Pragya faces trouble again by Aaliya’s sharp plan in Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya tells Bulbul that she loves Abhi and she knows he is a good person by heart. Abhi’s rejection has made Tanu worry and she lands to take Aaliya’s help, who is cool towards the matter, as she has got a great idea to kick out Pragya from their house by making her fall in the biggest supporter’s eyes, that’s their Dadi.

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  1. This is stupid! What state does Abhi think is grandmother would be in if he found out about him and Tanu? Why does he even care if Pragya is with Suresh, since he has his Tanu? Why doesn’t he scold his sister to showing it to the grandmother which would have put her in this state? Do the writers actually consider any logic when they are writing…the just made all the characters stupid.

  2. Abhi needs to trust pragya, cause so far she did her duties as an loyal wife, nd tanu nd aaliya needs 2 get a slap from abhi nd his grandmother, nd we want bulbul nd purab 2 end up together cause they are meant 2 be!!! In short I just wanna say that abhi needs 2 get a damn wake up in life nd stop believing his botch of a sister nd his b*t*h of a gf!

    1. Abhi is the BIGGEST Idiot of them All! This is just Stupid….

  3. I meant b*t*h of a sister

  4. Crazy story line i really dont feel like watching any more

  5. come on yaar abhi wake up and realize because of tanu your dadi will suffer and tanu is not meant for you she doesnt even love you all she wants is your fame and money

    1. no offense i love this soap

  6. i totally love this show…

  7. Its ok but pragya and abhi should be close by now.

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