Pratigya 2 13th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Garv is not Krishna’s son

Pratigya 2 13th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone sits to have lunch. Sumitra says you all are enjoying like there is a celebration going on. Komal brings food that she made. Pratigya comes to Adarsh and says Komal never cooked but she is trying really hard for you, give her a chance. Adarsh sits at the dining table. Komal says I have made for you. Adarsh says this food is cold. Komal says I will warm it up again, you are picking mistakes like a true husband, just keep picking it out. She goes and brings the warm food. Adarsh pushes it away and Komal’s hand gets burned. All rush to her but Adarsh ignores her. Komal thinks he deliberately did it to punish me. Kesar takes Komal from there. Krishna asks Adarsh to be careful.

Sumitra and Samar meet a man who has tempered with the swing, she gives him money and leaves. Sumitra smirks. Kriti comes there and says you have placed a swing for me? Sumitra says yes, go and play. Kriti says I love you Dadi. Kriti sits on the swing and swings it. Sumitra asks her to swing it higher. Kriti is enjoying but suddenly the rope breaks as it’s already lose. Kriti falls down and gets injured. She cries, Sumitra smirks seeing it. Pratigya rushes to her and says come with me. She takes Kriti from there. Sumitra says she was trying to fly high but she can’t. Pratigya says you are taunting her when she is hurt? She will learn to play with fear. Sumitra says I will taunt whenever I want. Kriti cries in pain so Pratigya takes her from there. Samar smirks. Sumitra says this is just a start, I will drag them through the hell I am in. Krishna will realize what the pain of losing a child is.

Komal is applying for an ointment. Adarsh comes into his room. Komal says my hand got burned, are you happy now? Come and look if you want to burn more, you want your revenge right? Adarsh says if you are in pain then just divorce, I don’t want to live with you. Komal says I love you a lot, don’t talk about divorce, I won’t end our relationship. Adarsh says you don’t even know what love is, you will keep bearing this pain if you don’t leave me alone. Komal says then I will bear this pain, if you want to try something else then do. I can bear all this pain but I will make you believe in my love. Adarsh says I just hate you only. He leaves. Komal sadly looks on.

Scene 2
Adarsh brings flowers to Komal and asks her to decorate the room, tonight is special. Komal says really? I will decorate it so nicely.

Krishna and Pratigya sit with Kriti and Garv. Krishna tells Kriti to be brave, you are my lioness. Pratigya says Garv is hurt so he is happy that he doesn’t have to study. Garv laughs. Krishna tells Pratigya that I can understand Amma’s pain. Pratigya says what if Amma is behind them hurting? Krishna says she won’t hurt her grandkids. Pratigya says Amma surprises us, she can be doing all this to hurt you. How can both kids get hungry on the same day?

Komal decorates their room with flowers.

Kesar calls her other son’s hostel but they say that he doesn’t want to talk to you. Samar comes to her and says he hates you also, you are not a mother but a murderer, he leaves. Kesar cries silently.

Komal gets ready. Adarsh comes there and smiles. He brings another woman inside and says tonight will be special. He tells Komal that you decorated it nicely. Komal cries seeing all that. Adarsh says you thought this was for us both? He asks her to leave, he pushes her out of the room. He gives money to the woman he brought and asks her to sleep on the bed. He goes to sleep on the couch.

In the morning, Adarsh opens the door and gives a flying kiss to the woman, she leaves. He looks at Komal standing there but she doesn’t say anything and goes into the room. Adarsh thinks why didn’t Komal make a scene?

Pratigya gets a letter from the hospital. Krishna says this is a DNA test for the kids when I lost my memory. Kriti asks what is it? Adarsh says it shows who your parents are. Kriti says I want to see the test. Krishna says it’s not needed. Kriti says but I want to check it. Pratigya says okay. She opens the report and is shocked to see that Garv’s DNA doesn’t match with Krishna. Krishna asks what happened? Pratigya drops the report in shock.

PRECAP – Pratigya tells Krishna that this report can’t be true, it must be a mistake. Sumitra says when it came to you then this report is not correct? If Garv is not Krishna’s son then whose? Krishna looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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