Pratigya 2 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sumitra frames Pratigya

Pratigya 2 21st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pratigya comes to the dining table but Meera asks her to not do anything and just sit with them. Pratigya sits there. Meera asks if she is not married or something happened? Pratigya says I didn’t get married, I didn’t find a nice person but how did you marry Krishna? She asks Krishna where did you find Meera? Sumitra says you have no shame to call him Krishna, he is your boss. Krishna says we don’t work together anymore and I am fine with her calling me Krishna. I don’t like her calling me Krishna Ji. Pratigya asks Meera it was a love marriage? You both don’t seem to know each other well, it must be an arranged marriage? Meera says we know each other very well. Krishna says I don’t know how we got married, he asks Meera. Sumitra says it was a love marriage, Krishna was crazy about her, he wouldn’t eat or drink anything. He had cut his pulse for Meera, remember Sajjan? Pratigya recalls how Krishna had cut his pulse for her. Sumitra says after that we realized his love is true and got him married to Meera. Pratigya says what a love story, I want to see their wedding album. I was not there but I want to see it. Krishna says I also want to see, where is it? He asks Meera to bring it. Meera is tensed. Garv takes a fruit, Pratigya gets worried and says Garv you have an allergy so leave it. All are stunned. Krishna says how do you know his allergy? Adarsh says it must be a guess. Krishna says it cannot be a guess all the time. Pratigya says I keep myself informed about my friends, she leaves from there. Sajjan says I don’t like this girl, she knows too much so she must be an enemy. Krishna says she is an innocent girl so don’t worry.

Scene 2
Sumitra says to herself that I can’t let Pratigya bring back Krishna’s memories. What if Krishna recalls how he got married? He should never remember it. I have to do something about her. She goes in the kitchen and takes out kerosene.

Sumitra goes to Pratigya’s room and takes her phone. She throws it away and says I won’t let her take my son back. My son will see her trying to kill me. Sumitra calls Krishna but he is in a meeting and cuts the call. She calls again. Krishna takes the call. Sumitra screams and says this girl locked me in a room, please save me. She is killing me, this Pratigya won’t spare me. She has started a fire in my room. Krishna gets worried and says don’t worry, I am coming right now. He ends the call and rushes from his office. Sumitra laughs.

Krishna is driving his car and tries to call Sumitra but she doesn’t take the call. Sumitra says to herself that Krishna will throw Pratigya out of the house today. Krishna says I should call Pratigya and see what happened. He calls Pratigya but she doesn’t pick up. He says what if she did all this deliberately? Krishna sends a voice note to Sumitra and says I am coming home, don’t worry. Sumitra says I have to do this drama now. She throws kerosene around.

Pratigya is walking in the corridor and smells kerosene. She rushes to check it. Sumitra lights fire in the room and screams for Krishna to save her. Pratigya rushes to her and asks her to open the door. She breaks through the door and sees fire around Sumitra. She goes to help her. Krishna comes home and sees the fire in her room. Pratigya brings a water bucket and dozes off the fire. Krishna hugs Sumitra and says everything is fine. He takes her from there. Sumitra says this Pratigya locked me in the room and started the fire.

PRECAP – Sumitra sends the kids with Pratigya outside the house and thinks I can fulfill my plan now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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