchen

Karan : okay and turn off the lights

Rishab goes downstairs to bring water in jug   unaware of Tanya’s presence in house. She enters through main door in hooded jacket without noticing Rishab in kitchen and runs upstairs. In dark she sees somebody sleeping in room thinking Rishab and goes close to whisper.

“Hello my would be husband says softly in dark

Karan thinks to be Preeta and laughs hearing her giggling voice.

“What happened to your voice you sound like that fool Karan asks him

“Ms Mental I am the Karan Luthra okay talks in his sleep holding her hands

Tanya : oh this is Karan wait I will show you now (tries to get up but his grip is too tight for him)

She removes his hand from her quickly and kicks with her leg causing him to fall down from bed. Karan shouts out loud waking from his sleep.

Downstairs Sameer meets Rishab in kitchen

Rishab ; you didn’t sleep yet

“Yea actually is about to complete but hear bickering from upstairs

Both boys runs to Rishab room only to find things scrambled on floor with pillows, blankets and small accessories.

“Karan what are you doing leave her Rishab brings him to other side when he is twisting Tanya’s hand funnily

“You Ms bride what are you doing here Sameer asks her

Karan : bhai leave me she kicked me, I won’t spare her now she is on my top list of villains

Tanya : oh the head of villains you held my hands in sleep who will say that

Karan : how would I know that bhootni’s roam around in Rishab’s night

Tanya : and nobody told me that a owls sleep in my Rishab’s room

Karan ; this is my brother’s room okay I can come sleep anytime

Tanya ; and its my would be husband’s room I can sneak anytime

Karan : would be, he is not your husband yet

Tanya : yes and next time I will throw you out of this window

Karan : bhai you tell me first what is this bhootni doing here at this time

Tanya : Mr don’t force me to open my mouth okay that you also do the same thing

Rakhi calls Nandini and Sarla telling them about everything. Families warns them to not meet again till the next ceremony.

Nandini : I am so sorry Rakhiji and you (Tanya) come home then I will show you

Tanya gets nervous about her mom’s reaction.

“You all children did not do good by breaking the promise, Tanya I know my Karan is rebel but I have more expectation from you dear Rakhi scolds her for being childish

Tanya : I am sorry aunty, mom I promise after today I will not come  from window

“That means you will come from main door right at midnight Karan giggles

Preeta signals him to be quite staring

“Mom see how he is making fun of me Tanya blames him

Rakhi : stop it both of you, I know my Rishab and Preeta has been influence by both you

“Chachi you are right this two have habit to come in bhai and Preeta’s room ” hides behind her while talking

“Sammy I will not spare you for this Karan warns him in funny way

Dadi : Karan you are joking in serious situation, you all will get punishment for this so Rakhi what should we do

“I suggest that after sangeet tomorrow  for next 5 days you four will not see each other except Rishab and Preeta wants to meet both you couple will not meet each other Rakhi orders them after getting green signal from Sarla and Nandini

Nandini : and if again you children try to meet then we will delay your weddings

“Mom this is wrong Karan tells Tanya to speak up

Tanya : idiot this is because of you who told you to shout in room now I have to pay with you

Karan : good pay for sneaking at night now

Tanya hits on his feet angrily

“I think we all should leave now its quite late Sarla takes Preeta and Shrishti

Nandini too leaves with Tanya and drops Arora at their home.

Precap : Karan and Preeta survives from attack on sangeet. Things turn ugly with Kritika attempting suicide after seeing Akshay’s ugly face

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