Power Of Love- TS/FS by Parita

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Power of Love

Note: A supernatural story.

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“Riddhima, why are you doing this?” Suhana, Riddhima’s mother, the queen of Taurus shouted at her, with tears falling down.

“I can’t live like this mom! I never will be able to live like this!” Riddhima protested in her angry voice. “This isn’t life and specifically not mine! My life doesn’t belong here!”

“Will you disobey the Taurus King, your own father?” Suhana asked.

“I will to live for myself…..” Riddhima stopped as her mother’s palm was imprinted on her cheek. Crying she looked at her mom who was shedding tears too. “You know what mom, just the way I ran away when I was little is the same way I will now. My warning.”

“You will not do anything!” The Taurus king, her father commanded.

“I will, I’ll make sure I go out of this hell. I’ll make sure I go out and change this world…..no more of Taurus, no more of Pisces no more of any other signs. No more of such continents.” Riddhima stormed off to her room.

“This girl will bring doom to my territory, Taurus will be affected due to her immaturity. Better keep her in place!” The Taurus king demanded his wife.

“My master, you know how she is, from childhood she’s different than us. It’s harder now, especially when she’s grown up. Hurting her or caging her won’t be the right thing. She’s the princess of Taurus.” Suhana, the queen, Riddhima’s mother tried explaining the king.

“Nor can I bear any scratch on her but to cool her stubbornness such a step is necessary. I’m heading towards the arena.” He said.


“Hail the Leo King!” The Leones cheered as the Leo king along with his family entered the Leo Arena.

The Leo king to his throne and settled, while his family beside him. His only child, Vansh fiddled with his fingers, bored of the normal routine. His mother, the queen of Leo, Vira caressed his hair and smiled slightly. She was clearly aware of his demands but couldn’t give much to it.

“I’m 20 mom, don’t.” Vansh said brushing off her hand and tried his best to plaster a smile.

“You’ll still remain a child for me.” Vira said. She took a short pause and continued. “Are you still upset from morning?”

“That’s the only thing I want mom, nothing else. I want to get out of this, cage. I don’t want to remain a Leo!” He said in a louder voice seeking the attention of his father and the Leones.

“Why is Prince saying that?” One of the Leones asked, curious about his behaviour.

“I’m not a prince and I’m not fit to be a prince! I don’t want this!” Vansh got up in anger and started leaving the arena.

“Watch your words prince! You’ll be punished further if you decide to disobey me. Off to the palace!” The Leo King roared at his retreating figure.

“I’m going to go from here!” Vansh murmured while leaving.

Vansh left the arena and headed for the palace. He looked at the sky and smiled, thinking about the outer world, a different world from his. Determined to escape, he made a plan.


“I love you Riddhima!” He confessed

“I love you too!!” she gleefully confessed and hugged him tight. “But the others? King?”

“We’ll make our own world….full of love! You’ll be with me in this right? Not only for us but for others too who want to escape the cage?” He asked determined.

“Always!” She replied, boosting his morale.


“I crown you both as the God and Goddess!” The King of all Kings said proudly while crowning…….

Love is powerful, it can compel a person to cross all limits and do anything.

The End

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