Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 40

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The couples buy the engagement rings and heads towards their respective home. Tanya is able to track the constable who had old connection with her dad.

“Is this constable Chadda’s house asks the servant who opens the door and nods

Tanya ; hello uncle you might have not recognized but I am daughter of Vikram Oberoi the same one who fought your case once

Constable : yes how can I forget him

Tanya : today I need your help please will you

Preeta and Shrishti tries their dresses for the engagement ceremony. Sarla and Dadi gets emotional seeing her dressed up.

“Ma you are crying Preeta ask her

Sarla : tears of happiness, in few days you will go away from this house and then this Shrishti will also leave

“Oh my dear mother I am not going anywhere let di go then in whole house we both will rock Shrishti gets in tears

Preeta : my chutki thats why I am saying you also come with me all problems will be solved

Shrishti blushes hearing her sister running inside the room.

“Did she really blush or was it just me Sarla questions Preeta who tells her everything about Sameer and Shrishti relationship.

“I knew it but just needed confirmation, hayee both of our daughters will go in the same house Dadi gets very elated. Sarla goes to see Shrishti who is standing near the window.

“My little doll has grown up so much that she is blushing in front of her mom Sarla kisses her forehead and ask about her final decision to marry Sameer. She gives her silent reply with nod again goes to terrace looking at sky.

Preeta : mom stop it don’t make her blush so much now, talk to Rakhi aunty quickly now both sisters will get married on same day


Sarla decides to wait till after engagement for Sameer and Shrishti’s relation.

Tanya goes after Sameer with stick for hiding everything from her.

“Shorty the whole world knew, your useless brother Karan, my Rishab and that Preeta but none of you bothered to tell me hits on his leg

Sameer : what are you doing pinky? I am sorry and I was not going to tell Bhai but they both attacked my weak spot so I had to (acts like innocent child in front of them)

Tanya : don’t try to act smart in front of me or I will reduce your height one inch

Sameer : what kind of sister are you? not happy at all with this news and only showing that I didn’t tell you before

“Sameer don’t make me more irritated or else you will have to travel in ambulance instead of horse for the wedding makes him do push ups for punishment

Sameer gets tired but his crazy sister makes him suffer till death.

“I hope you are not tired my sweet brother sits on his back

Sameer : god my back, how much did you gain weight, reduce before wedding or else my poor Rishab bhai’s will get back ache on wedding night itself and don’t expect me to lift you that day for that garland ritual

“Are you done with your nonsense, don’t worry I will only gain 10 kilos during wedding not more that I promise enjoys sitting on his back

Sameer : was that beating not enough in library for you now again doing the torture (fakes shouting)

Tanya : the more you pretend to shout more torture I will do, sit quietly and tell me everything from beginning (eats chips)

Sameer makes up the crazy story of how he realized Shrishti is nice girl and give one chance to their relationship.

“If you are telling truth then I will forgive you but then if I find out that there is little bit lie in this, watch out threatens him

Sameer : thats true now please get up

Tanya gets overwhelmed for his happiness asking him to marry on same day

Sameer ; no yaar, I am not ready for marriage yet and even Shrishti needs some time forget about me, are you happy with Rishab bhai?

“Yes very much nods happily

Sameer : can’t imagine you and Rishab bhai

Tanya : even I could not have dreamt that in whole life but one thing I know nobody can do this much that Rishab does for me

Sameer : but relation works with both sides you also have to put equal effort

Tanya : wait I have to show you something (messes up her shelve)

Sameer : what are you doing?

“You know I brought this bangle for your would be wife and my future sister in law how it shows him the design

Sameer : terrible

Tanya : what? (ask sadly)

“Pinky, you don’t know Shrishti she looks at the feelings of the person not the beauty of gift gives her honest opinion

Tanya : Sameer you don’t know how happy I am today something I could not do in so many months this girl did it, she deserves the best

Sameer : why don’t you give her by yourself

Tanya : okay (puts back in her drawer)

Sameer : you got something for her but not for the brother who is craving for something

“Sit here understands his sadness and grabs the rakhee, brings the tray of prayer.

Tanya ties the rakhee on his wrist feeding him the sweet. Both share very teary moment after pain of separation from years.

Sameer : you saved so many rakhi, will you not ask my anything what can I give you

“Just keep this hand on my head always, a sister can only ask for that that his brother will have all happiness in world ” rests on his hand

Her tears drops fall on the rakhi

Preeta and Shrishti gets ready to sleep on terrace in open air. Both puts sheet on floor and gets the blankets. Dhruv climbs up to the terrace scaring the girls.

“What are you doing here Preeta asks him sarcastically

Dhruv : oh sorry I didn’t knew people live here or else I would be careful

“Idiot don’t try to be oversmart Preeta throws bed sheet on him

Dhruv takes her favorite blanket to irritate her while Shrishti joins him too.

“Both of you go to some psychiatrist before I drag you there gets annoyed

Dhruv : why do we have to? I mean you are mental right

Preeta : excuse me are you here to get yourself beaten?

Dhruv : wow I got scared please spare me that horror after the movie

Preeta feels banging her head on wall for being surrounded with crazy people around.

Shrishti : by the way di there is only one girl left in the family if you say should be get him married (Talks about ruchika)

“Seriously Shrishti I feel you have gone more crazy with being in love Preeta scolds her

Dhruv : yea right and you have become so saint since your marriage ritual started

Preeta : now will you tell what are you doing here at this time

Dhruv : I was really bored and you know how I miss this angry looks of your

Preeta : god not again I hope you are coming tomorrow last time you missed the roka but I won’t tolerate this for engagement

Dhruv : of course this world will end if I dont’ attend your ceremony (starts his drama)

Preeta : and who knows you find a beautiful girl in my engagement but listen don’t do any kind of drama please

Dhruv : I wil think about that

Preeta : are you done? if you are then go from here its my engagement tomorrow I need rest

Dhruv : at least behave like bride sometime

“Enough now go from here, leave Preeta tries to throw him out through ladder

Shrishti : where are you going? go from door

Preeta : why? he came from ladder then he should go from same way

Dhruv leaves from the stairs. The girls lays down looking at clear sky

“Shrishti look at that star, thats papa points up on the sky

Shrishti : he must be so happy na, you are getting engaged tomorrow

Preeta : finally and then after few days I will go to my Karan

Shrishti : I will miss you a lot but don’t worry only few months till you come back from honeymoon you find me in Luthra house

Preeta : you really have gone crazy in love but thats not your fault everybody acts like that when love happens

Shrishti : you know I am very excited we both will go at same house imagine you will come to wake me up in morning like always

“No way when I told my Karan clearly I will not be his alarm you are not in that range teases her funnily

Shrishti tickles her for making fun happily. Their conversation ends with the sisterly hug.

Next day everybody gets in full swing for the engagement. Nandini have hard time waking her lazy daughter.

“Tanya wake up, you are still sleeping opens the window of room

“Mom close the curtain let me sleep covers herself with blanket

Nandini : what should I do with this girl? (gets unique idea to wake her up)

She calls Karan to play prank on her knowing both are opposite side poles.

“Tanya there is call for you puts phone on her ears smirkily

Tanya : yes who is it? (still in sleepy)

“Hello Tanya you come quickly please Rishab Karan starts crying

Tanya wakes up hurriedly hearing his name panicking like hell.

Tanya : what are you saying? Rishab?

“You just come here hangs up laughing

Tanya hurriedly rushes to Luthra house in her night dress. She clashes to Sameer in middle who is shocked to see her.

Sameer : hello would be bride what are you doing here?

Tanya : I will talk to you later where is Rishab

Sameer : in his room why?

Karan sees her coming upstairs and hides behind the pillar.

“Rishab where are you Tanya starts shouting in his room

“Tanya what happened looks at her shockingly

“I am asking the same thing are you okay asks him panicky

Rishab : yes do I look sick to you? and you here in this clothes that day you were blushing now coming in night shorts

Tanya : forget about clothes you sit here where is water (finds jug)

“I don’t need water you need to relax Rishab tries to calm her down and ask about her sudden visit

“Karan called me that you are in trouble thats why reveals him

Rishab could see one world war happening in the early morning. Karan comes there laughing at her reaction and fooling.

“You makes agitated face and grabs the ball from the corner throwing at him

Both starts their fight again throwing things on each other running into kitchen messing it up.

“Both of you what did you made my kitchen Rakhi stops them

Tanya : sorry aunty but this son of yours irritated me early this morning and told Rishab

Karan : mom she is lying, aunty called me that she was not waking up and asked for help

Tanya : liar now you are blaming my mom (scratches his hair)

“Leave my hair wild cat ” Karan shouts

Rishab takes Tanya away outside telling her to go back at home and get ready.

Tanya : I am so sorry my head was spinning take care bye

Rishab looks at her going towards car. She quickly gives small peck of his cheeks and goes

“This girl is so crazy touches his cheek blushingly

Arora house

Sarla and Janki gets busy in making arrangement. Shrishti tells Preeta about their pick up of the engagement dress.

Preeta : oh yes but we will take that when we go to parlor right so much work is pending

Shrishti : my sister you won’t do any work, or your pictures won’t come good

Preeta : stop your chattering you help mom here I will go pick shop

Dadi : you cannot go alone today, take Shrishti and come back early

Preeta : okay dadi we will come back soon, lets go Shrishti

The girls go to the shop for dress pick and tries on before buying.

“Di it the fitting properly, I think it looks perfect Shrishti compliments her

Preeta looks herself in mirror recalling Karan’s putting chunnari on her in Lonavla.

“My sister looks like angel today hugs from back emotionally

Preeta : come we are getting late, we have to at parlor lets go

Nandini looks at Tanya’s messy room with all dresses on bed.

“You have grown up and getting engaged but look this is would be bride’s clean room taunts her

Tanya : you leave it because of you this morning I was so embarrassed

Nandini : I did not find other way to straight my crazy daughter, and what is all this hurry up we only have 3 hours and here bride is selecting her dress

“Mom you and Rishab both knows I am very unique bride and today whole world will find that out wraps around her

Nandini : what are you talking about?

“You go to hall alone I will reach there tells her messing her clothes

Nandini : excuse me I am not crazy like you, its your engagement not mine what do you mean go alone

“Mom what did I told you I am antique piece in your and Rishab’s life, my sweet mother india go get ready and let me get ready takes her out of room slowly

Nandini : god this girl is cracked I hope Rishab can handle her craziness

“Hello my bride friend I have very important to tell you Tanya calls Preeta and Shrishti

Arora house

“Shrishti are you ready Sarla knocks on the room

She applies kohl on Preeta to avoid getting casted evil eye.

“My di is looking perfect like fairy puts chunnari on her

Janki : our Preeta is going to such amazing house everybody is so pure

Dadi : come lets go we will get late

Preeta : Shrishti how will we execute our plan

Shrishti : just leave to me, Tanya said she will wait for you in garden best of luck

Karan takes all time get ready while his brothers and parents scold him to take forever than girls to get ready.

“You all forgot today is my the Karan Luthra’s engagement I am shaking right now Karan starts his drama

Rishab : yea as if we all are used of this, now hurry you guest and everybody is here

After everybody goes down Karan holds Rishab back in room.

“Bhai can you imagine today that day has come we both are getting engaged Karan makes him sit down

Rishab : did you see mom dad, dadi everybody is so happy and you better mend your ways in few days your wife is coming

“No worries till you are here is there anybody who can dare to come between our relation lays on Rishab’s lap joined by Sameer

“Yes bro you know your being married will not affect us, we will only think that a comedian has entered taunts Tanya

Rishab : be thankful she did not hear you or else you know her karate skill

Karan : so what? we are not scared from her

“Very good you all brothers enjoy your ceremony here let everybody go to hell Rakhi gets disappointed with them

“Oh my Nirupa roy why are you getting sentimental, we are your brave sons except this Sameer he will remain shorty Karan mentions

The sons and mother duo shares affectionate hug together. Everybody gathers downstairs while boys wait desperately to see girls.

Karan : bhai this girls have not come yet I hope they have not ran away

Rishab : even today such useless things come on your mind

Arora and Nandini are welcomed very warmly by luthras. Sanjana congratulates Nandini whom she saw after many years.

“Sarlaji, Nandinji where are our daughters, we have to start the ceremony Rakhi ask them

Sarla : Preeta came with us here but don’t know where suddenly she went

Nandini : Even Tanya told me same thing that she will be here from parlor with her friend

“I am sure you might be upto something pinky this girl can never do something straight in her life Sameer understands her mind

Karan and Rishab starts getting desperate and lose their patience when girls don’t show up after while.

Sarla : I am getting worried now where did these two have went

Shrishti messages them to hurry up.

Karan : bhai lets go check I am sure they are upto something (Starts panicking)

Lights turns off in other moment

Mahesh : what happened to the lights

They hear small sounds of anklet and lights on stage. Preeta and Tanya makes their grand entry with slow dance joined by Shrishti.

( Chhalka Chhalka Re Kalse Ka Paani

Chhalka Chhalka Re O Aankhna Maani )…(2)

Maiyya Bole Jaana Nahi

Bhaiyya Voh Bhii Maana Nahi

Baabul Bole Bas Ek Din Kal Ka Chhalka

Gudda Bole Jaana Nahi 

Guddii Bole Jaana Nahi

Sakhii Bole Bas Ek Din Kal Ka Chhalka

Chhalka Chhalka…Aankhna Maani

Bhole Bhole Pairon Se Chalii Chalii Re

Baabul Terii Chhotii Thii Galii

Biite Mere Piichhe Rah Gaye Rah Gaye

Paatriyon Ke Niiche Rah Gaye

Gaiya Merii Pyaasii Rah Gayi

Rah Gayi

Sarla and Nandini gets teary eyes seeing them together.

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho…

Gori Sharmaayi Mann Mein Muskaayi, Gunji Angana Mein Shehnaayi… (2)

Baaje Gali Mein Dhoil, Gori Ghungata Toh Khol… (2)

Luthra boys join them in the dance with their partners.

Pi Se Milan Ki Ghadi Aayi

Gunji Angana Mein Shehnaayi, Gori Sharmaayi Mann Mein Muskaayi

Gunji Angana Mein Shehnaayi… (2)

Hey Dono Hatheli Mehandi Hai Kaisa Rang Laayi… (2)

Ang Ang Haldi Jo Lage Mehaki Mehkaayi… (2)

Mehaka Jo Yuun Tan Mann, Badhane Lagi Dhadkan… (2)

Anjaani Khushiya Hai Lehraayi Ha Ha

Gunji Angana Mein Shehnaayi, Gori Sharmaayi Mann Mein Muskaayi

Gunji Angana Mein Shehnaayi… (2)

Hey Ji Re Hey Ji Re Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji… Ji Re

Rishab and karan starts with Jogi mahi

Sunoh ek thi kanch ki gudiya
Suno ek thi pyar ki pudiya
Uss pyar ke
Sunoh ek tha pind da shera
Aaya kaske bandh wo sehara
Uss yaar ke

Sunoh ek thi kanch ki gudiya
Suno ek thi pyar ki pudiya
Uss pyar ke
Sunoh ek tha pind da shera
Aaya kaske bandh wo sehara
Uss yaar ke

Saji thi doli… wo
Chadha tha ghodi.. wo
Khoya jaane kahan inna sona pyar baliye

Jogi maahi heer ranjhana
Sabnu jaake main ye bolna
Baat bolke
Raaz kholna

Jogi maahi heer ranjhana
Sabnu jaake main ye bolna
Baat bolke
Raaz kholna..

Wo jaane kahaan
Gum ho gayi phir na mili
Jo phulon si thi gayi
Phir na khili

Pyaar maanga tha maine rab se
Wo rehata tha yahin pe
Maangu main yahi duwaaye

Shrishti, Preeta and Tanya have their own sister moment during the song.

Laut aaye wo kahin se
Tu chhad de ve jidd
Hun chhaj hute
Aaja dil tuta jaata sun pyaar doliya?

Jogi maahi heer ranjhana
Sabnu jaake main ye bolna
Baat bolke
Raaz kholna

Karan and Preeta set the stage in fire with their dance of Dil Diya galla. Both get lost in the moment forgetting about people around.

Kachi doriyon, doriyon, doriyon se
Mainu tu baandh le
Pakki yaariyon, yaariyon, yaariyon mein
Honde naa faasle

Eh narazgi kaagzi saari teri
Mere sohneya sun le meri
Dil diya gallan
Karange naal naal beh ke
Akh naale akh nu mila ke

Dil diyan gallan haaye
Karange roz roz beh ke
Sachiyan mohabbataan nibhake

Sataaye mainu kyun
Dikhaye mainu kyun
Aive jhoothi mutthi russ ke rusake
Dil diyan gallan haaye
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naale akh nu mila me

Karan lifts her up in arms twirling around slowly with her heavy lehanga. His eyes are glued to her simplicity beauty like Greek Goddess on earth.

Rishab and Tanya holds hands for dance leaving their comfort zone.

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun,
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun.
Zindgi Ki Shakh Se Loon Kuchh Hasin Pal Le Chun
Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun
Zindgi Ki Shakh Se Loon Kuchh Hasin Pal Le Chun
Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi  Dhun

Everybody scolds the girls for panicking them.

Preeta : aunty this is not my fault

Karan : of course only person unique person can do all this on their own engagement day right Ms boxer

Tanya : oh hello I am not ordinary bride okay, I do everything with style I told Preeta to make you wait more but then I forgot my Rishab would be desperate to see me

Rishab looks around feeling little bit awkward with her antics.

Shrishti : this was so much fun, aunty before anything else happens lets start with the engagement ceremony

Rakhi bring the rings for both couple. Karan and Preeta exchanges the ring with new glow on their face. Preeta is extremely overwhelmed with the design Karan chose for her specially.

Rishab gets hesitant to hold Tanya’s hold but unexpectedly she brings her hand forward telling him to put ring on finger.

“Rishab get used to her now, she will not let you leave in peace ” Nandini warns him

Rishab : don’t worry aunty I am sure before marriage I will get trained for that

Shrishti and Sameer takes picture of everybody and couple. Dhruv congratulates both couple happily. Rishab takes Tanya aside to give her the gift he brought for her, silver bracelet with their intials.

Tanya ; this is so beautiful (Takes in her hand)

Rishab : did you like it? I had to go 10 stores to find this ring and bracelet for you

“Thank you it means a lot to me but you put on my hand” tells him to tie bracelet on her hand

Rishab : where is my gift

Tanya : was I suppose to give you something I didn’t knew that

“Never mind lets go” is about to go

Tanya : I have something but for that you have to wait till the end of ceremony

Rishab : why do you have to create so much suspense

Tanya : its fun come on don’t worry we girls have planned something for you all, take a seat and enjoy the show

Rishab rubs his head thinking the new invention Tanya is going to make.

Precap : Sameer and Shrishti mimcis both couple’s stories by playful act. Tanya and Preeta’s plan fail to expose Akshay creating drama after ceremony. The couples have small argument regarding the issue happened

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  1. First of all tell me is surbhi jyoti your tanya? She is a nice choice for this role . Coming back to the chapter , loved the unique bride and all the family moments . It was a very cute chapter ? .Finally precaap , arguments! plan failure!drama! Waiting for the next chapter curiously. Update soon .
    Keep smiling

  2. Finally u posted this update…..yippee
    I daily used to check telly update for ur update and I almost thought that u have stopped writing which was very sad for me??
    And now seeing it I was on cloud nine??
    Coming to the episode it was great
    Karan teasing Tanya early morning….???.Poor Tanya fell in karan’s and her mother’s trap??
    Loved the brides unique style of entry
    Also the pic of dress posted in this was so beautiful??
    Loved preetan??
    But want more couple scenes…
    The precap…there is definitely gonna be a huge drama
    Plz finish this evil’s game
    Very very very excited for next
    Soon u are gonna reach golden jubilee…??
    Plz post soon dear
    Love u loads ❤❤❤

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