Pratigya 2 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera breaks Pratigya’s trust

Pratigya 2 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sumitra, Kesar and Meera dress up for fast. They come to the mandir. Meera stops to check on her sandal but Pratigya comes there and makes her stand up. Meera is shocked to see her. Pratigya is dressed for fast too. She says you are thinking I am alive too? They left me to die after the accident but some asharam people took me in and I was in a coma for 1.5 years, I woke up and came back to see you and Krishna.. Meera says we are husband and wife. You know everything then why did you come back? Pratigya says I know you hate me after seeing all that but all that was a lie. I did everything because Sumitra fooled me, I hurt Krishna and made him think I was with Adarsh but.. Meera says enough, I don’t want to hear more, you think I will accept your stories? You were wrong that’s why you are trying to justify yourself, I don’t care so leave. Pratigya says Sumitra poisoned me and I thought I had cancer, she took me to a doctor who was paid by her too, she made me think I was dying. it was Amma’s plan, she never wanted me with Krishna. When I was sure that I had cancer then she came to me and told me to make Krishna away from me, she asked me to choose you for Krishna, she asked me to make Krishna hate me. I love Krishna too much that’s why I did that drama, I pretended to be with Adarsh. They fooled me like they are fooling you. Krishna got to know about Amma’s reality before the accident, he was with me but then we had an accident. Meera says it’s too late, why did you come back? Pratigya says to bring back Krishna’s memory that’s why I was working as his secretary. Meera is shocked to hear that. Pratigya says I am telling you all this because I am that secretary, I know you would never want me and Krishna to separate deliberately.You always wanted me to be with Krishna and be happy with him. Meera cries hearing that. Sumitra calls her. Meera looks at Pratigya and goes from there.

Krishna comes to Pratigya’s cabin and sees flowers thrown. He sees the cheque torn too. The manager comes there and says we will find another secretary for you. Krishna is sad to hear that. He says I should top thinking.

Meera is with Sumitra and Kesar in the mandir. They perform rituals of being wives. Pratigya is with another group of women and performs the same rituals. Meera looks at her from a far and is tensed. Sumitra asks Meera where are you lost? Let’s do the pooja. Pratigya stands behind Meera. They start tying thread to a tree. Pratigya whispers to Meera that I know you took care of Krishna, I will always be thankful, I know you kept a fast for Krishna, you know everything now so be with the truth now, help me bring back Krishna’s memories. I know you want his memories back too, help me bring Krishna back to his family and love, he deserves to know about his family. Meera tries to tie her thread but it ends before she could tie it. Sumitra says you should have brought a longer thread with you Meera, this is not a good omen. She asks if someone has a thread then give it to her please. Pratigya is in veil and offers her thread to Meera. She takes it and ties her thread. Kesar identifies Pratigya there.

Scene 2
Krishna is working in his office but keeps recalling Pratigya. He thinks how would Pratigya be? What would be she thinking about me? The manager says we are ready for the meeting. Krishna asks him to cancel it and leaves from there.

In the mandir, all women do pooja together. They start leaving. Pratigya stops Meera and says why aren’t you saying anything? will you help me? Meera says do you know what day is today? It’s a day when a wife keeps a fast for her husband, I have accepted Krishna as my husband and I can’t leave him now. It wasn’t your fault or mine. You came back but that doesn’t mean I would leave Krishna, I didn’t snatch him from you. It was your fate so don’t destroy my fate. She goes from there.

Krishna comes to the mandir. Meera sees him and goes to him. Pratigya cries seeing that. Meera thanks Krishna for coming, I wouldn’t be happy without you. You have proved to me that you love me. Krishna says if you are done then let’s go. All family members sit in the car and leave.

Meera enters the house and mistakenly breaks a vase. Sumitra asks her to be careful, you didn’t bring all these items with you. You were not even focused on the pooja, where did you get lost in the mandir? Meera says I do everything in open, I don’t hide things like others. Sumitra says who is hiding? Meera recalls meeting Pratigya. Sumitra asks her to speak up. Sajjan asks her to talk. Meera says Kesar hid one thing from us, Pratigya is alive. All are shocked.

Pratigya thinks I thought Meera would take my side but she has greed now. Adarsh calls her and says Meera told everyone that you are alive. Pratigya is shocked. Adarsh sees Sumitra coming there and ends the call.

Krishna comes back to the mandir. Pratigya is on the other side of the tree. Krishna thinks I am wrong to think about her but it feels wrong to be away from her, I am trying to go away from her but it’s killing me, I don’t know what’s right or wrong.

PRECAP – Sajjan sends some goons to get Pratigya killed. Pratigya is running away from the goons and falls on Krishna’s car. Krishna fights the goons and takes unconscious Pratigya from there. Sajjan says to Sumitra that I have got Pratigya killed so Meera will be happy. He turns around to see Krishna bringing Pratigya in his arms.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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