Preeran FF ; Realization Part 61

At night 

Everybody rests in their room but still in trauma of horrific incidence. Preeta rests on Karan’s lap trying to sleep.

Karan : what are you thinking?

Preeta : I can’t sleep with all this, my heart is getting restless when will we get peace

Karan ; we are together to face everything (Caresses her hair) mom always say there is light after long tunnel

Preeta : when you are with me I get strength to fight with this whole world

Karan getsup from bed

Preeta : what happened?

“You trust me right he asks her seriously

Preeta : why are you asking me?

Karan tells her to close her eyes and turns off the light. She opens to see dark in the whole room

“Ka..karan you know I am scared of dark she calls him

He comes in front of her holding small candle smilingly. She looks at him

Karan ; light can be found in dark not outside of that, this brightness is our love shining in dark storm

Preeta is taken aback from his overwhelming words

Karan : I won’t let this light blow off from our life ever promise

Preeta breaks down in tears seeing his strong love for her.

Karan ; hey baby doll this emotion docent’ suit you now, you are the Karan Luthra’s wife learn to smile yaar

“Why are you so nice, don’t love me so much, I am not that good she cries on his shoulder

Karan : you don’t know what you are (grabs her hair) ask me your worth, this life is too precious and I want to live every moment with you and make it memorable

Preeta : then today make me yours and bind me for next seven birth

Karan : you deserve much more than this, today is not right time

Preeta : you are saying this?

“You know why because you are very special and I want that night to be very memorable for us, I will wait little more Karan cups her face wiping her tears. Both goes to sleep for a while holding each other’s hand.

Bharadwaj house 

Elina murmurs in her sleep with the incidence haunting.

Suraj ; honey I am right here (rubs her hands)

“No leave me alone her voice starts to be louder and starts screaming

“Elina wake up, nothing is there calm down Suraj turns on the light

“please save me I don’t want to die, help me she will kill all of us she starts hitting him

Suraj : she is not here, don’t worry nothing will happen to anybody calm down (consoles her)

Elina : I am very scared, she will come again and harm us

“Listen to me she won’t be able to do anything you know why god is with us, no evil can fight with god’s power Suraj hugs her emotionally

Elina ; I am very scared she will come again (sobs in his arms)

Suraj : hey you are my shield, who will protect me if you get weak like this (teases her) till i am alive she won’t come near you

Kritika runs in her room shedding tears of everything happening

Kritika : whats going on? if anything happened to bhabhi

Kabir ; she is strong you see tomorrow her voice will echo in whole house

Arjun keeps pacing in room thinking about Piyali and the locket

Arjun : how is this possible? that amulet on Choti’s hand how does Piyali have same, Acharya said it is very rare for people to wear such holy threads

Next day all youngster meet together at Luthra house to discuss

Karan : whats the next step?

Suraj : somehow we have to get access to that book before durgashtmi

Kabir : why bhai?

Rishab ; Acharya ji said spirit will take her revenge on that day and only after that she will get liberation and before that we have to find out what does she want

Elina : that book is in library and that librarian refused to renew book

Kabir : why?

Elina ; I heard one professor saying that book is doomed so they put int store room

Everybody is shocked and terrified to hear

Piyali ; what was that book about in general

Elina : it had some nine different kind of love stories and last chapter was fully missing from book

Roo : this could be clue for us maybe it could be torn purposely so nobody can read it

Preeta : would it be worth to take that book out when we know something is wrong

Roo : bhabhi thats when we will know that what spirit really want us and why is she only targeting you all

Kritika is standing under chandelier when it starts to move itself slowly. Kabir hears the noise of something and looks up

“Kriitika watch out Kabir pushes her towards him and falls down

Rishab : oh my god you are okay?

Kritika gets scared with sudden scene

“You are okay Kabir holds her face

Roo : di (hugs her) I will bring water

Karan : how did this fall? does it mean whoever is related to that book she is harming them

Roo ; bhai we can search about book online and about that girl too

Arjun ; wow god have gifted you a good brain keep it up

Roo stamps on his feet

Sameer : guys please save this for later we are in serious situation

Roo looks up the book online with the name and finds out about the author

Karan : who is it?

Roo : Professor Anand but this article is saying he died 5 years ago

Rishab : we still need to find those missing pages of that book

Roo : bhai could it be possible we find those pages in library

Preeta : but in such big library how will we find

Sunita : there is a way (closes her eyes and get flashes of those papers)

Piyali : you know where those pages are

Sunita : Ruchika is right they are in library but what i saw was very blurry, it was near a glass table between long heavy

Karan : how should we go and take it out?

Sunita : think once again, that spirit have some connection with book, she won’t easily let you reach to those pages

Rishab : whatever it is we will go, this is question of this girl’s lives

Elina : bhai don’t to this mistake, she will kill all of us she is crazy (panics)

Suraj takes her away to calm her down

Acharya : only those pages will help you find way to lead this spirit, you all don’t be afraid wear this amulets this will prevent her to cause you harm

Everybody wears holy amulet in neck. In evening around 7 Rishab, Piyali, Karan and Preeta goes to national library.

Acharya does prayer at home for their safety. The library usually closes around 7 pm but four of them jumps from wall to get inside hiding from security. They turn on the torch while walking to the big hallway. Preeta gets scared seeing the wall frame on entrance. Karan holds her hands to assure her.

Rishab : we should look at different corners, she said big glass table and in between long book pages might be there

Unaware to them spirit is hanging on air behind them. All four of them start looking for the book and pages. Preeta hears the noise of something when the book shelf is about to fall on her but is saved by Karan. The books start coming towards them hitting badly. In all chaos Rishab reaches the glass table and find the book and missing pages with it. The sprit stops him to take the book and throws glasses on his head. Their holy amulet does not let ghost come near and all jumps out of window before she could catch them.

All four survives the death and comes back safely to house with completed task.

Suraj : you all are okay na?

Rishab ; here is the book and missing pages

Elina is too scared to read book again and regrets for bringing.

Rakhi : whats that last pages say?

“Looks like author could not complete last story of this book Roo says holding pages

Karan ; bhai what do you say? should we go to that place

Rishab : I guess there is no choice get the tickets for us, whoever scared can stay, we boys can go

Girls insist to go with them. Rakhi and Mahesh hesitantly agree knowing there is no other way to stop happening.

Rakesh : god help you all and Elina promise me you will take care of yourself and this baby

Elina nods and takes her blessing. Anu sits in corner for not able to go with them

Rishab : hey why is my little champ upset ?Anu : I also wanted to go with you all, imagine such adventure and without me

Rishab : you are too young for this, just grow up and then do as much as you want and nobody will stop you

Anu ; promise

“Pinky promise Rishab hugs her

“Thank you, best of luck Anu kisses his cheek cutely

Piyali gets little emotional seeing them

Anu : now don’t say you are jealous, he is my jiju cum friend and nobody is allowed between us

Piyali : excuse me you forgot I made him your jiju

Anu : you let it be, if Rishab jiju had not forced for marriage you would be still haunting jiju for me

Piyali : you and your nonsense talks do they ever get tired

Anu : jiju best of luck for journey and life because you are dealing with a hitler

Rishab (whispers) : thanks I badly need it to deal with this bomb

Piyali ; what?

Rishab ; nothing we were praising you

Piyali ; really (throws pillow at them) both of you are making fun of me, you should say what would happen if I was not there

Anu : di at least now learnt to be romantic you are married

Piyali : Anu I am warning you keep control on your tongue

Rishab : why are you shouting on poor girl?

Piyali : from which angle she is?

“From every angle my lovely di Anu batters her

The trio shares cute hug together.

Karan : if your little family hug is done can we leave its getting late

Acharya : may god give you strength to fight with every bad thing

Everybody takes his blessing and leaves for railway station.

Mahesh : Acharya our children will be safe they are our life

Sunita : god always help good people and their heart is pure and clean, they will return as victory

Railway station 

Elina is lost in thoughts when she feels a hand on hers.

Suraj : don’t take much stress, not good for health you can still go back

Elina : and leave you alone? that would be killing me more inside

Suraj : you are my strength and now one more is coming, don’t let that make my weakness


Elina shares her feelings with Suraj of not becoming a mother

Suraj : what?

Elina : please don’t get me wrong but I feel I am not prepared to be a mother

Suraj ; I have never forced you for anything nor I will today, thanks at least to think that I deserve to know your feelings

“Suraj don’t be angry on me, I just told you whats in my heart, I can’t imagine to hurt your feelings rest whatever you say I will do Elina holds his hands tearfully

Suraj ; you are wise enough to take decision, this baby is yours also, you have right maybe more than me, don’t keep any burden on your heart (leaves)

Flashback ends

Train horn noise

Preeta : guys its time to go come

Suraj takes luggage from her hands and goes inside the train

Preeta ; did you both had fight?

Elina : sometime when heart have so much pain inside we should take that out

Preeta (hugs her from side) : come lets go

Roo : I am going first time in train, this is so noisy yaar

Arjun : oh yea we forgot you fly on air also madam sometime its good to put feet on earth

Roo : what do you mean?

Arjun : nothing take this headphone and put in your ears, here is cotton

Roo : thanks won’t you hear

Arjun : I am sleepy good night (covers himself with duvet)

Kritika gets little happy seeing her sister moving on in right way.

Kabir : hey are you not sleepy?

“I could hardly sleep in train, when I was small mom used to take me but this is only place I don’t like much buses are better’ Kritika says

Kabir : want to do something fun, everybody is in tensed mode

Kritika : dont even try, go to sleep

Preeta stands on the door feeling the air. She goes into flashback when she came from Nasik with her sister

Karan (comes from back) : hey

Preeta : you know Karan last time I came like this from Nasik to Mumbai after dad

Karan : you might be missing your home but now your family is there too

Preeta : I miss Nasik a lot, you remember our first meeting that was my first day in Bombay

Karan ; no way, I wouldn’t have guess, thats why you were having so much luggage

Preeta : and you hit me with your car

Karan ; yesterday’s calendar, my driver hit you not me okay, don’t question my driving

Preeta : what about those two spicy chillies in your car, you were flirting like they were real girlfriends of yours

Karan laughs at her innocence

Preeta : did I make a joke?

Karan : they were nothing compare to the gem in front of me, see that moon is also embarrassed with this beauty (sees rishab sleeping peacefully)

Preeta : now why did you become quiet?

Karan ; look over there, bhai is so happy, he also got his deserved happiness, that day I felt so broken about what he did

Preeta : Karan whatever your brother did was for us, he wanted us to marry, don’t blame him

Karan : I guess god also wanted him to get his love back, one guilt will always haunt me

Preeta : what?

Karan : I could not understand his feeling despite his real brother, could not hear his heart beat were somebody else, and Elina who knew him for few days heard his heart

Preeta : sometime strangers understand us more, our relation was also same, we both heard each other without any words

Karan : our relation won’t change

In midnight Elina starts getting nightmares about horrific incidence. She wakes up in terror and screams. Everybody gets disturbed

Suraj : its okay (pats her shoulder)

Karan : I think she still didn’t came out of trauma yet

Rishab : why don’t you both get separate bookie so she can sleep peacefully

Suraj gets AC compartment for them to another side of train.

Risha : I can’t believe being so strong she got so much scared

Piyali : she will be fine, Elina is not weak only victim of an incidence

Everybody reaches Mahipalpur  station in early morning at 3:00 am

Karan : bhai where will we stay

Sameer : there is guest house of retired governor, its small but everything else is booked right now

Suraj : okay then after all we don’t have to stay here for lifetime

All of them reaches house which is quite scary from outside and near to forest.

Shrishti : shorty in whole town you found this place to stay

Sameer : but everything else was booked

Karan : tels go inside, there is no point in arguing come

Precap : Preeta is saved from getting buried alive but gets in state of hypoxia.

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